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Drawing Pretty Girls Day 6

Todays lesson is proportions and drawing a figure eight heads high. Again this is a free hand recreation I did of Joe Kings original drawing from the Famous Artist Cartoon Course Lesson 7 “Drawing Pretty Girls.”


And it's a ha ha ha hard

Over night I thought I might try an experiment to prove or disprove something I have been heard to say more than once – that I can write anything about anything without the first bit of prompting.   317 more words


In the midnight moonlight hour

None of us really appreciate just how fantastic our bodies are until something goes wrong and suddenly things we take for granted are 10 times harder to do.   102 more words


Nude with Red Curtains

Oil on Hardboard Panel 7″x5″

This figure painting is a study in back lighting and reflected light. I love the dramatic highlight effects of back lighting while the subtle reflected light from the surrounding curtains helps define the figure. 20 more words

Oil Painting

Sanguine, Debbie and Back to the Future

Tis the season to make outlandish resolute statements of good intent only for them not to be fulfilled.  So here goes!   I’m going make a lot more drawings and sketches using Conte sanguine – there I said it and only time will tell if this is as useless as virtually every other New year’s resolution being uttered. 73 more words


Painting Ideas

Really trying to get back into painting. Just really need something to focus on right now, a pick me up of sorts, but fudge it’s tough! 371 more words


MIxed Cultures

Lililu and Gaia – exploring my prehistoric instincts.