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China's Fear of U.S. Missile Defense Is Disingenuous

A key responsibility of mine during my time in the Pentagon was to devise and implement U.S. defense policies and strategies related to North Korea. One unfortunate aspect of this responsibility was the repeated need to quickly develop options, in collaboration with my colleagues, to respond to North Korean ballistic missile tests. 1,759 more words

U.S. Foreign Policy

Cadence Column: Asia, March 20, 2017

North Korea made headlines again. Reports have it that North Korea performs a routine ritual of saber rattling every spring. It’s definitely “saber spring” in “Kim world”. 194 more words


Nuclear Friday: Icebreaker

Almost every field of scientific research was considered relevant to the Cold War, including climate science. Some of the best data about changes in ice coverage and thickness in the Arctic comes from the US Navy. 1,021 more words


Rex Tillerson Hasn't Ruled Out Taking Preemptive Action Against North Korea Over Their Nuclear Threats

After Secretary of State Rex Tillerson announced that the U.S. needed a different approach for dealing with North Korea, he’s giving more details. Speaking in front of reporters in Seoul, South Korea on Friday, Tillerson said the U.S. 261 more words

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Nuclear Non-Possibility

I recently read the latest debate between Kenneth Waltz and Scott Sagan over the stability of nuclear weapons and their further proliferation. Their fundamental disagreement is in their faith in states, and their leaders, to realise that the detonation of a nuclear weapon for anything even resembling an attack would be catastrophic. 705 more words

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Rex Tillerson: Dealing With North Korea After 20 Years Of 'Failed' Diplomacy Requires A New Approach

On Thursday, Secretary of State Rex Tillerson acknowledged the strained diplomatic relations between the U.S. and North Korea and said the time has come for… 333 more words

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