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I feel so numb lately. I think it ironic to say you “feel” numb. I just don’t feel anything. I don’t care. I don’t feel happy or sad. 552 more words



it’s amazing how easily I can go numb now. I used to start crying and couldn’t stop for like 30 minutes. Now I even sense the hint of feeling and I shut down and go completely numb. I kinda like it


Define me.

I find myself trying too hard to find myself.

The very definition of who I am, who I have chosen to be, who I have tried so hard to design myself to be is defined by society. 187 more words


Somewhere to Start...

I am not sure that I understand my brain so well anymore. Some days it tells me one thing and the very next it rewrites itself as if nothing else ever existed. 630 more words



There are calm people, and then there are numb people. One of them is my favourite kind, and the other I hate with a passion. Passion. 407 more words



Thank you because
you’re the reason why
I lost my ability to love
and what a liberating feeling it is.


An open door

What is love?

Is it sacrificing your dreams, giving up your friends, just to be next to “the one”? Does it mean always prioritising “the one” over everything else? 261 more words