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Nuclear Friday: Atomic Dirigibles?

In last week’s Nuclear Friday I said that the 1982 MX Dense Pack basing plan likely came from a 1980 report that included some very implausible basing options. 836 more words


Razors & Computer Security

Remember back when razors came as a single blade? Then we advanced to twin blades and multiple blades. My current razor has three blades. It’s all in the pursuit of the closest shave possible. 403 more words


Nuclear Friday: The Homeless Missile

The LGM-118 turned me into a serious amateur student of arms control theory and nuclear strategy. The controversies surrounding its development and deployment between 1979 and 1986 prompted the first really serious public discussion of nuclear weapons policy since the early sixties. 2,919 more words


Nuclear Friday: Panic Mode

Just a short video and commentary post this week. It’s been a rough one. Got to meet the Death Nurse this week. At least that’s what I call her. 960 more words



The Left is pegging President Trump as the culprit if WW3 starts. He is an emotional man who appears to act impulsively.

There are U.S. boots on the ground in Syria and more on the way. 522 more words

America Can't Fix Its Problems With New Nukes

The Department of Defense has begun drafting the Trump administration’s Nuclear Posture Review (NPR). Conducted by each American president since 1994, the NPR is an official document that guides American nuclear policy and management of the U.S. 1,330 more words


Britain Loves Crumpets, Tea and Nukes

After watching BBC Question Time on Friday 2nd June and the barbecuing of Jeremy Corbyn over nuclear weapons issues, I realised that Britain does not shy away from nuclear war. 448 more words