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Books for IFS mains–Physics

India is the First country in the world which has initiated scientific management of its forests. The main aim of IFS is to implement the national forest policies which includes scientific management of forests to exploit them in an efficient manner along with maintaining environment stability and proper ecological balance which is essential for the sustenance of all flora n fauna including human beings. 155 more words


National Labs and Nuclear Negotiations

The New York Times has a recent article about the role of the Department of Energy laboratory system in the nuclear negotiations with Iran. Many of the labs, such as Los Alamos, Oak Ridge, Livermore, and Sandia were founded largely to produce nuclear weapons. 53 more words


A Big Future for Small Accelerators

National Security on the Move with High Energy Physics
By Theresa Duque
Scientists are developing a portable technology that will safely and quickly detect nuclear material hidden within large objects such as shipping cargo containers or sealed waste drums. 755 more words


1950 Hydrogen Bomb

  • The fusion of two hydrogen nuclei releases a lot of energy in the form of heat and light. This process requires a huge amount of energy.
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1939 Atomic Bomb

  • Hahn and Meitner’s discovery of fission gave rise to the potential for a massive weapon
  • Hahn and Heisenberg were called on to work on a bomb by the Germans shortly after the British and the French declared war on Germany…
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1938 Meitner

  • Important female scientist that contributed to the study of fission
  • Worked closely and was overshadowed by Hahn
  • Refused to work on the atomic bomb
  • When bombarding uranium with neutrons, Meitner discovered that the neutrons hit an isotope of uranium, uranium 235, and barium, krypton, and 3 neutrons are emitted.
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1896 Radioactivity

  • The emission of energy in the form of rays
  • Becquerel discovered the rays, and he worked with Pierre Curie and Marie Curie, who named it radiation, to study radioactivity…
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