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"I'm Fine"

We say this a lot don’t we, when we’ve given up on ourselves and given up on people caring about us. For some people they say fine because they are feeling too deeply to try and suffocate themselves from people not caring enough. 326 more words

Is It True?

I have been in a relatively good mood today. Nothing special happened, I was just at peace.

But right now I’m not doing so well. Right now I feel as though I was hit by a truck carrying huge stone pillars, and I’m lying in the road, unable to move. 385 more words

Borderline Personality Disorder

Always Forever

When love is lost and hope ends

And the tragedy sends volts of pain from your heart to your brain, incapacitating you
That’s when you know your heart is broken. 345 more words


I Have Nothing [Without You]

I sat down to write a blog post a couple of hours ago. It didn’t take long for me to give up and focus my attention elsewhere. 605 more words


2/25/17: Feel?

I have had a busy mind, a busy body, but a sleeping spirit. All of my insides feel like they aren’t there, or maybe they are but they aren’t doing anything except taking up space. 90 more words


Chasm of Nothing

Anger that once ruled us no longer drives our lives
But there’s a world of difference between a roommate and a wife
Grateful for our truce and cessation of unholy war… 360 more words