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Drugi trsatski zmaj - crtice iz povijesti

Koliko god bile poznate crtice iz povijesti Trsata, još uvijek ima zanimljivih tema o kojima se može pisati. Kao stari Sušačanin mnogo sam toga doživio i tisuću članaka napisao o svemu onome što sam doživio i vidio, a nikada ono što su mi pričali. 400 more words


Smoggies are back, with trouble

The reds from the riverside are back in the Premier League after a seven-year exile. This coming after a 1-1 draw with Brighton back in May. 723 more words


Letter to the Nuge

From The Zelman Partisans:

An Open Letter to Ted Nugent
Dear Mr. Nugent,

You recently wrote a column advocating the elimination of Islam in which you addressed the danger of allowing political correctness to stop the fight against Islamic terror.

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If that wasn't enough

Looking at the comments on Nicki’s article at TZP regarding Ted Nugent’s oops, it seems some people still aren’t satisfied. They’re demanding a ‘public apology’ that I think Ted has already made. 187 more words

Nugent: Forgiveness

Rocker Ted Nugent screwed up recently. He posted an offensive graphic that appeared to allege a Jewish/Israel gun control conspiracy, which contained other offensive tidbits in the details. 156 more words

The Zelman Partisans have an offer for Ted Nugent

The following is a news release for the gun media and any mainstream media that might be interested. We urge TZP readers to spread the word to their media contacts. 479 more words