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Episode 90: February 4, 2020: Senate Set to Clear Donald

Episode 90: February 4, 2020: Senate Set to Clear Donald

Spaceship Earth: Coronavirus

Impeachment Latest: No Witnessess, No Testimony, No Documents

Trillion Dollar Deficits

Democratic Primary: Iowa Eats One… 26 more words


Finally, Some Good News

US nukes in Germany are getting modernized!

US set to upgrade controversial nukes stationed in Germany – The US has stored nuclear bombs across Europe as a deterrent against Russia — including in Germany, where parliament voted in 2010 to withdraw the bombs. 26 more words


Understanding the madness of Kim Jong-Un, Supreme leader of North Korea

Kim Jong-Un seems like a leader who rules a castle of cards swaying side to side with each gust of wind, ready to topple at any moment, people think of Kim as a mad man but he everything but that. 670 more words

Autoclave seized on Chinese ship by India could have been for nukes in Pakistan

New Delhi, Mar 05: The Chinese ship that was seized recently by India had declared an autoclave as an industrial dryer.

The Indian authorities who detained a ship bearing a Hong Kong flag which was bound to Port Qasim in Karachi said that the vessel almost managed to get away. 20 more words

Vicky Nanjappa

DARPA's Working on a Nuclear-Powered Rocket for Easy Moon Access

Nuclear Rocket

The Pentagon wants a way to move cargo around the expansive space between the Earth and the Moon, and it’s directed DARPA (the Defense Advanced Research Projects Agency) to develop a nuclear-powered rocket for that precise purpose. 40 more words


NATO’s Arctic War Exercise Unites Climate Change and WWIII

Dandelion Salad

TheRealNews on Feb 24, 2020

NATO will hold war games in Norway’s Arctic Circle in March, where it will be supporting climate change-induced resource extraction and increasing the military tension with Russia.

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Rocket man on the horizon

North Korea in ready to strike us they have a robust new nuclear missile capability to strike us and Allies of NATO…

The chief of the U.S. 82 more words