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Bare to Breakers, 2017

About 40K walked across San Fran in the 2017 B2B. Lots of crazy costumes, maybe 1-200 nudies. We nudies were so dilute some people never saw one. 1,358 more words


New Nudist / Naturist estate in Second Life

Some of you may know of my experience with the Eden Naturist estate being less than pleasant. Not on a personal level, but in that they do not allow any non-human avatar elements other than mermaid tails… for “realism” sake they allow mermaids. 1,391 more words

Second Life

Help Wanted.

It was my first college  Summer I was staying in the area. Normally, I would have ventured the four hour drive home to my parents’ house and sweltered in heat, humidity, and gnats, but this year, I was staying put. 177 more words

Behind the gate...

I still remember the phone call I had with my parents after I called the job posting. I called up my parents, making sure both of them were on the line, “I got a Summer job.” My mom was happy as was my dad with his trademark response of, “good!” My mom asked if I was going to be tutoring – no. 202 more words

First blog post

Why and how did I along with my wife become nudists?  We certainly came at it from two different perspectives.  I think I have always enjoyed being naked but it was not until my mid 40’s that I actually started.   122 more words


Dory the Nudist

Above:  Hourglass Woman

Image in the Public Domain


Dory gave up wearing clothes.

When someone asked her to dress

the nudist replied, “Hell, no! 9 more words

Nude Model

Barefooting in Naturism | The Naturist Page

I truly love the ability to be able to shed the clothes off to truly feel alive and the liberating feeling that goes with it; for me it’s another step to be a barefooter. 519 more words