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Reaction emotions

I haven’t put anything for a little bit (not that many have noticed).  This week has been a little slow so far.  It appears that my emotions are actually starting to form into a predictable pattern.   768 more words

Personal Blog About Depression


I spent my day,

My mind in a daze,

I do have a task,

But I’m too hazy to wear my mask. 99 more words


Some clever title here someday - not today though

Too numb to think. Or feel.

As it is, I might as well paste here the song that has been thundering me lately:

Ed Sheeran – Photograph


I'm fine?

The problem now a day,

People forget to ask you if you’re okay.

They wonder why your smile is fading,

and you wish you were dying. 28 more words


Steps Forward, Steps Backward

I feel like I’m taking one step forward and two steps back.

Driving me insane!

Well, more insane than I already am, but you get my drift. 956 more words



To not feel pain.

To not feel anything.

To be completely numb.

What is that like?

Would it be like a shell of a human being walking around? 154 more words



This whole anonymous blog thing was suppose to do me good. Instead of bottling up emotion, write it down. Get it all out. But I neglected the idea pretty quickly. 196 more words