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The long and straight path to WA

A much anticipated part of the journey for me has been crossing the Nullarbor.  It was with a little trepidation that we set off on this next step, it seems like such a leap into the unknown.   563 more words


The Nullarbor: Part Two

We had to dedicate a post solely to the surprising beauty of the Nullarbor desert. Although there are no trees along the Nullarbor (the name translates to meaning ‘no trees’), there is a subtle beauty in the bushes and flowers of the desert plants. 111 more words


The Nullarbor: Part One


This word kept coming up in conversation every time we mentioned the fact that we were road-tripping across Australia from Brisbane to Perth. 742 more words


How Far Did Jesus Go?

In the 1980’s a band known as The Proclaimers had a hit called 500 Miles. They sang “Well I would walk 500 miles and I would walk 500 more, just to be a man who’d walked a thousand miles to fall down at your door…da da da…” It was a type of love song telling of a man’s devotion to a woman. 629 more words

On A Personal Note

Day 55 - Ceduna - Cleaning day

After a really warm evening and the fact it didn’t get dark until 10pm, it was all a bit confusing. So we ended up going to bed a lot later than usual and it took the girls along time to sleep too – 2.5hr time difference is a real pain! 915 more words


Crossing the Nullarbor

Days 2 + 3: Esperance > Eucla > Iron Knob

The Nullarbor (nullus, “no” and arbor, “tree”).

It wasn’t completely treeless, but the Latin translation gives you a sense of the vast emptiness that we experienced on our journey. 1,298 more words


Day 54 - Eucla to Ceduna - Farewell WA

Another breakfast, another beautiful view. I set up the table and chairs to maximise our viewpoint of this majestic landscape. We ate earlier than we had over the last few weeks, probably due to the difference in time zones. 573 more words