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Tom Hardy does the full Monty in new movie


Tom Hardy Is Filming a Period Adventure Drama in the Nude We are not quite sure about that one—although it does appear that Hardy’s character, James Keziah Delaney, is in a rowboat and transferring something in a heavy canvas sack. 126 more words

A prayer for nudists during Lent


Originally posted on New Worlds:
Because of the positive feedback that my previous post, Thoughts on Ash Wednesday, got, I decided to write a follow-up post. 36 more words

Brit couple quit lives then bares all in Holland at one of Europe’s biggest nudist camps


We dropped everything to join nudist resort… at five degrees below zero We found our tiny A-frame bungalow on Airbnb and noticed the price — less than £400 a month — before seeing the disclaimer at the bottom: “For a 100 per cent naturist stay.” The resort has a village feel and is primarily used by tourists, but also houses many permanent residents. 68 more words

The Skinny On Sydney's Best Nude Beaches - Sydney City News


Sydney City News

The Skinny On Sydney’s Best Nude Beaches
Sydney City News
It does attract a little bit of attention because it has been one of the traditional naturist beaches on Sydney Harbour, so you do get some sight seeing crafts cruising in to see what the fuss is all about.” You can also expect more onlookers in Watson … 43 more words