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One of the real joys I find from creating art (what an awful phrase that is!) is just sitting down and drawing freehand.   In the past I used to got really hung up with trying to make an accurate copy of whatever I was drawing, now I’m not that bothered as the process is what I really enjoy.   47 more words


Project LV One - Day 355 - The Wells Fargo Wagon is a coming around the hill

I guess it was always going to happen but I have started to reflect on the work I’ve created over the 12 months of the LV One project.   66 more words

Project LV One

Project LV One - Day 354 - A little sanguine

Rhythm seems to help when making life form sketches…nine million bicycles indeed.

Project LV One

The Marionette and the Golden Pot: Does Art Mean Anything?

Maybe this is meaningful, since I was thinking about con-artists, and maybe not…but I did not know what I was drawing or why until hours later… 10 more words


Project LV One - Day 331 - Quick Sketch

I have no idea why I have decided to make some digital sketches but it does seem to be the thing that is taking my fancy at the moment.

Project LV One