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Thomas's Discovery Takes Us To DEFCAT 2

Disciples of Otis,

Brother Oliver here,

This morning I walked into the living room to find Brother Henry and Sir Thomas sitting up on the arm of the couch looking like they were on high alert. 606 more words


North Anna 3 would raise rates for Dominion Virginia Power customers by 25%

Dominion Virginia Power’s latest Integrated Resource Plan (IRP) includes construction of a third nuclear reactor at North Anna, just as previous IRPs have done every year since 2008. 643 more words


Clarification: Redacted Unite Youth Dublin Statement on Trident

Unite Youth Dublin posted a statement earlier today regarding Unite’s backing of the renewal of the Trident missile programme at the British Labour Party conference. Needless to say, it was not supportive of this position. 135 more words

Unite Youth

The Iranian Nuclear Deal: Was it a clever deal by Obama to weaken the Republican Party?

The Iranian nuclear deal has done something quite wonderful. It has lowered oil prices by ending the US led embargo of Iran’s products, including oil. Iranian oil is now flooding the international markets, driving the price of oil and gasoline down. 352 more words

This White Elephant

One day during officer training, our political studies lesson derailed into a discussion on nuclear weapons. As the discussion became heated, it became apparent that I was the only person in the room who openly opposed nuclear weapons. 1,053 more words


Chernobyl And Nature And Us

The nuclear accident at Chernobyl was and is horrendous. Millions of people were affected, either directly by relocation (and probable exposure), or indirectly from downwind exposure. 111 more words


Don't Panic

You get a different perspective on an action when you’ve been on the receiving end. And while it will always be more blessed to give than to receive, anybody who has been gifted a left hook across the chops and had their wallet taken in a dark alley would start to seriously think twice before raising hands to their fellow human being in future. 519 more words