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Stream Of Uncharted Monsters: “Numb.” by Trevor James Tillery

sometimes we don’t get a chance to feature certain new music from rising and/or underground artists that we really like on the podcast City Of Monster Bunker… 63 more words

Stream Of Uncharted Monsters

black note

Write a poem to the night

Have to end it

But a voice keeps whispering

Telling to stay alive

For no one but me

No use whatsoever… 13 more words



It is the kind of pain that rots inside.

The kind that clutches your heart intensely.

The ones that makes you cry in anguish.

It is the kind of pain that makes you want to runaway. 8 more words

399. Safe Harbor

Lips are moving…moving fast,

Yet I can not hear a word.

People walking…walking past,

Just outside of myself.

Wake me up…up to you;

To the world in which you dwell. 257 more words


Comfortably Numb

My Cool Dentist: “It’s been about 15 minutes. That shot should have you all numb by now.” (starts drilling)

Me: “Uh… I can feel that.” 110 more words

Healthy Lifestyle

Not Numb

I have been feeling numb

Far more numb than is typical

At least for me

And my twisted brain

I look around and feel nothing… 107 more words

Mental Illnesses

-Are more real than people want to believe-

You are surrounded by those suffering in their own minds. You see scars so deep, you can almost see the tears within them. 100 more words