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Scanning Earth's Radioactive Core By Conserved Scattering

The importance of the Sun in our solar system cannot be overstated. When considered, it is quickly realised that almost all sources of energy on this planet come from the Sun. 376 more words

Particle Physics

Generating New Nuclear Models For Radiation Genesis

Ultra high energy cosmic ray (UHECR) are cosmic rays which are measured to have over 1018 eV of kinetic energy. Many of these particles exist beyond the Greisen–Zatsepin–Kuzmin limit, a theoretical limit based on the interaction of the cosmic rays above a certain energy threshold and the photons of the cosmic microwave background radiation. 299 more words


Miniaturising Magnetic Resonance Without Microwaves

The discovery of nuclear magnetic resonance is described as one of the great scientific achievements of the last century. It was found that any atom with an odd number of nucleons in the nucleus would exhibit a magnetic moment. 310 more words

Nuclear Physics

Calculating Upper Limit On Coherence In Coronal Mass Ejections

I would hope that every body reading would at least have some idea of what a solar flare is. When eruption on the Sun are great enough it is possible for a coronal mass ejection to occur. 579 more words


Using GEANT4 (Still for Dummies) Part 2: Detector Construction (2)

The geometry of each object in Geant4 consists of three components:

  • The solid,
  • The logical volume,
  • The physical volume.

The solid defines the shape of the object, box or sphere, for instance. 280 more words