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I was writing a poem 
about falling into space,
–where the weights of worlds 
pull you in 
so many different directions 
you can no longer feel a thing– 11 more words


Too tired, too numb

I used to wonder why everything feels so wrong whenever I’m with you. I wonder how in pleasant moments, there remains a cave in my being whispering, “something’s wrong”. 184 more words



I’m getting worse.

Sleepless nights, panic attacks & lack of appetite.

I’ve been back to the doctors.

I quit with my therapist – I never liked her and neither did my family. 86 more words


The drunken nights,
My red swollen eyes,
Crying and sobbing,
So I can finally sleep,
So I can finally dream,
The life which cannot be my reality, 210 more words


The Long Thaw

The ice waters down my whiskey as I sit on the patio.

I enjoy the musical clinks they make as I swirl the liquid.

The trickle of cold-fire douses my throat. 87 more words

Creative Writing

Picking Roses

Composed 3/24/15
Description: A common frustration.

Some pluck time like frozen roses
To set that night at the dinner table
Some prized, some poisoned
Admired, analyzed, later addressed… 52 more words