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The Eternal Conundrum

Or the Horns of a Dilemna if you will

And this is one thing that women never have to face and never will understand.

Here’s the thing – jockeys or boxers??? 182 more words

Current Affairs

Real Nudism VS. Street Fairs

There is some misconceptions  out in the world about nudists that stem from the public nudity that goes on in popular streets fairs such as the ones in San Francisco the champions of public nudity. 142 more words


Nakation Chronicles I: The Pre-digital Age

I’ve taken on the project of organizing my photo library – a huge undertaking in the digital age. In doing so, I thought it would be fun to chronicle our nakation adventures since we got serious about naturist travel back in the late 1990s. 119 more words

Naturist Places

Trip Report - RV at Medina Lake Oct 2016

Day One:

I had 1.5 days left of my Use it or Lose it vacation and the year is running out quickly. A rare fall cool front passed through San Antonio and being outside would finally be nice so I took Friday off, loaded up the RV and headed for nearby Medina Lake. 2,286 more words

Live and Let Live

Prompt: Volunteer

“I almost didn’t recognize Sally and Ron with their clothes on,” Jerry Plankton said to his neighbour, Lily-Rose Roades. They were sipping on weak Harvey Wallbangers, served from a massive punch bowl, at what Jerry would call a soirée— an evening gathering of friends, with drinks and snacks. 671 more words

Writing Prompts

Farewell Summer of 2016 | The Naturist Page

Well, another summer is over and we can’t complain too much. It was warm up to today. As fall temperatures will settle in tomorrow, to stay. 103 more words