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Honors Chemistry 31 - Nuclear Chemistry

This is one of my favorite chemistry topics since its also a topic in physics.  I pulled out an old slide show on nuclear physics, different types of nuclear reactions, fission, fusion, atomic bombs, power plants, all the good stuff.   476 more words


The correct solution? [coding]

Generally when programming, you can ask yourself; is this the most convenient way of doing this? Sometimes you don’t know the answer and often you won’t know it until you find the more suitable coding trick or language. 4,023 more words


Lattice Nuclear Physics (feat. The Anthropic Principle)

“I’m not a religious man, but if I was, let’s just say that this would be very compelling” – Computational Lattice Gauge Theorist

The spectrum of QCD bound states’ energy levels scales linearly with the input quark degrees of freedom masses, which come directly from the… 540 more words


Perceiving Particles Receiving Push From Alfvén Wave

Alfvén waves, named after the man who suggested them in 1942, are waves that exist in conductive fluids. Normally they are talked about when it comes to plasmas but they were originally shown to exist in mercury as this too is a conductive liquid that a magnetic field can permeate. 332 more words


Upcoming conferences for JPhysG

Hi there! You won’t have seen me around this blog before – I have just joined IOP as the new Publisher for 2 journals, including… 169 more words


Catching Sight Of Reverse Cherenkov Radiation

I have previously written a post on the concept of reverse Cherenkov radiation, almost like the sonic boom of light. The reverse aspect is where Cherenkov radiation is produced in a metamaterial with negative refractive index. 320 more words

Particle Physics

How the Skyrim Giant Smash bug works... In-Universe!

I was thinking about nuclear fusion.  (A sentence that can never proceed a *boring* story, I might add)  I figured I could kind of think of subatomic particles as little spheres or shapes, basically the probability clouds of the particles, not the particles themselves.   647 more words

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