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Ingin Budi menangis. Menjerit hingga langit teriris. Tak pernah ia merasa sangat tak berdaya seperti ini. Badan bergetar, pikiran tiada berputar. Semesta berada di kepala Budi. 204 more words


Provocation, Happiness, and Numbness

In a normal relationship, closeness and reconciliation happens by being open about our hurts and flaws.  Not so with an emotional abuser.  The openness itself is a weakness in the abuser’s eyes.   356 more words

Abusive Patterns

A Quote I Love

Life has a way of healing the wound, even if you choose to keep it raw and seeping. – Bourne & Tributary. 

This quote was from a book I read called “Bourne and Tributary” by Lisa T. 170 more words

Digging to the pits of hopelessness and numbness 

Sleeping 10+ hours everyday

A silent despair and bleakness

Tears almost falling in rain

The dreams are vivid so there is a glance away from the void… 36 more words


I don’t feel
but I remember what it’s like
and I don’t know but
I can remember what it’s like—
felt this way for a long time… 61 more words



So I have been MIA yet again due to illness which has been going on for 3 months plus. I have always been very tired and drained but never to this extent. 211 more words


There’s this mysterious placidity,
After the storm has finally passed,
But the air still smells of you,
Like of your well-being I’ll be always asked, 92 more words