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How the Skyrim Giant Smash bug works... In-Universe!

I was thinking about nuclear fusion.  (A sentence that can never proceed a *boring* story, I might add)  I figured I could kind of think of subatomic particles as little spheres or shapes, basically the probability clouds of the particles, not the particles themselves.   647 more words

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Seeing What Causes Ion Damage In Silicon Carbide Ceramics

Nuclear ceramics are quite simply ceramic materials that are used as part of the nuclear industry. There are many different types of ceramics that can be used for many different purposes such as the uranium oxide ceramics that are used as fuel pellets and coating nuclear waste in dense ceramics in order to limit the radiation output. 322 more words

Particle Physics

LLNL: Physicist declassifies rescued nuclear test films

From the Lawrence Livermore National Laboratory, with a big tip o’ the nib to Esther S: Physicist declassifies rescued nuclear test films. “The U.S. conducted 210 atmospheric nuclear tests between 1945 and 1962, with multiple cameras capturing each event at around 2,400 frames per second…. 76 more words

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Creating Copper Sites For Capturing Hydrogen

Separating isotopes has always been a bit of a challenge. Traditionally there are five methods for isolating isotopes these being: containing the gas with a semi-permeable membrane as lighter isotopes will diffuse through faster; electromagnetic deflection where heavier isotopes will experience less acceleration for a given force; centrifuges where lighter elements are thrown outwards more; electrolysis where the heavy ions, having less mobility, are evolved less often at the electrodes; and finally there is a method involving two plates, one hot and one cold, as thermal diffusion rates leave the heavy isotopes nearer the cold wall. 322 more words

Chemical Physics

The Atom

Waaaaaaay the hell back, when the majority of people lived to be, like, 50 yrs old tops, and when the young’ns all listened to their elder’s explanations for anything and everything that they couldn’t quite wrap their lil heads around like it was the law, people… Actually were pretty spot on when they thought that everything was made of lil itty bitty… 699 more words

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Theorising Star's Magnetic Field Foundation

Stars are well known to have magnetic fields surrounding them like many planets do. These magnetic fields are generated due to the movement of the plasma, which is of course charged, inside the star. 351 more words


Attempting New Neutron Detection With Aerosol

Helium-3 is the most important isotope there is for detecting neutrons. Because helium is roughly the same size as a single neutron (much closer than all other elements other than hydrogen) it removes quite a lot of a neutrons kinetic energy in a collision and so has a high absorption cross section, which is a fancy way of saying it is quite likely to absorb a neutron in an impact. 315 more words

Particle Physics