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Attempting New Neutron Detection With Aerosol

Helium-3 is the most important isotope there is for detecting neutrons. Because helium is roughly the same size as a single neutron (much closer than all other elements other than hydrogen) it removes quite a lot of a neutrons kinetic energy in a collision and so has a high absorption cross section, which is a fancy way of saying it is quite likely to absorb a neutron in an impact. 315 more words

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Discerning Diabetic Feet

Diabetes is a truly crippling illness and apart its many other symptoms it can also lead to the deterioration of one’s feet. Approximately 2.5% of diabetic patients develop feet ulcers that are so severe amputation is required. 300 more words

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Interview with Jacek Dobaczewski, Editor-in-Chief of Journal of Physics G

Earlier this month, Journal of Physics G proudly announced the appointment of Professor Jacek Dobaczewski from the University of York as its new Editor-in-Chief. We are looking forward to working with Prof Dobaczewski to develop the journal. 1,056 more words

Journal Of Physics G: Nuclear And Particle Physics

Splitting from Euratom

This week the government published a short bill in response to the Supreme Court’s decision, announced on Tuesday morning, that Parliament should be involved in the process of notifying the European Union if and when the United Kingdom decides to leave. 479 more words

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Applications of Nuclear Physics

Anna C. Hayes
Today the applications of nuclear physics span a very broad range of topics and fields. This review discusses a number of aspects of these applications, including selected topics and concepts in nuclear reactor physics, nuclear fusion, nuclear non-proliferation, nuclear-geophysics, and nuclear medicine. 197 more words


A thought-provoking article worth considering. ┬áSome of their data isn’t quite up to date, but this doesn’t hurt the article’s ideas or sentiments; though the simple answer for why we’re not doing all this is not that the points aren’t valid, and that some of these speculations may well be correct, but we’re literally looking for a needle in a cosmic haystack, and we have to start somewhere. 22 more words