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The Expanded Conception of Security & International Law

Challenges To The UN Collective Security System:

The changing nature of security issues and threats has led to the multiplicity of means and ways of tackling them. 781 more words

"When life throws lemons at you..." #happyfridaymoment

I personally believe in making (and drinking) lemonade anytime. Whether they’re made of lime or lemon, it really doesn’t matter. The summer here has been hot enough to keep my craving going.   186 more words

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John Stewart Tries To Move On From Trump

J Stewart’s Show

Jon Stewart said he’s trying to “move on” from Donald Trump to more important issues.

He then looked at the Iran deal and how Republicans have been calling it “historically bad.” 44 more words


Jon and Kevin, nuclear experts, Answer Pressing Questions About the Deal

Disclaimer: Kevin and Jon are not nuclear experts. But, they did take some time to respond to a few questions that are being debated regarding the Iran deal. 1,126 more words

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Hiroshima Week 1: The City and the Bomb

On August 6,1945, at 2:45 am, the plane Enola Gay and two others set out from Tinian, a small pacific island in the Marianas. Ten days earlier, the Allies had issued the Potsdam Declaration, calling for the unconditional surrender of Japan, or the country would face ‘prompt and utter destruction.’ In the hold of Enola Gay was the instrument to deliver that destruction. 526 more words


My Response to Mike Huckabee

My Response to Mike Huckabee

“It’s a completely ridiculous comparison. For one thing, these are totally different Jews we’re talking about killing here.”

by Andrew Klavan… 300 more words


David Montaigne reblogged this and commented:

If any political commentary on the Holocaust can be funny, then this is funny because it's true. Obama is enabling Iran with powerful weapons and piles of money, an Iran whose leaders frequently and publicly discuss killing off the Jews.