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Complete Numbness

I can t feel anything. I don t feel anything except a weird sense of anxiety and anger. It s so weird…..I don t remember the feelings I had when I got in that altercation. 49 more words

When Life Rises

It is okay. I can’t miss eyes that I’ve

Never even seen before, can I? Why cherish things I will never

Ever have? — They said… 155 more words

Rants, Depression & Glimpses Of Insanity


Happiness is great.

Sadness is bearable.

Fear is surmountable.

But, numbness… Numbness is worse than death.

It’s strange.

Numbness is the only thing you feel by not feeling. 69 more words



When I’m really drunk I go numb, and it is sublime. I don’t feel the need to say anything or do anything or think anything. I can just exist peacefully. 328 more words

February: Write!

I managed all of 8 blog posts in 2015 — and most of those were before February 3, it turns out. Not a stellar year for my blog. 765 more words


Earl Johnston

I had lain in bed junked up on as much legal pharmaceutical junk available at any hip enough health food store to warrant any legitimate FDA investigation for days on end stuck in a hopeless rondo of Netflixable fixes to quell the fine and delicate balance I held onto between heartbreak and the sort of rage that would kneecap an entire band of innocents just for crossing my path by accident. 224 more words