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The Blah Days

Today is a blah day.

It isn’t that there is anything terribly wrong today.  There are issues looming, yes, but there are always issues of late.   710 more words

Contented Misery

Content with misery is where I am.

At this present moment I am happy to sit with my misery and with my bleak outlook on my life. 378 more words

Borderline Personality Disorder

Happy Birthday Daddy

Today would be my dads 62nd birthday if he was still alive. It’s still hard to believe he is gone and that this is the 2nd birthday that has come since he passed. 849 more words


Emotional and Crazy

You know how some people go through something traumatic and just become emotionally numb? After nearly seven years of hell I wish I could be one of those people. 160 more words

Bones & Ashes

I feel like I cannot feel again

The depth is gone The edge is gone

I’m emotionless and stoic

I’m static and white noise

I donot feel anymore… 127 more words

The Theory - 23/10/16

not sure how to even begin this, but I guess what first comes to mind is the theory in psychology where you’re meant to distract yourself from a certain pain. 848 more words


What is it?

Wondering what is all this
I’m gazing at the stars.
A li’l sad, a li’l curious
I’m here, sitting on the grass.

Why couldn’t life be… 59 more words

Verse. 🍁