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You are Not your Number

I am not a number person.  If fact, it’s embarrassing how often I have to use a calculator.  I cannot remember statistics. But I am obsessed with them.  447 more words

Commentary on Numbers 11:1-3

Notes (NET Translation)

This short section of three verses contains all of the essential elements of all the subsequent narratives describing Israel’s complaints: complaint (11:4–5; 12:1–2; 14:1–4; 17:6–7; 20:3–5; 21:5), divine punishment (11:33; 12:9–10; 14:20–37; 16:32; 17:11; 21:7), and immortalizing the incident by giving a name to the site (11:34; 20:13; 21:3; Exod.

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Humanized Cast of Numberblocks (2017)

A short time ago, I reviewed Numberblocks, the new CBeebies show starring the number pals of the Alphablocks, who make their own kind of magic by jumping on top of each other to make new, bigger numbers. 359 more words

Creative Work

Even the Levites camped some distance away from the tabernacle

02.19.2017 – Old Testament: Num 2.1–2

To read the Bible in a year, read Numbers 1–2 on February 19, In the year of our Lord 2017… 181 more words

Email Devotionals

Numbers #9

“Can you depict God’s covenant with Noah? If you can, I’d like the scene from Genesis 6-9.”
“Genesis 6-9 with animals boarding the Ark?”
“Well, the Ark with the animals inside and the flood outside.” 91 more words


Forget the Numbers

Since when did we allow “healthy” to translate to “skinny”? When did we lose focus of true well-being and trade it for wanting a smaller waist size? 561 more words