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I’ve begun seeing the beauty in vulnerability lately, after tackling some personal issues.  I know many of my subjects feel vulnerable, especially first timers who are not accustom to being nude in front of others.   53 more words


UNCENSORED VIDEO: Zimbabwean woman not bothered after being stripped in public for wearing a mini skirt

Now this is new….

You’ll expect most women  who’re subjected to the trending outrage of being stripped by mobs for their questionable dressing to be angry if not traumatized but not this Zimbabwean lady. 202 more words


Impasto painting - using different tools

For my latest painting, I want to be more experimental with how I apply the paint. Using a plastic knife gives some really interesting marks and textures, as well as linking to the issue of binge eating which I had begun to cover in my work before. 86 more words


Porn-site videos lead cops to peeping tom who filmed nude women in mall fitting rooms, apartments

And yesterday, Radnor Township Police said, detectives ruined his "semester in voyeurism 101" when they showed up at the Narberth home he …