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A moment of euphoria...

So today, I’m going to give you the main reason I started this blog, the main thing on my mind lately. Before I tell you what it is exactly, though, I’m going to tell you a little about it, then we’ll see if you can guess it. 461 more words


On Feeling 'Okay'

“How are you?”

“I’m okay, I guess.”


Do you really just want to be okay? Does anyone?

I think feeling ‘okay’ sucks. It’s definitely worse than feeling happy, or elated or delighted or blissful. 469 more words


Dead on the inside

I feel dead on the inside. Numb. Empty. Sad and weary. Wish I could cry. Think a good cry is what I badly need. The tears wont come though think they’re stuck and cant get out.

Guiding light

I’m kneeling on the dirty floor
saying prayers for some guidance
like a straight chip kick shot
to my gut, your words
eviscerate my belief… 33 more words


Do not tell me to ‘get over it’if you’ve never been in my shoes. Do you honestly think that ‘taking a walk’or ‘focusing on the good’ is going to suddenly make everything hurt less? 247 more words


30 Day Challenge: Day Five

“A time you thought about ending your own life.”

Another tough one because it brings back many negative emotions, but I’ll be as honest as possible, like always. 757 more words


Although I can’t remember what I felt that day, I sense it was an important day – a pivotal point in my whole existence, the point where I came unhinged and undone. 531 more words