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Why Trump should work with the Iranian opposition


As President-elect Trump gets ready for office, he will be inheriting several foreign policy challenges from the outgoing Obama administration. One of the most complicated problems is Iran, a rogue state that is the leading state sponsor of terrorism and Islamic fundamentalism, a major human rights violator, and the only extremist entity that is enriching uranium with an international mandate. 588 more words


President-elect Trump, Take a Look at this Deal!

About a year ago the United States along with half a dozen allies completed a deal with Iran that restricted that country’s nuclear programs. Part of that deal eased sanctions on Iran’s ability to trade, including trade with the United States. 150 more words


Iran Lobby’s Yellow and Biased Smear Campaign Against MEK

By Shahriar Kia – Thu November 24, 2016

Tehran has taken nearly full control over Baghdad thanks to the Obama Middle East Doctrine, blueprinted to deliver a series of incentives to Iran aimed at preventing the mullahs from walking away from the already flawed… 652 more words


Trump Administration & Iran regime change policy?

Following the news these days we are hearing a rainbow of different perspectives about the possible candidates of President-elect Donald Trump’s cabinet. Up to seven names even have been mentioned in the media for the highly important post of Secretary of State. 307 more words


Iran continuously violates UNSC Resolution in launching nuclear-capable missiles

Remarks made recently by a senior military advisor of Iranian supreme leader Ali Khamenei sheds light on how Tehran continues to violate a United Nations Security Council resolution banning such measures for Iran. 533 more words


Iran's President Rouhani claims there is no way Trump can reverse nuclear deal

posted by Christopher W. Holton

President-elect Trump made it clear throughout his campaign that he believed that the Iran nuclear deal was one of the worst deals he had ever seen. 59 more words

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