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MIA LJ — Numb

Singer, songwriter, and indie R&B multi-instrumentalist MIA LJ from New York has released ​her new performance video titled “Numb” ahead of her debut album, … 117 more words

Neil Mach

Know the Worth of Your Heart

I’ll give you a hint: I’m the him. My therapist told me to figure out what made my one love special; I’ve been thinking all week and need an answer by tomorrow, so there may be another poem coming from that contemplation, or there may not! 163 more words


Numb to the Feeling

My tolerance is going up
and I’m getting numb to the feeling
I’ve been abusing drugs
and I’m getting numb to the feeling
I need you to show me love…

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April 25, 2018

Today, what to say about today.

I am kind of numb today.  I feel like I am wearing a perpetual frown lately.  And I don’t like that at all.  566 more words


Emotional Control

Hey guys! I wrote this piece intending to read it at a slam poetry competition next Monday! I’ve never written or performed a slam poem, and am actually pretty new to the world of poetry, so if any of you more experienced poets out there could give me some feedback or advice about any part of this, or about performing, I would sure welcome it! 343 more words


1000 mile stare

Her eyes which once sparkled with a glassy blue and denoted the rippling tide of the ocean were now dull, sunken and glazed.

This wasn’t from the battlefield, but from a different type of pain, that she held tightly to her, afraid to release, keeping it close to the numbness in her chest. 162 more words

Hidden Treasure

Hidden Treasure

I wish I could care

About anyone but you.

I know it’s there;

I know its value,

That thing you’ve taken

From deep within me. 108 more words