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Our Next Cutie...

We all three had a feeling about this one… and we’re excited to add a baby man to our family! Although having a boy and a girl makes me feel a little crazy thinking about how much STUFF we’ll collect over the course of history, with girl toys AND boy toys, girl clothes AND boy clothes, girl decor AND boy decor… it sure will be fun to experience both. 21 more words


Sewage of the Pioneer Valley

Often thought of as the Number 2 issue in urban planning, where we put human waste is usually a subject that most people don’t want to think about. 595 more words


Mike Posner

Mike Posner was pretty massive when I was younger because of his song Cooler than me. It was a pretty generic pop song but managed to become one of the biggest songs of the summer at the time. 312 more words

FlinterFile: Roger Whittaker- The Last Farewell

In 1971, Roger Whittaker released his only big US hit. The song was written by Ron Webster, who was an amateur folk singer. He wrote the lyrics when he was on a bus, driving through the pooring rain, and he wished he was somewhere warm. 74 more words


FlinterFile: Glenn Frey- You Belong To The City

In 1985, Glenn Frey released a song that would be used in Miami Vice. The song was about a city, and how you can be very lonely in a crowded city. 79 more words