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I cannot sleep for the past few weeks.

I have this immense hate for myself.

I hate me, I hate me, I hate me.

I fucking hate me, my inner voice says. 145 more words

Mental Illness


You’re not diagnosed with any debilitating illness. In fact, the last blood work you had showed you are most certainly in good health. Your doctor was pleased that you managed to keep the cholesterol level down because you stayed away from fried food and other lip-smacking but cholesterol-laden dishes. 349 more words


“ A Mind Above ” ~ inhuman anguish ~

Wouldst thou allow

A man succumb,

To inhuman anguish

And suffer numb,

In state diminished

Fellowman forsaken,

Yet detectable signs

Of viable resolve,

Remain ignored… 24 more words

My Poetry


So I’ll just keep writing all of these numb words, and they’ll just keep running circles in my brain


Even in the most reverent sky,
Grows wrathful clouds
That cause our hearts to numb,
And our souls to cripple.

Fear not, Love.

For behind those engraved shadows, 24 more words


To feel..

There are occasions in life , when sitting and standing are simple necessities. Because it’s your soul which packs it’s bag and occupies a place beside you to FEEL. 92 more words

I'm OK (Feeling Numb)

I can’t describe what I’m feeling.

I’m not happy, and know that,

but I’m not exactly sad either.

I’m just caught right in the middle… 341 more words