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High Priestess & Number 2

High Priestess

– Persephone/ pomegranate, Isis, Artemis, Corn Maiden, feminine side balanced with male – Popess/ Holy Mother, Virgin Mother, Virgin Mary, Swiss deck Junon/ Juno Roman Queen of Gods, Luna… 527 more words

Tarot Cards

Today has been brought to you by the number 2

Cee’s Black & White Photo Challenge: 2 different things or the number 2

I liked the randomness off this challenge so I decided to treat it that way and find random things within my office space that related to the number 2. 7 more words


Number 2 Personality

number 2 Personality

A very big potential in love, light, compassion, power,empathy, creativity,calm, silent-knower, calm, just, intuitively aware, social, peace-maker.he number 2 signifies duality – positive/negative. 377 more words

Numerology, Dream Interpretation.

Author Interview: Earth To Centauri's Kumar L.

I, as a reader, rarely find an Indian author opting for sci-fi. There might be a few but the genre doesn’t click with the authors because they presume it won’t be a Bestseller. 754 more words

Book Reviews

#birthstory Number 2

I decided #birthstory can be so long I made one for each of my daughters. Hopefully it males it a better read. Both my girls are unique and special, so is their #birthstory… 635 more words

Sad things about my second pregnancy

The shock of hitting the halfway mark of this pregnancy has turned out to be bitter-sweet. Whilst I am another week closer to meeting my little man, I can’t help but feel a little disappointed. 282 more words