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Israel will not prevent Iran from becoming a nuclear power

Iran does have nuclear weapons. These are non-strategic nuclear weapons. I mean these are not ICBMs with a range of more than 5,500 kilometers… As for the danger of Iran’s attack on the United States, the danger is zero. 781 more words


The Iran deal - emerging details make it worse than ever

The more the Iran deal is discussed in the media, and as news emerged from the debate in the US Senate’s Foreign Relations Committee, the more we realize that there is so much about this miserable deal that we were not informed of in advance. 1,739 more words

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U.S. would show flexibility in nuclear talks with North Korea: envoy


“The Iran deal demonstrates the value and possibilities that negotiation bring.”

North Korean leader Kim Jong Un speaks during the 4th National Conference of Veterans in this undated photo released by North Korea’s Korean Central News Agency (KCNA) in Pyongyang July 26, 2015. 351 more words

Beyond the "Déjà Vu

The recent American-Iranian deal will substantively reshape the Middle East by shifting powers in the region and forging new allies. The deal, which was finalized under the care of P5+1—a group of five permanent members of the United Nations including the United States, plus Germany—will place limits on Iran’s nuclear program while lifting the international sanctions that were an extension of the 1979 sanctions that followed the seizure of the U.S. 642 more words


Thomas Friedman: Backing Up Our Wager With Iran

New York Times — From the minute Iran detected that the U.S. was unwilling to use its overwhelming military force to curtail Tehran’s nuclear program — and that dates back to the George W. 132 more words

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The lighter side of the Iranian bomb

If you look hard enough you can find a lighter side to almost anything. Yes, even to the Iranian bomb (and I’m not talking light or heavy water here). 780 more words


Congress Must Send a Message and Reject Disastrous Iran Deal

Set aside, for now, how the deal with Iran impacts Israel and our presumptive allies in the Middle East, and instead consider how the agreement transforms America and Iran’s role in that transformation. 1,235 more words