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I'm in a MN state of mind.

About two months ago I went to the doctor I sat across from her tears running down my face,   my hands shaking : ” I feel like a ball of yarn that was tightly woven but as each day goes by , I can feel the yarn start to unravel from the ball, drifting away from me.   824 more words


What's Wrong With Me! Episode Four: Hell and Back...

When Episode Three  ended, a slew of strange symptoms were beginning to hold me hostage. That’s actually a pretty fair metaphor, since by the end of the siege I couldn’t go outside – not even on the balcony. 783 more words


Zombie Diaries

The numbness gets to me sometimes. I feel like I m not feeling anything. Everything seems like it s happening to someone else. I want to cry but I don t know why. 81 more words

I Cannot Become Comfortably Numb

Warning: This is a little disjointed and possibly tangential. Just go with the flow ~ 

Two songs have been rolling around my head these past few weeks.  694 more words


Maybe good bye...

Do you know how much it sucks to feel like you amount to nothing? Do you know what its like to constantly get told you are failing? 75 more words


There have been days lately when a sort of huge void creeps up into my chest, and I have to beat it down, and force my mind onto something else. 431 more words


Get Real

Lately, the constant grating question has been; how much and to what extent should I hide myself from others? There is a certain degree of professionalism one must maintain in order to continue to succeed in the world and then there is an element of authenticity one must hold firmly to feel sane on a regular enough basis. 383 more words