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Cop An Eye Full ('Take My Picha' Series)

Vulnerable Admission #2 -

I use to be such an incredibly nervous and anxious person. There was a point in my life that it was crippling. 49 more words


Feegee Mermaid

I’m going to post this under the break, seeing as how some of you may not want to see her “lovely” face.
Warning, she kind of creeps me out. 36 more words

what i don't care about

here is a v true thing: i am a feminist. i can spot a misogynist or someone who internalizes misogyny from a state away. i don’t tolerate anyone telling me what they think of my nude modeling ANYMORE. 342 more words

Ferociously Love Yourself

Ron Jeremy's "Wrecking Ball" Parody [NSFW]

Until I found Ron Jeremy’s parody of “Wrecking Ball”, I never knew how much was missing from my life in its absence. It’s magnificent.

First, here is the original by Miley Cyrus: 466 more words

Miley Cyrus

Why Clean Reader Can Fuck Off

So I’ve been reading about Clean Reader, the miracle app that will protect your precious, precious eyes from tiny black and white ebook devils that want to crawl in through your pupils and infect you and your child’s brain with sin. 470 more words

Pump n Dump ('Take My Picha' Series)

Vulnerable Admission #1 –
Being a child of divorce, I have a tendency to reject before I get rejected. I lived the product of the broken love between my parents, and saw how it destroyed my father, and often never fully give myself to someone or take it back and run before they can hurt me. 21 more words


Chapter 2. - Getting the flirt on.

My second day in town I was actually woken up by Ellie, the library chic, knocking on my bathroom door. Confused much? Anyway, I got up eager to make up for last nights disappointments. 453 more words