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Big News for Big Iron in UK and Czech Republic

  • French Utility EDF has Submitted an Application to Build Two 1600 MW EPRs at the Sizewell C Site in the UK
  • The Government of the Czech Republic Will Lend its State Owned Utility CEZ up to 70% of the Cost of a New Full Size Nuclear Power Station, …
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In Conversation With: Sam Kent, Graduate Physicist in the Nuclear Industry

In this edition of In Conversation With, I chat to Sam Kent. Sam is a Graduate Physicist working in the Nuclear Industry. In this edition we discuss, amongst many other things, the reasons why Sam returned to education and the huge risks it entailed, addressing the different attitudes towards the use of nuclear energy, the challenges that face the industry and advice for any university students wanting to work in science. 5,409 more words

In Your Own Words

Thorium: Climate Panacea, or Pipe Dream?

By Delany Higgins

2018’s dire report from the United Nations’ Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change (IPCC) warned of poverty, extreme heat, submersion of coastal areas, drought, and severe ecological damage as a result of a half-degree of warming in the Earth’s temperature. 737 more words

3D-Printed Nuclear Reactor

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Researchers at the Department of Energy’s Oak Ridge National Laboratory are refining their design of a 3D-printed nuclear reactor core, scaling up the additive manufacturing process necessary to build it, and developing methods to confirm the consistency and reliability of its printed components. 588 more words

Energy Policy

Venusian Synnefocracy

Table of Contents

I. Martian Idee Fixe.

II. Venusian Advantage.

III. The Shape of Synnefocracy.


Martian Idee Fixe

Venus is perpetually smothered in dense dust clouds, waterless and stifled with carbon dioxide. 2,912 more words


Geschillen over de Amerikaanse kernwapens in Duitsland

Tijdens een recente bijeenkomst van de Bondsdag riepen Duitse afgevaardigden van linkse fracties, namelijk Die Linke, SPD en Bündnis 90/Die Grünen, de Verenigde Staten op hun kernwapens uit Duitsland te verwijderen. 377 more words

Nuclear Physicist On Probation After Putting Hot Wheels Cars In Supercollider

A contrite nuclear physicist at CERN has been severely reprimanded after putting Hot Wheels cars at each end of the Large Hadron Collider and conducting experiments to see if anything cool happens when they crash at high speeds. 199 more words

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