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Something I'll never know about...and a couple of Llamas

There are certain things that we men will never really understand beyond the mechanics and the theory – pregnancy is one of them, in fact, it is the one thing that really defines a male or female.   149 more words


Searching for inspiration...and a camel

I am in one of those empty periods at the moment when I find myself forcing some drawing out of my reluctant hands.   Since the New Year I have found that my output has almost dried up.   218 more words


This train

Buying a new sketch book skews the work I am producing at the moment…to put it another way I have a new toy and I want to take it out for a little run.   77 more words


So sad but thats the way its over

Well that’s that – another course completed and I suspect that it will be my last for a while.  What have learnt?  Perhaps the overriding lesson is that I hate working in a group and would rather work alone – those who know me will tell you that that has nothing to do with the art class but just the way I am.   71 more words