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In the darkness

My head is spinning,
My sight is dimming as
my hearing is sharpening,
Until sound is deafing.

I am sinking.

Yet no one notices;
i should be concentrating, 111 more words


Sober = Can't switch things off!!

For decades I have been able to drink myself numb each night and slow down the thoughts that race around in my head. I am an over thinker and my mind totally blows things out of proportion and my feelings are so sensitive it’s crazy. 160 more words

Giving Up Boozing

I was a child, why did you not protect me?

How is it possible to remember something that happened when you were young but you can’t for the life of you remember it all???? My parents used to go away a lot on business trips which was something I hated but they have always been very hard working and these trips were necessary. 411 more words



I would only be living an enormous lie

if I said this didn’t confirm my plans to die.

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Don't just say it, Do it!

Today I am at Day 278 of being sober! It’s kind of funny that when I first got sober, I kept track of my sobriety by the months. 329 more words


Today sucked big time

Today sucked big time and has left me ready to cry and just feeling broken and alone. I found out this afternoon that a person from my past has taken her life. 347 more words

Giving Up Boozing

Fell off the crazy train

Well I have no way to put this other than I fucked up, three years sober and I fell off the sober train and straight back into the bottle. 185 more words

Going Sober