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De nucleaire fall-out van Trumps samenwerking met #Poetin @RaamOpRusland

Als Amerika de sancties tegen Rusland opheft, brengt het de nonproliferatie van kernwapens in gevaar, betogen Andreas Umland en Mariana Budjeryn. Met de miliaire inmenging in Oekraïne schond Rusland het Boedapest Memorandum, op grond waarvan Oekraïne zijn kernwapens inleverde. 22 more words


Church Sounds Warning on Nuclear Weapons (Once Again)

It will not surprise anyone that Pope Francis has warned of nuclear catastrophe. In connection with the Vienna Conference on the Humanitarian Impact of Nuclear Weapons in December 2014, Pope Francis declared plainly, “The humanitarian consequences of nuclear weapons are predictable and planetary.” He went on to call for nuclear weapons to be “banned once and for all, to the benefit of our common home.” 762 more words

Pope Francis

Future of Global denuclearization: Interview with Dr Andrew Futter

Academics, and students alike are all seeking to understand the route that nuclear development will undertake in the future- ‘Will proliferation accelerate? Who wants the bomb and why? 700 more words


Francis J. Gavin article review.

This post will review an article written by Francis J. Gavin on Nuclear proliferation and non-proliferation during the Cold War, making it one of the most relevant articles to this blog. 473 more words


South Africa and the NPT

South Africa’s nuclear capabilities are ambiguous, both in terms of its reasons for developing the bomb and the secrecy surrounding the development. It has been suggested that South Africa’s development of the bomb was linked entirely to national ambition. 523 more words


Horizontal vs. Vertical proliferation.

Horizontal proliferation.

Horizontal proliferation is the spread of nuclear weapons to new countries by banning the trade of nuclear arms and to stop any capability of producing nuclear weapons. 475 more words


NATO and Nuclear Sharing

The concept of the US, with such an impressive nuclear arsenal, sharing its nuclear weapons with non-nuclear states seems to completely defy the original aims of the… 868 more words