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Turning Point

Pain turns to a gentle, harrowing numbness.

I wonder what it means and give up for lack of concentration or desire.

Numb Nut

What is this numb feeling all about? Am I healing or getting worse?

I got some really great news 2 weeks ago and I was happy about it at the time but an hour later I was back to being numb. 381 more words

Uncomfortably numb.

I have been stabbed in the heart, but feel nothing.
You’ve cut open the veins in my arms and turned me inside out, I feel nothing. 59 more words


The wedding and the aftermath 

Monday morning after the wedding, I walked into Bea’s office, and I was rather, well, closed off. I was in shutdown mode. I know I told her about the wedding, but it was done rather woodenly, and I don’t have a lot of recollection of our session. 2,096 more words


" He's dead, Jim."

Grandma died today. I have no words. Yes it was anticipated, yes she is at peace. Doesn’t change the fact that I’m still numb.



It starts slowly. A thought, an idea, a trigger. And then it grows. It feeds off the strength you use to ignore it, gobbling your resolve and belching its omnipotence. 159 more words