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Buggy Skyrim - it could be worse

So I have this persistent bug after installing (and then uninstalling) a mod to let me change my spouse‘s clothes. Now priests and priestesses have no clothing. 25 more words

Amalthea's Adventures

Pic of the Day

Yet another reason why everyone should swim naked!

Pic of the Day

There are jobs and then there are dream jobs.
Anybody want to be a lifesaver at a nudist beach? Where do I sign up?

Being naked is exposing our own vulnerabilities

I am a fan of TED Talk like millions of other human beings. Beyond this, I am a nudist and spend a lot of time entirely naked. 326 more words


My Dream of a Nudist Gym

As many of you know I am currently on a journey to transform my body. It has been three years of hard work but so far so good. 566 more words

Nude Photos

I’ve noticed that blogs can go down after the author publishes a nude photo.  I wonder if this one will too?

Something is telling me I’m a coward for not coming back for ?several days. 333 more words


Pic of the Day

“Why do I get the feeling I am overdressed for this beach?”