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A Parasite.

In the alcoholic eyes of mine,

I choked on your divine name

knitting dreams of your dreary arms

I kissed my own grave.

Sordid, papable walks confine me now… 35 more words



I had the misfortune of meeting the boy who would change the course of my life path forever. To put it simply; he groomed me and raped me. 135 more words


We Did This to Ourselves

The ice that surrounds us will not melt anytime soon. Were trapped in reality but nobody can move. Were all expressionless and nothing can move us/ Nothing in the world can touch us and we are all ignorant of that. 40 more words

Am I Lazy?

Many times people assume that instead of being depressed, they’re just lazy. To someone without depression, both can look similar. This is why a family tends to think a depressed relative is ignoring them or doesn’t want to talk to them. 71 more words


3 ways to stop your leg falling asleep when meditating

You want to start meditating but after five minutes your leg goes numb – it falls asleep, you get pins and needles, you’re suffering from paraesthesia – and you don’t know what to do. 747 more words



I feel as though I am lost. Where am I? I cant just no longer exist.
It feels as though my body is empty. I have no emotion. 279 more words


What is Closure..

I thought letting that person know what they have done to me emotionally would heal my wounds.. In all honesty I have so many mixed emotions to how I really feel at this moment. 371 more words