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A Pleasant #Crudeshock

It was not long ago that the west and the whole of the world perceived Iran to be an imminent threat to global security and exclusively as an existential threat to the state of Israel. 465 more words

International Diplomacy

State of Play: Non-Proliferation, Fissile Material Cut-offs and Nuclear Transparency


Vice Admiral (retd) Vijay Shankar

 Tools that promote a stable nuclear relationship between nations are characterized by a congruence of views on non-proliferation of weapon and vector technologies, fissile material control and strategic transparency; the last makes clear the strategic underpinnings that motivate weapon programmes. 941 more words

Geopolitics And Strategic Impulses

ONE FREE KOREA? - An open letter to Joshua Stanton esq. (WITH UPDATE)

Mr. Stanton,

Would you agree with the statement “Intelligence without perspective is like a nuclear weapon without a fail-safe?”

You have a vast amount of knowledge on North Korea, to that there is no denying. 3,645 more words

Phyllis Bennis: Netanyahu Threatens War In Speech to Congress

This was a speech threatening war.

Israel’s Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu addresses a joint session of the US Congress on March 3, 2015 at the US Capitol in Washington, DC.(Photo: Mandel Ngan—AFP/Getty Images) 393 more words

U.S. Foreign Policy

Re-engaging with Iran

It is 35 years since the Iranian Revolution and the US hostage crisis, yet the rhetoric between Tehran and the “Great Satan” America hardly seems to have varied during that time. 296 more words

David Hannay

Nine Nations Have Nukes - Here's How Many Each Country Has

These days there is media coverage on N Korea, hacking and its nuclear stockpile (6-8 weapons that are not in deployed status, compared to the 5,380 deployed weapons of the USA). 190 more words
Geo Politics

November 12th

Two things of note for today (other than my prolonged absence):

Yesterday the Russian government reached a deal with Iran to build nuclear plants. At first I though this would be highly controversial due to long strained US-Iranian relations and recently re-strained US-Russian relations, but it turns out the idea is more reasonable to the international community than I had expected. 212 more words