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The Nude in Art and Artlessness

From “Town Talk”, Vol XXXVIII, No. 1490, San Francisco-Oakland, January 1, 1921.

“The Spectator has heard some talk not in favor of all the plans that were made for the Soldiers’ Memorial. 589 more words


Nipples and Nudity.

Why nipples are your best accessory this season.

(WARNING: For those of you who are prudish, step away from the blog post dedicated to nudity and nipples) 299 more words


The Body Rabyd - "No, I Don't Know What I Weigh."

Inevitably, because people know I work out fairly regularly the question comes:  “So, How much do you weigh?”  I sigh deeply at that point and calmly respond: “I don’t know.”  I actually am so committed to not using the scale to measure fitness that when I started this latest round of 12 weeks I didn’t even step on a scale to start off and probably won’t even look at one anymore.  645 more words


The Rabyd Writer's Soul - Allegory, the Theology Pub and Half-Naked Women

It is rare for me to get complaints about what I write.  I work hard to push the edge but not be offensive.  I had one guy stop following me once and stated his reason was he didn’t want his family wondering if he was visiting some sort of soft porn site.  1,159 more words


Watch "It's not spring (or summer), but..." on YouTube

It’s not spring (or summer), but…: http://youtu.be/SynrXRdW9Z4
And also, take a look at..

Be careful, though. It does go by fast. Bye now…lol


In search of the Holy Grail...of nudity, that is

I didn’t know until I went through my media list for this blog, that I had the ultimate photo.

No, not this. Although, it would… 157 more words


The Body Rabyd - Mirror Motivation

I have written on this before but it bears repeating especially now. The simple and best way to keep yourself motivated in fitness is stand naked in front of the mirror.  257 more words