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Iran deploys missiles around its banned nuclear site - and the US is finally "concerned"

I’ve written again and again about the stupidity, the arrogance and the malice of the Obama Administration in their rush to close a deal, any deal, with Iran which would ostensibly limit the Iranians’ ability to produce nuclear weapons, but which in reality left the door wide open for them to continue with their nefarious plans. 646 more words

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Weekly Roundup: August 21-28

Since I didn’t do any Daily Updates this week, I am going to do a broad overview of the news of this week in this post. 1,104 more words

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Daily Update - August 2

South Korea

Politics – Three major opposition parties in South Korea – The Minjo Party, The Peoples’ Party and Justice Party – have agreed to set up a panel to address the ongoing debate about THAAD deployment in South Korea.   665 more words

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The craven West empowers Iran in violating the nuclear deal

It’s been a while since I last wrote about Iran and its deceitful ways in violating the conditions of the notorious JCPOA, aka the Iran deal, while the West, particularly the Americans, has been looking the other way. 2,432 more words

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New Information on Missile Launch

The missile launch earlier this week, which I did two posts on, has some new information.  North Korea did not launch three scud missiles; in fact, it launched two scud missiles and a Rondung missile, North Korea’s short-range missile.   66 more words

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Iran says it could restart nuclear program if needed

Iran’s president said the Islamic Republic could restore elements of its nuclear program that were halted under its landmark deal if world powers that signed the agreement don’t live up to their end of the bargain. 356 more words

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Daily Update - July 12

Due to the multitude of major stories coming out of South and North Korea this weekend, I will attempt to cover a wide variety of them. 721 more words

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