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Tiny grains of lithium dramatically improve performance of fusion plasma

While fusion might still be a far off dream, a new discovery may help bring that dream closer to reality. Scientists have discovered a phenomenon that helps them to improve fusion plasmas, a finding that could quicken the development of large scale fusion energy. 795 more words


Max Tegmark
I discuss the impact of computer progress on nuclear war policy, both by enabling more accurate nuclear winter simulations and by affecting the probability of war starting accidentally. 83 more words


Learn Nuclear Physics Version 2.0

Physics Assignment Help offers a very good benefit of online education that is massively helpful for assisting students with the benefit of learning about nuclear physics. 435 more words

CIPANP 2015: Intersecting nuclear physics, particle physics and astrophysics

At the point where different fields interact we often see the most ingenious of ideas, and the most incredible breakthroughs. Whether it’s plasma medicine, organic LEDs or… 216 more words


The JPhysG Publisher's pick: pick of the picks

Two years ago, JPhysG began a monthly Publisher’s pick, to single out excellent research and give it extra visibility. Its second anniversary seems like a good time to cast a look back over our choices and choose some highlights. 525 more words


Books for IFS mains–Physics

India is the First country in the world which has initiated scientific management of its forests. The main aim of IFS is to implement the national forest policies which includes scientific management of forests to exploit them in an efficient manner along with maintaining environment stability and proper ecological balance which is essential for the sustenance of all flora n fauna including human beings. 155 more words