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Steve Willard of All-Nudist.com passes away peacefully last night | The Naturist Page

It’s a sad day in the Naturist community today. I was given word from his wife, Angie, that Steve Willard — an iconic man who dedicated himself not only for his education on Naturism via his website, but a great friend of mine and a loving husband to his wife, Angie. 83 more words


bbc cock locks work

I read Jenny Eels and Kat Harbourne do a naked podcast which seems a bit pointless since its radio/audio clearly it is one way to sex up crap that nobody seems to ‘hear’ and in need of help. 125 more words


Why Encourage Naturism?

Why? It is the first question a non-naturist will ask. As in, “Why in the world would I do that?” Stripping down to do a quick skinny dip is one thing.

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WINSday Wisdom | Ditch Those Panties | 7 Reasons To Let That Yoni Breathe

While the majority of women prefer Victoria’s Secret, Haynes, & Fruit of the Loom…there is a smaller percentage of the female population who opt for “Going Commando”! 390 more words

Winsday Wisdom


Can I tell you a story about a virgin nudist?

Sum years ago, I met a 27-year old virgin named Stephan when we were both wandering around Blacks Beach here in San Diego. 415 more words


One-Man Naked Volleyball Rules

During my stay at a nudist resort I took some time to play on the sand volleyball court. It was a slow weekend with few people around so I was alone. 191 more words


Star Ranch Weekend 2018

It has been a really long time since I’ve had a vacation day as well as having gone anywhere. We only get two weeks of vacation a year at my job and it goes quickly leaving you months of straight drudgery without relief. 1,534 more words