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The last Fallout Pip-Boy shipment may be sold out in North America, but there is still a ton of merch online for Fallout enthusiasts. 255 more words


Slurm Vending Machine Fridge

Thought I’d design a fun fridge that looks and works like a vending machine. This would be ideal for any soda or beer company theme (Coke, Nuka-Cola, Duff Beer), but for this post I figured… 175 more words


Fallout: Nuka Break - the series

Here I am again posting about some ameteur film fun inspired by a video game that I’ve never played. This time, it’s Fallout: Nuka Break… 3,267 more words

Short Films

hand made Fallout vault tec emergency kit unique item by...

Read on my blog: hand made Fallout vault tec emergency kit unique item by… via Blogger http://bit.ly/1nVTUsO ncr dollars, Handmade, Etsy, survival kit, nuka cola, post apocalyptic, vault, fallout, post nuclear July 24, 2014 at 01:37AM


Fallout Inspired Pistol

I’m a big Fallout 3 and Fallout: New Vegas fan. There’s just something about the post-nuclear-apocalyptic setting that captures my imagination. The quirky sense of humour doesn’t hurt either. 121 more words