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Blue Balls

From the inflatable Cars, Inc. ball pit we got for Christmas last year. In the freezer.

Wtf? Really??

Episode 223: All Aboard for A Number 2!!!

I am all for new ideas, especially ones that put recycling to good use. We are all used to seeing new things made up of recycled materials, and it is a wonderful way forward. 243 more words


Song of the day: 4 March 2015

In 1974, Ron Mael wrote the song This Town Ain’t Big Enough For Both Of Us for his band the Sparks. The song, lead single of their new album Kimono My House, would be a number 2 hit in the UK. 40 more words

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Song of the day: 30 January 2015

Some singles become hits while the band doesn’t want the song to be released. This single is part of a concept album, Ogdens’ Nut Gone Flake, and was released in 1968, preceding the album. 65 more words

Song Of The Day

Saturday Morning Adventures

I had the kids to myself Saturday.  Ava laying on her back on the floor of the living room with her feet on daddy’s chair, reading.   18 more words

Number 4

Song of the day: 24 January 2015

You can guess it already: it’s Saturday, so we’re going to dance with a nice disco hit! This song was made by a French group named Ottawan, and it was recorded and released in 1979. 52 more words

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Song of the day: 21 January 2015

In 1974, Queen was not yet famous. They would have their first hit with this song, which was number 2 in the UK and number 12 in the US. 85 more words

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