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Possible leak found at Washington nuclear site

By Nicole Chavez

(CNN) — Authorities at Washington state’s Hanford nuclear waste site are investigating a possible leak after discovering radioactive material on a worker’s clothing. 786 more words


As predicted, Iran cheating on Obama nuke deal by refining bomb delivery system

(National SentinelNational Security: As many observers predicted, the Iranians are continuing to cheat on their so-called “nuclear deal” made by the hapless, clueless Obama regime, with recent intelligence noting that Tehran is making major refinements to nuclear delivery systems. 427 more words

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Former sanctions official says U.S. will need more cooperation from China to solve North Korean nuclear dilemma

(National Sentinel) Diplomacy: A former official in charge of overseeing sanctions told a Senate panel on Wednesday that they alone won’t force China to take a tougher stand against North Korea over its maturing nuclear weapons and ballistic missile programs. 439 more words

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Why North Korea’s nuclear threat must be taken more seriously than ever

Written by Graham Ong-Webb.

During what was the 2017 Easter weekend for most of the world, North Koreans celebrated the “Day of the Sun”. It was the… 1,031 more words


Can North Korea strike U.S. cities with 'mini' nukes?

(NationalSentinel) War: The entire 100-member U.S. Senate traveled to the White House earlier today to receive a top-secret briefing on the evolving situation in North Korea, as U.S. 477 more words

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A break in the wall

Human rights diplomacy is putting pressure on North Korea to stop its nuclear program and improve its humanitarian situation. Past attempts by the international community to ensure the Pyongyang regime undergoes these reforms have failed, although slow changes from the international community appear to be happening. 464 more words


How much Chinese help on North Korea can Trump expect? This expert says 'not very much'

(NationalSentinel) North Korea: The North Koreans put on what many considered a very impressive display of military might during last weekend’s massive parade in celebration of Kim Il-Sung, the country’s founder and current leader Kim Jong-un’s grandfather. 694 more words

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