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Thoughts On Spending Your Life

I do not want to spend my life being entertained by TV instead of actively bring imagination to life.

I am concerned that we are being encouraged to become lazy – that more people invest too much of their happiness on external things – on being in on a cool show or hobby to make them happy because of the attention they get from others to be exact. 635 more words


50/50 In The Stock Market?

Burton G. Malkiel, a professor at Princeton University wrote a book called A Random Walk Down Wall Street. Professor Malkiel did a study involving his students where he made an imaginary stock worth $50. 430 more words


Products Numb3Rs Numbers Cast Short Sleeve Mens Shirt

The mens charcoal brown suit with a grey pin stripe is the height of fashion and a keeper for a well rounded wardrobe. Mini check pattern, mid brown color suit gives different outlook with lined pant and pleats. 362 more words

It Was 4th of July Weekend!

This weekend was beautiful because it was 4th of July weekend!

Because of the holiday weekend, I got behind on my blogs, so I’ll run through all of the days that I missed. 404 more words

Everything is Related - Dr. Who

Relating the things that DC loves to anything else just helps to make it more enjoyable for him. DC loves to travel, but if we are not traveling to Disney World I usually rack my brain to come up with something to make the trip more interesting and exciting for him. 1,064 more words


The ultimate guide to how people perceive computer engineers

I have a lot of things I find annoying and that irk me to no end. Guess what? I thought it was time to share one of them. 752 more words


I'm watching everything

So, CSI:Cyber has premiered.

Is it terrible? Of course it is.

Do I watch it? Of course I do.


I remain fond of Numb3rs… 430 more words