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Watch: Eve Online November nullsec recap

Hendrick Tallardar discusses all the key events from nullsec over the past month.

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Scout forward

Both avid readers of this blog know that my EVE activity is more like punctuated equilibrium than steady evolutionary progress, i.e. my characters have long periods of stasis followed by sudden (and generally quite violent) bursts.   1,860 more words

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NRDS-NBSI-NPSI- Choose Your Code

A short time after Dentt was cloned back in 2008, I came to the realisation that the players of EVE play a very different game to all other games. 974 more words


The dreaded FozzieSov: Do I hate it or love it?

Since its release I have been involved in several Sov battles as part of SMA. First in Catch, well because it was there, Second in Fountain, well because we were bored and Black Legion were annoying, and then recently in Providence, because some person didn’t like another person lol. 296 more words

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A good trade

I had not scratched my PvP itch in a while and when I found myself last night with time to spare, I decided to check out the open roams that Spectre Fleet community offers.   969 more words

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