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Artnet: MFA Boston Is the Latest Museum Driven Crazy by Instagram Censorship

Artnet: MFA Boston Is the Latest Museum Driven Crazy by Instagram Censorship. “Boston’s Museum of Fine Arts is stuck in a stalemate with Instagram after photos from its latest exhibition—a survey of decorous abstracted nudes by Imogen Cunningham—were censored by the image-sharing app, and the museum’s pleas to have its artwork allowed on social media have gone unheard.”

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The Naked Truth about Indiana’s Indecent Exposure Laws

by Will Doss

While the antiquity and ridiculousness of Indiana’s archaic liquor laws are frequently in the news, alcohol is certainly not the only topic with regard to which our great state lags behind the rest of the country.  553 more words

Man Sexually Harrass Neighbor By Masturbating In Front Of Her Door (Photos)

​Imagine coming back from a hectic day at work only to see your neighbor masturbating at your front door. 

Well, this is the ordeal a young woman has to deal with everyday.  155 more words


Scantily-Clad Television: Has TV Nudity Gone Too Far?

I should start this by saying I’m not opposed to nudity in television.

After all, I watch Game of Thrones religiously. Nudity in television has always come with its fair share of controversy, with articles and discussions debating whether a steamy scene aired the night before was “necessary” or not. 1,178 more words


Getting naked in Spain

My Britishness is difficult to hide; my skin glows white and I still speak Spanish like a toddler.  But most British of all, I find getting naked in public horrifying.  287 more words


This counts, right? It’s not my fault Christian Grey spells his name differently.

via Daily Prompt: Gray

I haven’t watched or read Fifty Shades of Grey.  310 more words