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Dave East - Numb

Check out Dave East’s ​new heartfelt video ​”​Numb​” where ​he​​ describes how the coldness of the streets & the loss of loved ones has changed him. 6 more words



In painting class, we were assigned to choose one of Picasso’s pieces and replicate it with monochromatic colors. My professor looked at mine and said, “That is definitely one from his Blue Period.” I replied, “Yes, I just feel like this really reflects my life at the moment.” 1,563 more words


you control the way i walk what i...

you control the way i walk. what i eat and drink. the way i talk. the clothes i wear. the things i do. my social interactions. 25 more words

A Beginning

These are the highly stylized and mildly* exaggerated chronicles of these past two years (or so) of my life dealing with cancer and losing the use of my legs** in the process. 326 more words



even though i’m not over you,

i’m over you.



There is this moment, just before dawn, when the stars shine down and watch as the world slowly changes its way into a new morning. There has always been something about that one moment. 202 more words


Dougan stood with the sun to his back and looked down into the village. The ice beneath his feet creaked under his weight as the wind waged with him for standing in its path. 1,295 more words