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Bitesize: Radiation units

Below, I present a quick rundown on the units used for ionizing radiation. I’ll go into more depth on the different types of radiation and their sources another time. 214 more words


Examining Flux Rope To Evaluate Coronal Eruption Theory

Flux tubes are an interesting aspect of astrophysics. Flux or more accurately magnetic flux is the amount of magnetic field line flowing through a given 2D surface. 464 more words


Testing To See If Tetrahertz Spectroscopy Can Select Potential Drugs

Despite having been writing these posts for almost two years I cannot remember explicitly mentioning terahertz spectroscopy once. There have been times when I have talked about analysis at the near infrared scale and of course referred to the terahertz frequency range but the exact details of terhertz spectroscopy have not been described in a way I’m satisfied with. 379 more words


Heavy Metals in the Cosmos

The recent discovery of gravitational waves from the neutron star merger designated GW170817 is said to prove that heavy metals like gold are produced in this extreme environment and… 857 more words


Financial Assistance Funding Opportunity

Funder: United State Department of Energy

Posted Date: September 30, 2017

Application Due Date: December 8, 2017

Opportunity: DE-FOA-001664

The Office of Science (SC) of the Department of Energy hereby announces its continuing… 119 more words

Radioisotope Removal Rate By Snow Scavenging

Nuclear weapon testing has been both a good and a bad thing for the study of radioactive dating. On one hand the nuclear material released into the atmosphere has made it more difficult to accurately determine ages as the released radioactive material alters the naturally present concentrations in the atmosphere. 293 more words


Calculating Distance Over Which Charged Particles Pause

Stopping power is the ability of a material to slow down charged particles (stopping power is only used for charged particles) passing through it by removing their energy through interactions with the particles in the material. 375 more words

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