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Numb by Rihanna

Here’s something to bump while that December chill sets in..


Nature’s Appalling Path

I probably cheated death.
I swear I was supposed to die that afternoon.
I mean, it’s not like the strike was just a minor strike. 167 more words



Vaguely I hear it
Menacing and loud,
The storm raging on
Powerful and proud.
I see the movement
Lips make as they sing,
Soothing melodies push… 75 more words


Blank and numb

My mind has gone back to that stage again. I can’t think properly, or focus. I am completely numb. I am confused and lost.

My psychiatrist has said that my depression is back, and I don’t disagree. 219 more words

Mental Health


My heart in numb,
I’m not sure how I got here,
both my knees on the ground, right here, right now,
I don’t remember how pain feels like, 253 more words


Learning To Love Me Again

Right now, I don’t love myself completely. I hate myself actually. I am not happy with who I am anymore. I used to be completely happy with myself, but as life moves on, the person who I am right now is numb. 157 more words


Numb Yet

I don t feel like crying but it feels like I need to cry. I feel nervous, scared, and nauseous. I haven t cut since high school but I keep thinking about it cuz wouldn t it feel better than this, no I know better and won t. 42 more words