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The Ivory Tower Vol. 1 No. 2 "The Incipit"

Hello readers! Yesterday did not see the actual beginning of this project, yet there is never a better day to begin than today. As promised in the introduction, this will be the first of two daily installments where I shall set some goals for the day. 229 more words

The Ivory Tower

Another test blog. YAY!

Hey look I made another one, this time by clicking the add new blog button on the upper right of my screen. Sweet!

Number 2

Song of the day: 3 May 2015

In 1982, Toto released Toto IV, and the opening track was also released as single. The text was based on the many girls David Paich had known. 60 more words

Song Of The Day

Fun Fact #2

I keep all my cinema tickets. Ever since I was a kid. They’re in date order with the oldest ticket date at the back and the newest at the front. 46 more words

Fun Facts

Blue Balls

From the inflatable Cars, Inc. ball pit we got for Christmas last year. In the freezer.

Wtf? Really??

Episode 223: All Aboard for A Number 2!!!

I am all for new ideas, especially ones that put recycling to good use. We are all used to seeing new things made up of recycled materials, and it is a wonderful way forward. 243 more words


Song of the day: 4 March 2015

In 1974, Ron Mael wrote the song This Town Ain’t Big Enough For Both Of Us for his band the Sparks. The song, lead single of their new album Kimono My House, would be a number 2 hit in the UK. 40 more words

Song Of The Day