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I'll be the first to admit it.

I’m lost.

I have no idea how to navigate this life of mine.

I look at my college self and look at my current self, and they are two completely different people. 493 more words

Walking with a Ghost

Tranquility was so hard to come by these days.

She just wanted to rest and lie down – envelop herself within a blanket of idyllic peace. 870 more words


Pretending You Don’t Have A Heart Isn’t Going To Protect It

Danielle Drislane1. You can’t lie to yourself. You can lie to your parents when they ask you if there are any nice boys in your life. 36 more words


Not giving a fuck

Have you ever felt so goddamn trapped that you’re unsure of whether you should feel nothing or put all your feelings on full blast? Well, welcome to my life. 391 more words

I Crave Numbness Like A Drug

I crave numbness like a drug. It scratches at me, somewhere deep in my mind. It whispers to me, a seductive mantra that finds me at my weakest point. 482 more words

All Just A Way For Him To Cope

Windhoek, Namibia | April 26, 2016


No one prepares us

For the thorn filled

Rocky and dust covered

Forest path

That is healing

After a long… 104 more words