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I crave numbness; no longer you.

I’m never prepared for the times when I slip and when I let my mind wander too far back and my heart always skips when I remember your face and the taste of your skin did you even want me the way that you say or was it all just a dream or maybe it was really a game cause I know you like to play but it’s all just the same cause you had me at “babe” and sealed the deal with a kiss and then you were mine and nothing would ever or could ever make me feel so alive but alone at the same time cause now I can’t help but think of that night and how everything was right and your skin on my skin then remember the fight and you have a way with words boy they made my muscles too tight and it was cold and I shivered and cried through the night and now I can’t ever believe in love at first sight or any sight at all, because that night, that night, that night…


The Empty Struggle

Pain is such a constant friend numbness sets in; apathy. Reaching out, the hand comes back fast for the slap of indifference. Even those of close association turn their eyes away for the inability to see the pain that inspires the song. 154 more words

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I’ve been so disinterested in everything. I think it’s the meds. I’m either numb or anxious worry too much. I know it’s affecting my job and I hate it. 34 more words

The Numbness And The Intensity

Despite my suspicions concerning its effectiveness, I refilled my prescription for Lexapro today, which meant a trip to the local pharmacy I use. As I walked in, I could hear a television broadcasting some kind of sporting event. 559 more words

My Silent Struggle & Why Heels Aren't an Option

It is hard when you know deep down there is something wrong, but don’t have a definitive answer as to what it is. When you have always had trouble running, tripping over often and difficulty wearing gorgeous heels. 592 more words


Had a Little scare

Hey there,

Well, I have been awol for a while. Unfortunately work needed me to cover another teaching assistant, so typically my life then has to go on hold. 380 more words