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The end of the beginning or the beginning of the end?

On November 16th, loaded up, fuelled up, tuned up, warmed up and revved up – we began heading east.

Greeted on a fine Wednesday morning by a light easterly (head wind that was to steadily grow stronger the longer we were on that road otherwise known as the Nullarbor Highway), we ticked along at 80 being passed by everything that was not powered by a horse or a man. 355 more words


Golfing the Nullarbor 

It is one of the largest stretches of nothing anywhere and contains Australia’s longest straight road. 145.6km of road that the Romans would be proud of. 223 more words


Day 20 - Chilling out at Fraser Range Station

After a lovely evening last night eating with the other guests in the big rustic homestead dining room, we ventured back to the van where both girls immediately fell asleep. 1,334 more words


Day 19 - Caiguna to Fraser Range

Time is relative. The phrase that has been used on many occasions over the last 19 days. “When will we get there” Ava would ask. My reply, “Two hours”. 1,119 more words


Get orf the roof!

We’re camped in an overnight rest area on the Nullarbor Plain. Green parrots chatter on our roof and I’m convinced that they’re tugging at cables. But Woody is engrossed in his book The Girl with the Dragon Tattoo so he just mutters “yeah”. 42 more words


Day 18 - Nullarbor to Caiguna

A quick breakfast and we were on the road again. Caroline re-read the rules for quarantine crossing from South Australia to Western Australia and prepared a selection of carrot, celery, cucumber, oranges, five bananas and 7 apples to eat in two and a half hours. 538 more words


Day 17 - Smoky Bay to Nullarbor

Today was a day that I had been looking forward to driving for some time. Truth be told, I had sneakily suggested that Caroline drive from Coffin Bay to Smoky Bay, so I could start our journey over the famous stretch of road. 994 more words