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Project LV One - Day 331 - Quick Sketch

I have no idea why I have decided to make some digital sketches but it does seem to be the thing that is taking my fancy at the moment.

Project LV One

Project LV One - 323 - No More Heroes

Tidying up after something is always a bit of a bind.

Project LV One

Project LV One - Day 310 - Some Thoughts

There has been a continuing line of criticism thrown at the BBC from members of the press, who for reasons they have yet to explain want to scrap the organisation, that the BBC is dumbing down.   481 more words

Project LV One

Staying put in Amorgos

I was in a small village on the island of Amorgos, in Greece, in the Cyclades. It wasn’t planned. I had landed the evening before on the wrong island and somehow ended up here, don’t ask me how, in a village far out of the way of the main town and harbor. 1,632 more words


Project LV One - Day 304 - Derbyshire, Kedleston and Peterborough

Somehow I have managed to get Photoshop Lightroom to append Derbyshire, Kedleston and Peterborough as keywords to any image I might wish synchronize.  I have no idea how to remove this and after spending many fruitless hours going through setting etc I have come to accept this as something I just have to deal with.   27 more words

Project LV One

Project LV ONe - Day 294 - Bloody be thy end...

Sometimes out of the corner of one’s eye you capture some strange things.  Half seen items suddenly become fully formed by your imagination and then take a life of their own.   56 more words

Project LV One