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Sitting alone on a chair, I stare blankly at my surrounding. Night is fast approaching as the Earth turns away from the sun. 125 more words


Miss You

In recent years I’ve become far more emotionally ‘strong’ and ‘independent’ (by which I actually mean numb and detached) as I’ve learnt to cope with life a bit better.  503 more words

The intensity to which i feel

Is too fucking much.

Somethings got to give.


3 Jabs and Knocked Out..

When life hits you, the chick fucking hits you.

What people don’t understand is that when people use the phrase “life hit me hard” were not meaning it in the sense that it feels as if a huge semi hit us in the back or that it feels like a hammer is pounding on your head because of the stress. 499 more words


Blah, blah, blah...... 

  • He doesn’t know I say “blah, blah, blah” to be cute. I love that Belt character. Life moved on. He doesn’t know I miss him. He doesn’t know I wanted so bad to marry him even if we never lived together.
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Numb to a lot of things –

but never the way

I feel when you whisper my name.


Birth of fire

Surrounding my chest with unmistakable intentions.

Breathing its way through my body and

scarring my flesh.

Fingertips turning blue,

longing for a warmth that the fire cannot provide. 13 more words