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It Was 4th of July Weekend!

This weekend was beautiful because it was 4th of July weekend!

Because of the holiday weekend, I got behind on my blogs, so I’ll run through all of the days that I missed. 404 more words

Everything is Related - Dr. Who

Relating the things that DC loves to anything else just helps to make it more enjoyable for him. DC loves to travel, but if we are not traveling to Disney World I usually rack my brain to come up with something to make the trip more interesting and exciting for him. 1,063 more words


The ultimate guide to how people perceive computer engineers

I have a lot of things I find annoying and that irk me to no end. Guess what? I thought it was time to share one of them. 752 more words


I'm watching everything

So, CSI:Cyber has premiered.

Is it terrible? Of course it is.

Do I watch it? Of course I do.


I remain fond of Numb3rs… 430 more words


Oh gum...why do I hate thee?

Let me count the ways…….

1. ewwwwwww

2. Okay I’ll be more specific. ewwwwww…..gross

3. I don’t want to watch cows. I want to look at humans. 135 more words


Numb3rs' approach

I was watching Numb3rs yesterday, when I heard this:

If you don’t like the answer, ask a different question.

Scarver's Faith

A personal review of the TV series "Numb3rs"

As an Eastern European, i’m intoxicated with TV series like NCIS, CSI,Hawaii Five-O and so on, but when it comes to “Numb3rs” i feel like i have to share my reasons for NOT liking it with you: 253 more words