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How big how blue

Time just to catch up with what I’ve been creating over the past few days, from finding images on my iPhone I hadn’t worked on to a 40 minute sketch this morning via my new project, make a drawing at every exhibition I go to – a real bag a mashin’ – much as life is, well at least mine anyway.


Nude in a Red Chair

Oil on hardboard panel, 7″x5″

While painting this one I focused on the angles and the light falling across the figure. It’s a serene seated pose but I like the energy produced by the various angles of the arms and legs. 105 more words

Oil Painting

Blue Monday

So here we go again..its a bank holiday (public holiday).  There was a time when that meant a nice bonus in next months pay or another day off.   84 more words


I would walk a thousand feet for you....

Sometimes the stars align or perhaps a stray cosmic ray hits the right neuron in the brain but things just work out well.  Today was one of those days and you just have to sit back and enjoy the feeling…it doesn’t last for long.


Wooo they shot me

Neither of these images were meant to turn out the way they did – the first has the feel of a memento mori which was the further from the intention when I started.   67 more words


In Praise of Sketching

Over the weekend there was a whole lot of hot air and guff raised about the ban on sketching in a recent V&A exhibition.  Now there are arguments on both sides but the truth is that one of the reasons why we, the public, fund institutions such as the V&A is so that we can examine great works of art and design to get inspiration and to learn.   337 more words