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Entergy Continues Closing Its Cash Cows

  • The Louisiana based nuclear power firm announced this week it is closing its Palisades, Michigan, plant, which is the third in a series due to competition from natural gas.
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As We Have Told You For Over Five Years, Fukushima Cesium 134 And Countless Other Radionuclides Have Never Stopped Coming To The West Coast – They Have Essentially Destroyed The North Pacific Ocean And Are Concentrating Along The West Coast – Do Not Eat ANYTHING FromThe Pacific Ocean… 7 more words


Fukushima’s Radiation Detected on Oregon’s Shores

That Fukushima’s radiation was detected on Oregon shores by Woods Hole chemical oceanographer Ken Buesseler thru its crowdfunded, citizen-science seawater sampling project and officially admitted is one thing, however a lot is still left unsaid or unknown regarding its  possible biological effects on the marine ecosystem, as for lack of fundings or political will too few studies are being made. 135 more words


Fukushima Nuclear Disaster Bill to Double to $188 Billion

Fukushima nuclear disaster bill to double to 21.5 trillion yen

Total costs to resolve the 2011 Fukushima nuclear disaster will reach 21.5 trillion yen (about $188 billion), nearly double the previous estimate, which will be passed on to users in higher electricity bills. 809 more words


Mitsubishi Heavy, Japan Nuclear Fuel to invest in France’s Areva

Mitsubishi Heavy Industries Ltd. is reportedly making final arrangements to invest tens of billions of yen in French atomic energy company Areva jointly with Japan Nuclear Fuel Ltd. 221 more words


Fukushima radiation has reached U.S. shores

Its official. Woods Hole Oceanographic Institute has samples of Fukushima-sourced cesium-134 in salmon off the Pacific Coast of Oregon. Given cesium-134 has such a short half-life the source is linked to the on-going leaks from Japan’s 2011 nuclear disaster. 766 more words


Sendai reactor goes back online

Workers in the control room restart reactor 1 at Kyushu Electric Power Co.’s Sendai nuclear plant in Kagoshima Prefecture Thursday night

Sendai reactor goes back online…

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