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How will our research develop expertise in nuclear energy in the UK? Professor Martin Freer explains...

Professor Martin Freer, Director of the Birmingham Energy Institute and the Birmingham Centre for Nuclear Education and Research at the University of Birmingham, discusses his research into of the structure of light nuclei, using nuclear reactions. 87 more words

Birmingham Energy Institute

Oscillating Neutrino Discovery Could Shed Light on Origins of Universe


The NOvA neutrino detector produced its first evidence of oscillating neutrinos; the neutrino is the most abundant massive particle in the universe, but one of the least understood. 530 more words


Image of the week: nuclear binding energies

Synthesis and decay of superheavy nuclei is the subject of our image of the week this week. Nuclear mass measurements and predictions are of great importance, but it turns out the theory is rather complex. 145 more words

Image Of The Week

Oliver Sacks and His Periodic Table: It is the process of dying that matters most

This week an old and dear friend of mine died of terminal lung cancer. She was 85 and lived a very full life as a professor of literature, a poet, a gardener, an ocean swimmer, a daughter and a friend to many. 820 more words

Borexino Measures Solar pp Neutrinos

Borexino has a new preprint where they try to measure neutrinos from proton-proton fusion in the sun. For a star the size of the sun, this is the main fusion reaction creating neutrinos and also releasing the energy that heats the sun. 132 more words


Nuclear Power Safety and Accidents Pt. 2: Three Mile Island Accident

The first accident I’ll look at is the Three Mile Island Accident, which was a Pressurized Water Reactor. The accident is the most significant one in the USA. 481 more words

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