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So sad but thats the way its over

Well that’s that – another course completed and I suspect that it will be my last for a while.  What have learnt?  Perhaps the overriding lesson is that I hate working in a group and would rather work alone – those who know me will tell you that that has nothing to do with the art class but just the way I am.   71 more words


Movin' On

The realisation that you can only move forward through time rather than backwards and when you do try to relive things from the past never really works has given me certain amount of clarity.     21 more words


Sunshine on a cloudy day...

‘I know’, I thought, ‘Why don’t I try and make a Jack Vettriano painting?’

Well an hour later I have decided I can’t take anymore and I accept that this is very unfinished but there is a soulless feel to Vettriano’s work that I just can’t get beyond..   107 more words


Okay so you're...

As with my photography Yorkshire enabled me to make a mixed bag of drawings/sketches.


Lord please buy me

Just over an hours work in this week’s art class…quite pleased.


Well if I had a nickel

The first art class for nearly two years and I found a lot more rewarding than I was fearing.