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Fury Over Facebook

Some jackass reported a picture of me resting on my husband’s chest for nudity on Facebook. He was shirtless, I was in a tank top. As a result, I am creating a new page–Wife Things. 29 more words



I knew nothing about “World Naked Gardening Day” until I read about it in a post by http://pouringmyartout.wordpress.com. Here’s my take on unhindered gardening.  Check out his blog if you like.

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The Veneer of Innocence

Or fig leaf, or whatever.

Was looing for the right word for this before I started on this post.

In the work I do now,  many times names of other companies are not written out completely in documents, but instead given code words, most common using the capitalized roman letter of the first letter of the  company’s name. 137 more words

Why Revenge Porn Works

Originally published on Cliterati on 4/3/15.

It’s now a crime in the UK to post or send “revenge porn”. A sensible law in keeping with the spirit of existing criminal law and data protection laws, and, as many would agree, long overdue. 601 more words


Bohemian of the Month/ #BOTM: Erika Lust

“And I make no apologies I’m into pornography.”

Our May #BOTM selection is Feminist Adult Film Maker Erika Lust.  Erika aptly named Lust was a Political Science & Gender Studies graduate in Sweden then went on to become a Pornograper based in beautiful Barcelona. 190 more words