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Feel free to like yourself

I feel like it‘s okay to not find calmness for a bit.  It means that your soul is still searching for something, that it is still alive and hungry for new things, and that is far better than numbness and isolation. 136 more words


Unfulfilled Dreams (Sonnet)

Cheering on the night, I am,
That fulfil its journey will
And I be tormented less
By memories that seem to kill.

Days don’t greet well either… 62 more words


Does TMJ Cause Numbness?

TMJ is short for the temporomandibular joint, a disorder that affects the joints that connects the jaw to the skull. This disorder has many telling symptoms, including pain and discomfort in several areas. 176 more words

To move on..

I remember the day i told my mother that i’m heartless.Straight forward i admitted that i have an icy heart and i find it almost impossible to get attached to people.This didn’t come as a complete shock  but i knew it was uncomfortable for her to realize the gravity of the situation.The coldness in my voice when i delivered that sentence was proof that i was very serious in accepting that conclusion.I had to do it.Why hide or pretend i’m someone that i’m not? 493 more words


I was going to post a cover reveal for A Theft of Magic this week and announce the release date and pre-orders, but my grandfather died on Wednesday and I have spent the last several days existing in a sort of numb haze and not getting much work done. 385 more words


Chemo Sesh 3, Day 2, Wed, Aug 17, 2016

Hooray for Steroid Week!

Yesterday was chemo day with Taxol and Carboplatin and Steroids, the first day of Session 3.  I am just past the halfway point with 2 more chemos in this session and 3 more in Session 4.  341 more words