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Getting to know me, getting to know all about me.

Well guys. The more I write for this blog, the more I realise it’s just a way in which I’m trying to know myself better. I generally hate such hippy sort of talk but it’s kind of true. 251 more words

Heartbroken Once

Punch me and I will feel nothing
I won’t bruise and I won’t get hurt
Stare all you want, I won’t get burned
I won’t feel ashamed, I won’t care… 66 more words


Dark howl

I am no summer breeze. Neither I am a warm blanket to provide that yearning, surreal warmth.
My own soul is shivering, heart sees cracks here and there, Irrevocable my tears are on this pillow. 28 more words


[VIDEO] Jay-Z Pays Tribute to Chester Bennington During Concert

Yes, I know some of us can’t get over Chester Bennington’s death that happened just a month ago, but his memory is still alive in our hearts and through his music. 58 more words



People say I’m numb,

But what have made me numb?

It was when my heart keeps on hurting,

And the wound keeps on bleeding.

It was when people treat me like a dumb, 76 more words

Depressed people are faking it

Yes, you read the title right.  No, it wasn’t clickbait.  And yes, I mean it.

Depressed people are faking it.  Every.  Fucking.  Day.

I fake it.   649 more words