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I am often asked what games I am playing between Kingdom Hearts 2 and the long wait for Kingdom Hearts 3.  The list is lengthy but while I am waiting for the next expansion for World of WarCraft, I am dedicated to Fallout 4.   465 more words


[ Beverage Recipe ] Nuka Cola Cherry

This is one I decided entirely on a whim while I was making the previously posted recipe for Nuka Cola Quantum and it actually turned out quite good considering all the trial I went through for the Quantum version of the drink. 309 more words


[ Beverage Recipe ] Nuka Cola Quantum

I’ve been at it for a while and I had posted general recipes – like the image I posted to Twitter as seen at the bottom of this post –  alluding to what I wanted for the drink but I’ve kept at it and I think I finally have a final recipe available for you to create that would be handy especially for those Canadians out there, like myself, who don’t have the same beverages available for this. 309 more words



I don’t mind really. There are nights when I simply cannot get to sleep, and it’s quite nice when I come downstairs at 3am to find someone still up, defending the house from Super Mutants. 13 more words

Fallout 4: Hidden Power Suit

Many dedicated Fallout players have nabbed themselves a copy of the latest addition to the Bethesda franchise. Whether you missed out on Target’s exclusive Nuka Cola Quantum is another story, but today I am here to let you in on a little extra treasure to bring home to your base. 216 more words


Watch Nerdy Nummies Make Fallout 4 Nuka Cola

This week on Nerdy Nummies on the Rosanna Pansino YouTube channel.  You can learn how to make Fallout 4 Nuka Cola with guest Hannah Hart.  Perfect for those long gaming nights, or cool for someone who is a geek/nerd like me, enjoy!

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