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there is age, even when you don’t
count with your fingers or your
toes, i know you see through me
much like a child learning his… 81 more words


A Numbers Game

Here I am once again

Surrounded  by these unfriendly foes

Put to shame by their multitudes

Engulfed within their highs and lows

Grasping for some balance… 121 more words

from one wilderness to another

“In the second year after Israel’s departure from Egypt —on the twentieth day of the second month — the cloud lifted from the Tabernacle of the Covenant. 1,010 more words



For simplicity’s sake, numbers in a range should be separated with a hyphen, not an en-dash.

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When preceded by a number, always use the symbol %. When not preceded by a number, spell out (note that it’s one word): percent. Ranges of percentages should include % after both numbers: 50%-60%. 16 more words

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plurals and numbers

These should be treated the same way as singular numbers (i.e. by spelling out one through nine and using numerals for 10 and greater). For plural numbers that are spelled out, simply add the plural suffix (e.g. 12 more words

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