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US paid Islamic Republic of Iran $1.3 billion owed to Shah’s regime

“The administration agreed to pay Iran $1.7 billion to compensate that country for its payment to the U.S. in 1979 for military equipment. That deal fell through after Iran’s government was overthrown, and the Obama administration has said it owes Iran this money, plus interest.” 136 more words


Iran releases images of new missile defense system

Iran released images of its first domestically built long-range missile defense system on Sunday, a project started when the country was under international sanctions.

Images released on multiple state news agencies showed President Hassan Rouhani and Minister of Defense Hossein Dehghan standing in front of the new Bavar 373 missile defense system. 46 more words


Obama, Clinton and the Power of Mendacity

Over the weekend, the Iranian regime unexpectedly announced it executed its former nuclear scientist Shahram Amiri. As reports of Amiri’s demise make clear, former secretary of state Hillary Clinton may very well be partially to blame for his death. 185 more words


Obama Illegally Airlifted $400 Million in Cash to Iran in Unmarked Plane

1. Obama had made a point of rejecting ransom payments to ISIS, yet paid them to Iran. The distinction is rather obvious. Both are Jihadist organizations, but Obama wants ties with the latter, not the former. 165 more words


Is the Iran Nuclear Deal Working as Expected?


The Iran nuclear deal is working as expected.


Prof. Mohammed Nuruzzaman of the Gulf University for Science and Technology in Kuwait noted that the…

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New Report Launches Scathing Attack on HuffPost for ‘Antisemitic Incitement’ Aimed at Helping Obama ‘Sell Iran Deal’

The Huffington Post engaged in a “jihad of lies” against critics of the Iran deal, with special emphasis on Jews and Israel, a new report claims. 100 more words


Iran: Ayatollah Khamenei Plans Next Supreme Leader

Iran’s Supreme Leader, Ayatollah Ali Khamenei, in the past did not seem to wish to discuss topics linked to his successor — — the next Supreme Leader. 178 more words