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Turkey Shoots Downs Russian Jet: What Happens Next?

This is a guest post from Martin Hellman that was originally published today on his the Defusing the Nuclear Threat blog.

Today’s news that Turkish fighters shot down a Russian jet near the Syrian border, is unlikely to lead to a nuclear crisis …  but there is a chance that it could. 265 more words


Encounter in Nagasaki

by Joe Scarry

Two days ago I visited the atomic bomb memorials in Nagasaki; yesterday I walked around the city, thinking about what I had seen. 880 more words

American Military Culture

Friday Double Feature

Okay so two things. One story floating around the news lately is a supposed “leak” of plans for a top secret nuclear torpedo that is essentially a type of “dirty bomb.” You’ve probably heard the term dirty bomb plenty of times before, but in case you never bothered to look it up (you’re not missing much), it’s basically a speculative weapon designed to contaminate an area with radiation and thus deny it to the enemy. 1,404 more words

Best Living Songwriters: Richard Edwards

The “Best Living Songwriters” column features a true hodge-podge of singer-songwriters. Some will be famous, some will be undiscovered, and some will fall in between. The majority will be songwriters who just don’t get the publicity or recognition that Blue Collar Songwriting thinks they deserve. 486 more words

EMP - A Summary Starting Point

Electro-Magnetic Pulse kills electronics and wounds many kinds of electrical gear. Some, like large transformers; die from a major pulse, 3 years to replace (when things are working properly and they will not be working properly). 1,753 more words

Emergency Preparation And Risks