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Trump Nukes China After Nasi Goreng Take Away 10 Minutes Late

In the latest embarrassing diplomatic gaffe involved Donald Trump, the new United States president has launched multiple nuclear strikes on China when a take away Nasi goreng meal he ordered was 10 minutes late to the White House, despite aides seeking to clarify that the fried rice dish actually originated from Indonesia. 265 more words

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Nuclear Friday: Polonium

I’ve written before about the strengths and weaknesses of radioactive materials as a terrorist weapon, but what about using radioactive materials as a tool of assassination? 1,667 more words


A senior official on President Trump’s embattled National Security Council warned in previously unreported comments that it is “inevitable” an Islamic terrorist group will carry out a successful nuclear attack against the United States, and that in its aftermath the world “will regress hundreds of years politically.” The official, Michael Anton, laid out a dire scenario of multiple nuclear detonations on American soil, saying that terrorists “will, I think, wait until they can hit us with several blows at once, followed by a number of follow-on blows.” 4,125 more words

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Ignore The Tough Talk -- Trump’s Iran Policy Will Be Much Like Obama’s by Gareth Porter

by Gareth Porter
Writer, Dandelion Salad
crossposted at Middle East Eye
February 14, 2017

For all its grandstanding, Trump’s administration is just following an American tradition of coercing Iran and its ‘malign influence’ 1,387 more words


That whole "finger on the button" thing

It’s clear that we’re on the threshold of a new nuclear era: a time when the actual use of atomic weapons is being accorded greater plausibility by military and political leaders globally, while war plans are being revised to allow the use of such weapons at an earlier stage in future armed clashes.

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Propaganda Cat

This is not an actual North Korean propaganda poster, though it is based on a real one. The story behind the slogan can be found here. 34 more words