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Hazmat Suit

distill your ex-lovers
into a viscous liquid
that roils and turns gaseous
depending on the time of day
and tell yourself, “All will dissipate,”
only to find an unforeseen
radioactive isotope


Weighty matters: Sigurd Hofmann on the heaviest of nuclei

Sigurd Hofmann is one of the world’s leading experts in the physics of superheavy nuclei.

He has been part of the discovery of at least 7 superheavy elements, and has over a dozen prestigious awards to his name. 1,380 more words


Image of the week: the thrill of the chase

It’s not easy being a neutrino physicist.

The ghostly nature of the neutrino makes discovering new processes and physics involving it one of the toughest challenges in science today. 415 more words

Journal Of Physics G: Nuclear And Particle Physics

More Sorting and Background Reading

A slightly more productive week this time around.
My job was to create a 2D gamma gamma matrix, and once again I was successful! With a little help to get started I now have a fully functioning matrix which I can manipulate with gates and can adjust them to get the correct balance between statistics and cleanliness, as the decay channels we are looking for have very low cross sections. 152 more words


Quark Matter 2015: 10 days to Kobe

In 10 days time almost a thousand physicists will be in Kobe, Japan for what is for many the conference event of the year – … 237 more words

Journal Of Physics G: Nuclear And Particle Physics

So Many Checks!

Once again this past week (since my last update), hasn’t been a super productive one as I spent much of last week still settling into my new place and organising everything there, as well as a new housemate moving in and booking a hotel in Birmingham for my best friend’s birthday this coming weekend! 286 more words



An atomic nucleus is a bound quantum state which is capable to exist in variable quantum states characterized by their different properties. It is constitutes two different elementary particles known as protons and neutrons. 735 more words