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Dating Tip: Number 2

The 2nd Dating Tip: Communication with others

Find people that you trust and share the fun, surprisingĀ and sometimes hard moments with them. I’m not encouraging you to gossip about that boy or girl, hold up. 77 more words


FlinterFile: Bruce Springsteen- Streets Of Philadelphia

The movie Philadelphia, about a man dying of AIDS, was released in 1993. 129 more words


Nature Calls

I like to compare stress to pooping.

Not exactly the most beautiful or inspiring metaphor but there are no other metaphors that parallels the relief of stress like going to the bathroom after a 6-hour road trip. 153 more words

So Blue Jays Manager John Gibbons IS Austin Powers Villain No. 2 Right??

So with the Toronto Blue Jays in town, naturally NESN kept showing the Blow Jays manager John Gibbons on TV and I couldn’t quite put my finger on it. 59 more words


Clinique Clarifying Lotion Ingredient Breakdown

Hello all!

Back at it again with another Clinique post. Sorry! I can really get behind this brand but not just that, it’s because of this brand and through this brand that I’m learning so much. 1,234 more words


The Prisoner: Other Media - The Prisoner's Dilemma

Several years ago, when I did my series about Patrick McGoohan’s landmark TV series, The Prisoner, I wrote about attempts to portray Number 6 in… 1,253 more words