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The Mind of a Monkey

In three days I go to the Hospital for my decompression surgery. You never think that You will need brain surgery. We tend to take for granted our functioning bodies. 354 more words


The Start of The Story.

Dear Reader, this is where The Story starts. It’s not the beginning and it’s certainly not the end, but every story needs to start somewhere and here is where. 506 more words


In a hall of respite

Something eddies the common routes
Of volatile thoughts.
Is light as dandelions puff
And it carries me slowly
Ahead on another intricate highway.

Beyond my spongy comprehension, 85 more words


My crazy has a name.

Recently, I have been dealing with some vicious headaches. There were many doctor visits where they must have
thought that I was crazy. I told them that it felt like my head was being jammed onto my neck. 260 more words


Chapter 3 - The Drowning

The blistering cold, the haunting snow, the hollow sky, I was left blind in the wilderness of my deteriorating sense, my wonder of, from where do I start? 2,006 more words


I don't know how I'm feeling. Seriously. I don't.

I hate these kind of days… moments… whatever. I really do.

And of course you don’t know what I’m talking about. Let me enlighten you, then. 431 more words


My Poison

I don’t have humorous takes on anything today. God knows there are plenty of crazy things to comment on, but I’ll leave Ben Carson for another day. 413 more words