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Exposure of the Skin, Expressing Limits of Modesty

Pastel on Paper, Kathleen – 1 hour nude drawing (24″x30″)

Nudity, our bare skin, beauty and imperfections.

This drawing took one hour,
In that amount of time, I chose how to represent this young women. 112 more words



I’ve had this dream. Only I was playing a double bass. Go figure.

via K.C. Cave.

Nude Woman

Evil crows, polite assassins, feeding China, and window nudity!

I am the kind of person who likes to sing to himself and laugh to himself, often when I do it… I am by myself. So here I am singing on the sidewalk at a time and place where there’s quite a bit of people driving on the road next to me.  494 more words


Pussy Riots are Pusillanimous

Sexism will inevitably proliferate, merely because men and women cannot and do not understand the dynamics of feminism. Or what feminism should essentially represent and entail. 508 more words


The valentines day heart origin

The origin of the valentines day heart is wonderful yet male driven. The human heart isnt cute and cuddly. It is dirty covered in arteries and veins, pumping blood and doing its job. 55 more words