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Nerve Spasms and Numbness in the Night

I can’t sleep.

I woke up at 4:15 am with nerve spasms in my left foot. Even with the Gabapentin, I’m still feeling the nerve spasms so that’s not a good thing, but the pain is somewhat bearable, but it did wake me up. 99 more words



Would you describe the physical pain today, please?

energy tension tensile alive
the moment just before
a hot summer storm breaks
statically charged
nape of the neck hair raising sensation… 188 more words

losing your feelings

(на русском после фото)

I’ve just realized that during this years I’ve lost my capability to feel something, anything. I don’t miss. I don’t feel happy, or excited, or thrilled. 184 more words

Numb inside.

I’m numb inside. Even cutting myself isn’t making an inroad into how shit I feel. I can’t shake away this feeling and I just want if over and done. I want eternal numbness.



To and fro,
The pendulum
controls my iris.
Wearing out to the shades
of life and memories.
Emotions erode,
Numbness takes over.
Inside my head rings,
32 more words


The Levee has Broken

Do I allow myself to cry or

Am I slave to my tears?

I remember it’s been

So many long years

Since I was numb. 73 more words


On the Road to Synthesis, Synthesizing (Day 1/7)

These days, there seem to be countless ways in which to be busy doing nothing. Whether it’s Facebook, Netflix, or YouTube videos of carpool karaoke (a.k.a. 689 more words