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One Day at a Time

Taking it one day at a time, for sure! Yesterday, I cleaned the house-swept and vacuumed the floors as well as the couch, did laundry, and then later in the evening I rushed to our ladies meeting concerning food to make for future needs. 253 more words

A Good Fight

Losing Humanity, Christianity, and Connection in Pursuit of Pain Mitigation

I recently went to the dentist for a deep cleaning appointment which wasn’t fun at all. As soon as I was checked in, a dental hygienist came and took me into another section of the building where I was faced with the reality of being at the dentist. 920 more words

Reflections on death aftermath

My grandmother just passed away not long ago.

I was dreading the impact of her death and imagined I will be devastated when it will eventually happen. 141 more words


The darkness is here
I felt it coming
I asked for help
But I wasn’t heard
The darkness is here
It hurts
It’s here and now I accept it… 159 more words

Brain lesion number one

This is not the first time I’ve considered brain surgery. In fact, it’s not the first time this year!

The first lesion in my brain was discovered in February when I returned to Queensland and my new medical oncologist sent me for a CT scan of my head, chest and abdomen as part of a screening process for a clinical trial. 1,389 more words

Breast Cancer

July 30, 2017

Today I’m numb.

It’s not a bad day, really. It’s not a good day either. Honestly, I’m not upset that the horse show was canceled. I’m not disappointed or happy or relieved. 64 more words

Beyond the Pain

Wednesday: I started the new anti-depressant (Zoloft)1 whole pill instead of half, as directed. Side effect: made me feel sick. Nausea and headache, but hopefully it’s temperary. 327 more words