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Manna, Meat, and Money  (An appeal for a less self-indulged and more Christ-centered Christianity) Part 1 of 5ish

I don’t want to come across as a self-appointed spokesman for the Church or be mean spirited in my assessment of what I observe in our Christian family. 1,876 more words


Day 20: He Is Able

“Is there a limit to My power?’

Let’s face it, if God were to ask me this question, I would quickly respond, “NO!”. Yet how often I have lived, and prayed, as if His power had limits.

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The Strange Appeal of Cucumbers and Garlic

Henry Blackaby, a man I have never met, has had a profound effect upon my Christian spirituality. Today as I listened to his talk from unit 8 of his course, “Experiencing God – Knowing and doing the will of God” (download available here… 629 more words


Gems from Numbers 11: Prophesying without Permission!

Moses was stressed out with the load of leading a million whining ex-slaves. So, God has asked Moses to share the load. Specifically, He wanted Moses to share His Spirit with 70 hand-picked leaders. 529 more words


Burned Out

That was the last straw. Six hundred thousand able-bodied men bawling about their rations like self-centered children. First they grumbled they didn’t have enough to eat. 457 more words


Shabbat 6.7.2014, Beha'alotcha The sin of complaining.

This week’s Torah message focused on the sin of complaining as exampled in Numbers 11.  Most all sins come back to a root of distrust of God and His care for us.  80 more words

Shabbat Message

Into a Good Land

This has been a rough road lately! I’ve watched more fantasies crumple, and found myself both grasping for the shreds of truth they were built on and wanting to throw them all out the window in anger, frustration, and despair. 719 more words

My Walk