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"Furious wife busts cheating hubby with his naked mistress sparking a nearly-nude mass brawl." [Interesting, yeah, but no really good naked shots!]

THIS is the shocking moment a scorned wife brutally assaults a woman she catches in bed with her cheating husband. Filmed in a hotel in China, the clip shows the spurned wife bringing a number of a… 15 more words

Fix my meals and go away

It is just too hot to do anything other than mess about sketching.


The gift that someone left

Day four of my confinement and the leg is looking a lot better.  I have been working on many things that I frankly had put off for a rainy day – but it does give me some time just to draw and the rest.


The Korean girl next door

During my 2 year tenure in 신월동, I had the unfortunate experience of living in close proximity to my mother’s best friend and her family. Their daughter’s name was 김해리 (might have misspelled it), and she was in the same grade as me. 266 more words


Religiously unkind

I’ve been spending the last few days working on some very logical research – well I think it is – so it was nice today to just let the other side of my brain might like a little work out today so I made this series of quick sketches.