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La Jicarita Publishes New e-book

Back in August of 2015 we announced that after nearly twenty years of reporting on environmental politics in New Mexico we were winding down our day-to-day reportage and analysis due to lack of funding and general burn out. 196 more words

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Nobel Laureates call for ban treaty negotiations

The dangers posed by nuclear weapons are utterly unacceptable, and the only sure way to prevent an unthinkable catastrophe is to eliminate them completely. 371 more words

Nuclear Weapons

Modernizing nuclear bombs will cost U.S. more than $8 billion

It will cost the U.S. just over $8 billion to conduct a life extension of its B61 nuclear weapon arsenal.

The life-extension program for the B61-12 atomic bomb will cost just over $8.25 billion U.S., reports my Defense News colleague Aaron Mehta. 127 more words

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Successor-class becomes Dreadnought-class

The Royal Navy is to see the return of one of its most famous ship names. It has been confirmed that the new fleet of Trident D5-armed ballistic missile submarines (SSBNs) previously known as the Successor-class will now become the Dreadnought-class. 247 more words

The 'Financial Memory Hole'

Nineteen Eighty-Four is by far my favourite book. I have several copies and I’ve read it at least once per year since I first read it. 924 more words


A Closer Look at Jill Stein's Knowledge of America's Nukes

Bill takes a closer look at Jill Stein’s statements in her recent interview, where she is on records saying that she would choose Donald Trump over Crooked Hillary . . .

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If you care...

Autobiographical account of the bombing of Hiroshima.

A must read for anyone who thinks nuclear weapons keep us safe!

I got my copy from;


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