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Albert Einstein's special mark on the universe

By Jeffrey Bennett

It has been exactly 100 years since Albert Einstein presented his theory of general relativity to an audience of scientists on November 25, 1915. 998 more words

Albert Einstein

European nuclear moratoria are ineffective and counter-productive as China plans 110 nuclear plants by 2030

Update! Numbers have been corrected. By 2030 China plans 110 nuclear plants in operation which is another 60 reactors in addition to the 50 currently in operation or under construction. 846 more words


Climate Change or Nuclear Power in Britain

by Sam Peterson

Policymakers have been challenged to formulate and introduce innovative new legislation following major international environmental awareness agreements, such as the Kyoto Protocol of 1992 (a treaty created by the United Nations Framework Convention on Climate Change), but public opinion shifts have frequently trailed a growing scientific consensus regarding climate change. 489 more words

Climate Change

The Importance of Nuclear Power in Reducing Carbon Emissions and Protecting Developing Nations

by Margaret Loncki

After the recent catastrophic nuclear meltdown of Fukushima in 2011, global support of nuclear power plants has significantly decreased. Reinhard Wolf, an international relations professor at Goethe University in Frankfurt, aims to demonstrate that developed nations do not have the luxury of shutting down nuclear plants out of fear of meltdowns. 342 more words

Climate Change

Iran deal is done, Bibi unhappy, Greek deal done, Greeks unhappy.

Reuters and other anonymous sources are reporting that an Iran deal has been done.

Greece yesterday, Iran today, what’s for tomorrow?

Bibi is neither pleased nor amused. 448 more words


Is Nuclear Safe?

Carbon (coal) is the most commonly used resource in the Polish energy industry (with approximately 90% of all energy coming from it) but it is becoming a serious danger to the environment. 91 more words


Expert panel says fault lines under Mihama nuclear plant are unlikely to be not inactive

An expert panel of the Nuclear Regulation Authority released a report on Friday saying fault lines under the Mihama nuclear plant are “probably unlikely to be not inactive”. 110 more words