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I love my lines:

Forehead expressions, corners of eyes…


I’m decorated.

See the remnants of a decade’s smile


I am not made of alabaster – 109 more words



While this is a little off topic, I find that here I can have a look at a number of things. The world is a varied place and there is certainly room for everyone. 394 more words


Am I Worth 200 Nickels?

This is NOT going to be a post lamenting my single status.

As you all know, I very much enjoy being single and playing the field. 156 more words


Be A World Changer!!!

Say no to pre-marital sex, sex abuse, nudity, pornography, rape, homosexualism, masturbation and other sins against purity.

  • Join the crusade promote healthy sexual orientation and preserve your soul and your future.
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Pre-marital Sex

The Line Between Porn And Art

Lately, I’ve found the line between porn and art blurred.

More and more, I’ve been finding that one person’s porn is another person’s art.

What inspired me to write this post is: 590 more words


Thankful for Various Gear Upgrades

Minor, vague spoilers for points about gear and challenges in Rise of the Tomb Raider


Busy long weekend with holiday stuff (pie), but I did manage to get some in. 1,827 more words

Ghost In The Shell Is Still A Classic

I re watched the original Ghost In The Shell movie the other night and i have to say this movie is still a classic and after watching i had a couple thoughts. 404 more words