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Weekly Roundup 37

Nuclear accidents are pretty rare. There are seven categories for nuclear disasters and there have only been two, Chernobyl and Fukushima, which fall into the highest category. 266 more words

Weekly Roundup

Cristina Volpe
We summarize the progress in neutrino astrophysics and emphasize open issues in our understanding of neutrino flavor conversion in media. We discuss solar neutrinos, core-collapse supernova neutrinos and conclude with ultra-high energy neutrinos. 9 more words


The valley of stability

Animated nuclear physics by F. Legrand / F. Durillon, 11-21-2011


Nuclear Ceramic Safety Coating

I once had a physics teacher who in a previous job had been stripping asbestos from the inside of a nuclear reactor. Of all occupations I have ever heard about this is certainly the most hazardous and would likely be fatal, sooner or later, if he was not wearing proper protection at the time. 256 more words


Gaining Neutral Knowledge of Nuclear Weapons

A zero knowledge proof is one in which a person is able to prove something without giving away any unnecessary details. It is an idea present in cryptology and has some important real life applications also. 390 more words

Nuclear Physics

Mysterious X-ray signal does not originate from dark matter

A mysterious X-ray signal from clusters of galaxies recently caused some excitement among astronomers: Does it perhaps originate from dark matter, which makes up around 80 percent of the matter in the universe, but which scientists have not yet been able to detect? 59 more words


Image of the week: nuclear processes in the universe

Nuclear reactions in stars are the powerhouses of the universe, and its these same processes that create the elements. Understanding these processes is one of the core aims in the field of nuclear astrophysics – something that our… 165 more words

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