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Seventh Lesson: No Strings?

In the previous we talk about different primitive data types, how to declare (define) them and how they can be assigned values.  We also use printf() to output control-strings (which are String Literals) passing in data via the character conversions.   629 more words


A More Robust Line Counter

In a previous post, I talked about how to count the number of lines in a text file. I explained the technique of piping the output from… 724 more words


creating their own hacking softwares

The following post is meant for those who are interested in creationg their own hacking softwares. not those who want the simple way out or readymade softwares. 680 more words

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Descriptors – a milestone in the Symbian C++ learning curve?

I guess many C enthusiast programmers wanting to switch to Symbian code developing, faced some issues when learning about Symbian descriptors. Even if many useful and helpful resources can be found on the Internet, especially those written by Jo Stichbury (personally I would recommend… 584 more words