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NPT 2015 | Monks and Peace Walkers Pray at the U.N.

April | 2015
Vanessa W. Lynch

Nipponzan Myohoji monks, Footprints for Peace and organizers from across the world met in front of the United Nations to call for nuclear disarmament and demilitarization at the opening of the Nuclear Non-Proliferation Treaty Review Conference. 222 more words


INSIGHTS 203 -- The President Tells the Advisor the Truth about Iran

The president was making his way down the tunnel for another meeting with his Advisor. He shook his head at himself as he thought, I must be nuts going to talk to an old man who lives down here in these tunnels.  732 more words

Intelligence & Politics

Could President Obama Prove to be the Most Persuasive Critic of the Iran Deal?

Congressional opponents of President Obama’s tentative deal with Iran have hitherto offered a range of critiques that fall broadly in two baskets. But a new, third line of criticism is emerging — and it might prove the most powerful. 804 more words


Why Can't the White House See What's Wrong with the Iran Deal?

As the Obama administration enters into the next round of negotiations with Iran over its nuclear program, with the self-imposed June 30 deadline looming, a broad spectrum of expert opinion has concluded that the White House is playing its hand poorly and agreeing to terms that are bad for the United States and our regional allies and partners. 1,212 more words

Middle East

John Kerry, Lying Sack of Shit, Don't Trust Him Israel

Kerry tries to calm Israel

“We will have inspectors in there every single day,” he says of the Iran deal.

Obama and Kerry cannot be trusted.   96 more words

Combative Survival

Do you see survival only in terms in COMBAT?
Or is it seen as a physical challenge, adopting the correct mindset, possessing a few desirable skill sets with… 1,262 more words


The Persian Empire Strikes Back!!!

It’s been just over thirty six years since the Iranian Revolution and the overthrow of the Pahlavi Dynasty. The rise of the Ayatollahs has been swift and the Shia are on the ascent both economically and militarily. 753 more words