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Memories that burn like tears

This weekend has been though. Not consistently, but extreme pangs of pain. He went out all night last night for a work party and it hurts to see pictures of his “work family.” I used to be part of that. 509 more words


No More!

I feel like being so selfish
Like dragging a dagger down his chest
I can see love in his eyes
But I love him no more! 116 more words

Hirra Sultan


Waking up in the morning with no purpose

Instead of taking your first breath of morning air, you exhale your first sigh

The day has just begun, but it seems like it will never end… 177 more words

I like to cry in the rain...

I like to cry in the rain.  When the tears and rain drops mingle on my cheeks and no one can hear my sobs over the thunder claps.  243 more words


I stand still, my feet firmly planted. The ground rumbles beneath me. I look to the sky. It’s black. Dark storm clouds are moving in. Quickly now they invade the dark starry night. 452 more words


Puddles and Pilots

Today is my last day at working at Darien Lake Theme Park.

It’s been one heck of a summer.

Here are some pictures and video footage from a photoshoot I did with myself yesterday on site. 65 more words

My Journey


Fighting for us has become such commonplace that my temper now rages for only a short while before simply mellowing out again, as if in acceptance. 254 more words

Mental Illness