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like death's last breath

I am so numb, I am so numb the pain is no longer pain but just an empty place where my veins flow and my heart pumps to keep me alive to feel this emptiness. 21 more words


Anniversary I'd rather forget

I always hate today. Even if I’m doing something fun I can’t get away from the fact that December 2nd is the anniversary of what should have been. 426 more words

Lyrics Written to Numb/Encore Collab

Can’t bury these thoughts no matter how I try

Reaching for the sky, but hear the mental cry

Sensing clearing of the blurred vision

Feeding off the anger from within, use this as provision… 103 more words

Faded Jeans

faded jeans
have you ever wanted
a pair of authentic faded jeans?

but how many times
does denim have to hug your body
before they look like home? 118 more words



Her finger traced the line of the windowpane as she abstractly gazed out at the street. The golden rays of a noon sun forced their way through the grimy glass, attempting to dispel the shadows in the barely furnished room. 1,690 more words


Numb Without You

I’m about 5 lines in,
the room is spinning.
Yet.. somehow I feel still.

I’m in a room of strangers
and my heart searches for you.

67 more words


I’m not in any room that my body occupies. I no longer feel like I’m apart of this world around me. People come and go like the seasons and I could care less. 905 more words