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Nuclear Power Safety and Accidents Pt. 1: Nuclear Plants and the Essentials

Today, there is a constant need for energy and nuclear fission is one of the most efficient sources of energy. Yet, in public’s eyes, nuclear power is considered to be extremely dangerous and unsafe. 593 more words


A Series on Nuclear Power Safety and Accidents

This year I took a course called Modern Physics, which was infamous for being the most difficult course my high school had to offer. For the second’s term final, we had to do a seminar on a topic of our own choosing and mine was “ 177 more words


"Gravity" by George Gamow - Book Review


This is a book review over “Gravity” by Dr. George Gamow. Dr. Gamow (pronounced  ɡaməf in russian) born Georgiy Antonovich Gamov, was a theoretical physicist and cosmologist. 522 more words

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New Geoneutrino Paper

The Borexino collaboration put out a new paper on geoneutrinos last week. Geoneutrinos are just the neutrinos left over from beta decays occurring within the Earth. 89 more words


Thorium fueled reactors

Dear Reader,

It has come to my attention that the thorium based fuel cycle is being discussed in magazines such as “Chemistry World” which is the magazine of the Royal Society of Chemistry. 735 more words


Scientists Mix Matter and Anti-Matter to Resolve Decade-Old Proton Puzzle

Fans of science and science fiction have been warned that mixing matter with anti-matter can yield explosive results. And that’s just what physicists were counting on, in hopes of blowing wide open a puzzle that has confounded them for the last decade. 846 more words

High Energy Physics

Unexpected Appearances of Random Matrices


The investigation of random matrices was initiated by the early works of Wishart [1] in 1928, when he introduced the probability distribution of random matrices now bearing his name. 1,328 more words