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Image of the week: nuclear processes in the universe

Nuclear reactions in stars are the powerhouses of the universe, and its these same processes that create the elements. Understanding these processes is one of the core aims in the field of nuclear astrophysics – something that our… 165 more words

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The CRESST experiment: an interview with dark matter hunters

The hunt for dark matter and the search for very rare nuclear decays have very similar requirements. Today we talk to Dr Florian Reindl (Max-Planck-Institut für Physik) and  1,562 more words


Experimental Observations Of Ephemeral Electric Fields

I have talked before about the Navier–Stokes equations and how they do not always have a solution that can be found. This is why wind tunnels are so important as only by performing an experimental  observation can results be found for various shapes. 235 more words

Particle Physics

MSU Offers Rare Public Visit In Next-Generation Atom Smasher

EAST LANSING – Michigan State University is inviting the public to get behind the scenes at the $730 million Facility for Rare Isotope Beams (FRIB) during an open house from 1 to 4 p.m. 426 more words


Researching Reverse Cherenkov Radiation

Cherenkov radiation and the associated effect that produces it is caused by a charged particle that moves through a medium faster than light can move through that medium. 196 more words

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Investigating Heavy Ions

Although it is easy to think of electrons as existing in specific orbits and adding an electron either adds to the same orbit or creates a new orbit; this is a great simplification. 231 more words

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Estimating Future Electrical Demand

In Britain the National Grid is responsible for distributing electricity around the country. It is, in essence, a series of generators, pylons and transformers that need to keep up with the demand of the population. 189 more words

Nuclear Physics