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Comfortably Numb.

Do you feel it?

When you don’t have any emotions, when you don’t feel sad but you don’t feel happy either. When the world is spinning but you don’t feel anything, you feel empty, you feel numb. 452 more words


Walking Dead

And then after a long cry you shut it all out:

The World

You have given up:

On life

You pray to die overnight, but… 78 more words

what if

beaten badly, broken
habit of looking down
as if eyes were always meant to be glued to the ground

shoulders slumped, shivering
chilly, gaping hole… 137 more words



I’m ¬†currently supposed to be doing my job as a salon assistant by placing calls and handling clients, but instead I’m procrastinating and typing this on my boss’s work computer. 181 more words

I Might Be Crazy

Happy Nights

In the morning I’ll slither from
your arms. Leave you and your
beautifully pale skin and loveless
face in a mess of dark red sheets. 785 more words

The Works

I Want To Go

The perk of going to college on an island, besides the breathtaking landscapes of the place, is the necessity of travelling by plane whenever I want or need to go home. 515 more words


I Crave Numbness Like A Drug

I crave numbness like a drug. It scratches at me, somewhere deep in my mind. It whispers to me, a seductive mantra that finds me at my weakest point. 482 more words