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Okay so you're...

As with my photography Yorkshire enabled me to make a mixed bag of drawings/sketches.


Lord please buy me

Just over an hours work in this week’s art class…quite pleased.


Well if I had a nickel

The first art class for nearly two years and I found a lot more rewarding than I was fearing.


Little Green

As I write this Raiders of the Lost Ark is playing on iTunes, I’m not sure why I started with that but it somehow seemed appropriate or maybe Back to the Future would be even more so.   110 more words


Five, Ten, Fifteen...

I ran a little experiment, and those of you who have life drawing lessons will recognise it, I made three drawings of 5, 10 and 15 minutes duration.   260 more words


I am what I am

Yesterday I said that I because I was using the Apple Pencil my real world drawing was taking a back seat.  This morning I thought I would make a couple of drawings to try and start to rectify this, if it needed rectifying which I really doubt but there we go.