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After six tests, the mountain hosting North Korea's nuclear blasts may be exhausted

Have North Korea’s nuclear tests become so big that they’ve altered the geological structure of the land? Some analysts now see signs that Mount Mantap, the 7,200-foot-high peak under which North Korea detonates its nuclear bombs, is suffering from “tired mountain syndrome.” 1,047 more words


Iran’s Revolutionary Guards vow to step up fight against Israel

Responding to tough US approach to regime, Islamic Republic forces pledge to accelerate missile development, put up ‘relentless’ battle against Jewish state 605 more words


North Korea's Nuclear Tests Could Be Changing the Country's Geology

The North Korean mountain used for the underground testing of nuclear weapons might be suffering from “tired mountain syndrome,” according to experts studying satellite photos of the test site. 277 more words

Background on the North Korean crisis

The important things to remember about North Korea are:

  • North Korea for nearly 70 years has been under a totalitarian government which has indoctrinated its people with absolute loyalty and obedience.
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War And Peace

'THE BIGGEST STORY': Trump blasts 'fake news' for covering up Clinton's role in Uranium One

WASHINGTON, D.C.– President Donald Trump on Thursday criticized the mainstream media for hush hushing a newly unveiled scandal involving Hillary Clinton’s dealings with Russia.

Referencing a reported uranium deal between a Russian company, Clinton and key members of the Obama administration, Trump said “fake news” networks were scheming to keep the developing story from the American people. 318 more words

Have We Underestimated Kim Jong Un?

(Sputnik International, Level Talk with John Harrison 13.10.2017) Dr. Leonid Petrov, a visiting Fellow in the College of Asia and the Pacific, at The Australian National University in Canberra joins the program and supplies a very different narrative from that of the mainstream media. 1,023 more words

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Iran's Guards say missile program will accelerate despite pressure

ANKARA (Reuters) – Iran’s elite Islamic Revolutionary Guards said on Thursday that the country’s ballistic missile program would accelerate despite pressure from the United States and European Union to suspend it, the semi-official Tasnim news agency reported. 283 more words