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694 and Level 6

694 is the 22nd centered triangular number because it is the sum of these consecutive triangular numbers 210, 231, 253.

Notice that 21(22… 91 more words


Ed Sheeran Talks Tattoos, Taylor Swift, and Drinking Tequila with the Royal Family

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British singer-songwriter Ed Sheeran considers his tour-mate Taylor Swift to be one his closest friends in America. 789 more words

Divisibility Tricks Applied to 693

Some quick divisibility tricks applied to the number 693:

  1. Every counting number is divisible by 1
  2. 693 is not even so it isn’t divisible by 2…
  3. 207 more words

On your nth birthday, you turn n - 1 years old.

As a teacher, I have had variants of this conversation many times. The specific details, however, are fictional, for this changes, somewhat, each time it happens. 198 more words


Turn you brain into black hole

here it goes, here it comes! Today I want to write about Graham’s number which is very interesting number and highest number which has some usage in mathematics. 485 more words


692 Happy Thanksgiving!

Because 173 is one of its factors, 692 is the hypotenuse of Pythagorean triple 208-660-692. What is the greatest common factor of those three numbers? 137 more words


691 and Level 3

691 is the sum of the thirteen prime numbers from 29 to 79.

691 is equivalent to palindrome 171 in BASE 23. Note that 1(529) + 7(23) + 1(1) = 691. 202 more words

Multiplication Table