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My middle-aged voyage into nudism - Telegraph.co.uk



My middle-aged voyage into nudism
If nudism was good enough for the Royal Marines and the Spartans, it’s surely good enough for me – even if my once toned stomach now looks like 3kg bag of Nadine potatoes. 56 more words

get clothes free and float your stress away


# How floating naked may offer relief from pain, stress Forty-eight-year-old Christine Jagde thought she had tried everything to relieve her debilitating migraines, until she stumbled upon a simple holistic therapy: floating in a tank. 27 more words

Societies Moral Compass – nudity


Originally posted on faeriefiles:
In the united states it’s generally believed, as evidenced by our laws, the media, and public reaction, that certain parts of the anatomy should be covered when in public. 27 more words

city rescinds rule requiring tops at public pools


City makes it official: Tops no longer mandatory for girls at pools A rule which sparked a major outcry last summer is officially off the books in Guelph. 32 more words