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Background 'migrainous' activity - 26th Feb

My day was dominated by what I have had labelled as background ‘migrainous’ activity. Which for me is mainly the numb sensation around my left eye at best but at worst ramps up to make the whole of the left side of my face numb, my eye socket painful and then my vision starts to be effected by the pain around my left eye. 138 more words


migraine pre-cursors versus aftermath

So I’m still feeling rough today and it set me wondering what is really going on? My head feels like it is being gently squeezed in a vice (perhaps I should say a clamp, I don’t know how well a vice translates?) and the left side of my face is feeling that numb sensation that starts around my eye and extends around the socket and down over my cheek. 183 more words


Thought of the Day.

Each time it seems to get harder to let people in. As if my ability to trust, to care, to miss just shut down. It sometimes scares me how numb and detached I feel from others. 22 more words


Why Don't You Go Cry About It?

Perhaps it’s just me, but, whenever I feel terrible, I end up doing things that adds a little bit to my misery. As a teenager, I used to listen to sad music about people treating each other terribly. 436 more words


To surrender

I’ve surrendered
To a numbness
Commonly known as
The decadence of decay.


Your Mere Existence....

In rage and disgust at your existence. Loathe could be your adjective, but even that’s too good of comparison. Your inhaling of oxygen takes from the air I consume, and I feel 139 more words

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Depression: The Numbing Kind

You know one of the worst parts about depression? The different kinds of depression. I’m not talking medically, I’m talking about the different levels of depression an individual experiences. 519 more words

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