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Pic of the Day

Is there anything better then a naked chill on a boat out in the ocean with some mates?

Have a great day and stay nude!


"FRENETIC" part 2

The bathwater is thrown out with the child. Today is the mixture age, the piece of mind that is never advancing, never going.

I hate this fucking situation. 280 more words


BBHMM, Rihanna's Music New Video

So I just finished watching the new Rihanna video for BBHMM, and let’s just say I am not surprised, but the comments on YouTube definitely piqued my nerves. 331 more words

Common Sense


Desire, anticipation, shame, fear…..my brain fires each of these emotions as a chill touches my spine triggering  goosebumps that run up my naked back, down my arms, across my bare tits, hardening my already erect nipples to the point of discomfort. 551 more words