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Day 7: Clarity

As it hits me my body becomes airborne

My feet become numb

As I glide across the ground

My senses are heightened

I hear the beauty in the night… 42 more words

Project #1

Skin of Nylon

She wears the Perfume to hide the scent of nothingness,

Sliding on nylons of pale nude to cover white skin,

Painting her face with black smoke to hood dull eyes, 78 more words


She is too torpid
to point
out what hurts the most.
Jaserah Syed

Image by @timidesigns_ on Instagram

93 more words


I stayed up that night with the drugs in my hands. One I held on tight because it is this that helps me escape from reality. 157 more words



This week-end was not easy. Saturday I had my dog’s training, I usually look forward to it. It takes place in a forest like park with loads of dogs around and they are just hilarious to be around. 246 more words

Eating Disorder


These are lyrics in my mind, more so than poetry.

I miss having something to miss
I’m a loser
A misfit in ordinary clothes
better call the doctor… 107 more words


Be sad

Who said we have to be happy every day? Sun doesn’t shine every day. Things don’t go well all the time. You get your heart broken, you get hurt. 51 more words