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I have a distaste for a lot. This may be a current event, maybe it’ll pass. Maybe I get it from my father and his father and so on. 242 more words


PTSD and Your Feet

I had PTSD for many years, but no clue what it really meant and how it affected my life. Those were pre-internet years in my 20’s when I was burned-out and too exhausted to care. 538 more words


Escaping reality and numbing yourself

Yesterday I was in one park, alone. Sometimes I do this. I go alone. This is a huge park. While I was there, I was observing people. 308 more words

Uncomfortably Numb

Why do we do destructive things to get numb?? Whyyyyyyy?? It’s very obvious to me now… thank goodness. It’s because it prevents us from confronting our real issues head on. 814 more words


When I write, it is usually an attempt to cleanse my soul in some far-fetched way. I take up a pencil—pen is much too permanent for my taste and I’ve never had that comfort—and then I put it to the lined paper of my journal, the one that I have slowly been trying to fill out since my years in high school. 149 more words


Day 97/365: Suppression

Over the moon would be the appropriate emotion to be feeling right now. But for some reason I cannot summon it. The project that I have been talking about in blog posts is about to be launched. 483 more words