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"Are You Ready?"

I don’t think I’m self aware enough to really process what happened to me over the past 2 weeks. I took part in Nic Green’s feminist dance work… 473 more words

Getting down to my Skivvies: A Journey

I never thought I’d take off any clothing in public, let alone in front of an audience. I was the girl who was afraid of people seeing my underwear and loathed the idea of skinny-dipping. 813 more words

To Photograph or not to photograph?

There were bunny girls (like Playboy) and glamorous women with wings and stilts; some of these sights you can photograph, some not. Its like its such an intimate thing. 21 more words


Morning workout.

He walk up on the wood deck and as he reach the dumbbells he pulls his shirt off and shows off his muscles, he leans casual down and pick up the dumbbells with his muscular arms his hands take a firm grip as he lift them up. 96 more words


Bad Movie Tuesday: Night Vision (1997), Cynthia Rothrock kicks no butt at all in this terrible police action movie.

Sadly this dull poster is very honest.  We basically just get these three talking about crime.

MY CALL: Weren’t there supposed to be martial arts in this?

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