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Sundays Suggestions 17

If you’ve been following Bloom for a while, you’ll know that no matter how crappy a Monday is, we always make it through to Sunday’s Suggestions, so without further ado, lets crack on. 383 more words

Reflection Eternal: 10 Tributes to Hip-Hop Producer Nujabes

Given how Nujabes lived his life, there shouldn’t be much proof of his legacy online. The Japanese hip-hop producer rarely granted interviews and avoided having his photo taken. 1,272 more words

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My favorite beat maker of all time.

Rest in peace, Nujabes.


Samurai Champloo - Journey and Growth

In his pure, elite and technical Mujushin Kenjutsu, and his calm and collected demeanour, Jin represents the Samurai in the title, and in his unorthodox, improvised, and adaptable champuru kendo, Mugen represents Champloo, which means improvised, or mixed up. 920 more words


Counting Stars

Seven years ago, Jun Seba died in a traffic collision, and the world lost Nujabes. I had been introduced to this man’s music by a good friend of mine in high school, before he had his life taken away from him. 83 more words

Luke James Reviews "Samurai Shin - The Prelude EP"

Luke James not the Singer!, luke james comes through with¬† a new review. This is not the first time luke james reviewed “Samurai Shin”. in the past luke james has reviewed “Samurai Shin Vs Xia-Dawn” & “Samurai Shin OST 1”. 64 more words

Samurai Shin


Seba Jun was a Japanese hip-hop record producer, better known by his anagram Nujabes (his name in reverse). Like many others, I first saw his work in Samurai Champloo, Shinichiro Watanabe’s anachronistic¬† 382 more words