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12/12/12 (3/10)

We open with a nude woman tied to a table with a dude smearing blood all over her and then human sacrificing her (I don’t know about you, but I think this is THE BEST way to start a movie; unfortunately, it’s all downhill after that). 279 more words

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What Does It Mean To "Follow Your Heart?": Part 2

Profession: A declaration of belief.

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On Lou’s blog, she replied to my comment on her post “Listen to your heart, you have the answers”: 841 more words


How social networking platforms are regulating speech and expressions of its Users

  • Recently I joined the popular photo sharing social networking App Instagram. It is an excellent platform for photography enthusiasts and students to connect with and learn from some of the great photographers, photo-journalists and other hobbyists who are also…
  • 858 more words
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Quotes : Naked and Nudity 

“Nakedness and nudity are two different themes. Nakedness has beauty in its open form while nudity is often a subject of obscenity and sexual objectification.”

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