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Eight: Easthampton

Sarah Jenkins (velvet_Hadrian), 2017

958 and Level 6

This puzzle is a multiplication table. You don’t have to be fast to solve it, but you do have to think. There is only one solution. 95 more words


Is There Another 'You' Out There In A Parallel Universe?

(Source: www.forbes.com)

One of the most exciting and enticing topics to speculate about is the idea that our reality — our Universe the way it is and the way we experience it — might not be the only version of events out there. 2,036 more words

Money Matters

957 Mystery Pentagon Puzzle

Pentagons have been on my mind this week so here is another puzzle with a pentagon in it. This time the pentagon is small. How difficult is this Mystery Level puzzle?  120 more words


The Perils of Loud Music

Only mobile phones are not the only devices that must share blame for exposing our ears to potentially loud noises.

But as the convergence of technology brings more and more of our gadgets together, a growing number of people are using their mobile phones to store and play their favorite music.

Relax, Everyone: International Students Aren't Fleeing The U.S.

(Source: www.forbes.com)

The headlines say it all: International students are abandoning the United States because they have been scared away by President Donald Trump’s anti-immigration rhetoric. 803 more words

Money Matters