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The Pervasive Power of Poop

Poop, by the strictest definition, is the waste product left over from the digestion of a food source. Call it what you will — scat, number 2, muck, feces, manure, etc. 332 more words


O: Month 1

Our O-baby has made it to month one surviving in the Henry household! I might be jumping the gun just slightly here, but I keep wondering what he will look like when he’s all grown up. 301 more words



The Christian Church has made a mockery of God’s encouragement to all humans: “Go ye forth and multiply” (Genesis 9:7). 1,399 more words

Columns: Playing Solitaire With The Hermit Of The People

Islamic State says its number 2 was killed in Aleppo

The Islamic State group’s second in command, Syrian-born Abu Muhammad al-Adnani, was killed while monitoring military operations in the Syrian province of Aleppo, the group announced Tuesday. 645 more words

Daily News

Business - Doing Business in the Bathroom

In recent times people have been talking about bathrooms in public places. People with specific equipment belong in specific bathrooms or people with different thoughts of self belong in specific bathrooms. 322 more words