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God’s Chosen What? #2


One has to understand the structure of Jewish scriptures in order to fully comprehend them. Last time we found a passage within the Zohar where it clearly states that Jews were not “chosen” – quite the opposite – God supposedly wanted every other possible nation to receive his “Torah” and once nobody gave a damn about it : He finally came to the Jews. 1,473 more words

The Jewish Problem

Why "Number 2" is more important than it seems

I recently re-watched RMC’s Short Film “Number 2”, and as much as I still see the same issues I had when I first watched it, my adulation to its value in our Filmmaking industry in Lesotho increases every time I see it. 428 more words


We've Been Cleaning Our Butt Wrong

We’ve Been Cleaning Our Butt Wrong

It appeara that we as a society have come a long long way. Interestingly enough, there is one thing out of the many that we lost sight of and it is how we do number 2 and how we clean it. 298 more words

Edmund Dageneral

My Life Is My Own: An Overview Of The Prisoner

“I will not be pushed, filed, stamped, indexed, briefed, debriefed or numbered.”

A minor plague swept through Castle Blogferatu this week. Because of that, and as part of my own little effort to boycott all things inaugural, I spent all of this past Friday and part of Saturday swilling tea (occasionally in toddy form) and watching all seventeen episodes of… 629 more words

Potty Training: Phase 2

My son Xavier is daytime and #1 potty trained. I’ve highlighted my process with this in My 5 Steps for Potty Training Progress. We had some progress with those steps, but he didn’t really get it down until he stayed with my mother for a week over the summer. 959 more words


White Freemasons : Useful idiots # 2


Well, some of you may claim this to be a good add-on to the already existing “Good goyim” series, but the difference between the nature of these two types of articles is that in the Good Goyim articles we analyze Freemasonic social media, whereas in the “Useful idiots” we entirely devote ourselves to analyzing their books, articles and self-published material. 7,124 more words

The Jewish Problem