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This always fucking happens. You meet a boy, start talking gradually. Eventually, you grow feelings for him (typical). He puts that same smile on your face every morning when you wake up and every night before you lay your head down to fall asleep. 183 more words


A Mildly Maddening Imprisonment

My eyes feel old and pressed-upon,
cracked, dried, and burned,
like old, tan, dusty leather,
rusted-over roses,
bleeding the dried, motionless blood
of a garden in winter. 63 more words


Healing Sexual Numbness III

Healing Sexual Numbness I

Healing Sexual Numbness II

So what is hiding there between her legs, in those soft pink tissues that when stimulated and become engorged look like flowers, all different from one another, blooming to the whispers of the skillful gardener? 838 more words

I Feel Like I Am on Pins and Needles...

November 6th. 19 days after I had completed a black belt test; the test where I had earned my conditional first degree black belt.

November 6th. 480 more words

Karate Stuff

Depression and Numbness

What is it and how do we solve it? How do you get into depression and, more importantly, how do you get out of it? Well, before I show you solutions, you need to know that getting out of depression requires a lot of willpower and dedication. 579 more words

Daily Wisdom

She Wants...?

The truth is that I still have no words. With¬†everything going on in my world and in the world, I feel pulled into so many different feeling directions that I don’t have the strength to touch any of them. 136 more words



Morning. Not having a very good day I’m afraid. Feelings of sadness and loneliness have washed over me so far today.

24 years ago I lost my father when I was 18 years of age, and 5 years ago, during a very bad spell for me, I lost my mother. 236 more words

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