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Feeling Numb

I have been feeling numb lately and it has taken away my motivation to write. I believe numbness is a stage of the recovery process, but it doesn’t really feel like I am recovering. 211 more words


It started with pain. Burning, stabbing, ripping, aching pain. It’s always there. It never goes away.

It started in my shoulder. Left shoulder. Like something had taken a knife and was shoving it under the scapula again and again. 279 more words

Chronic Pain


The pain ends.

The heart heals.

But who are we once the storm has passed?

When the love we let define us for so long, has left us emotionless. 21 more words


Mass shootings and the limits of human compassion

(Source: www.vox.com)

On Wednesday, we learned that 17 students were killed by a young gunman at a high school in Parkland, Florida.

We were told it was the 18th… 748 more words


Silently losing my grasp on mental stability

I’m sitting here writing this, after over one week of silence on my blog. A while back I wrote of writer’s block, but now I don’t believe that to be completely true. 328 more words


Daughters Afghan

My daughters afghan is finally finished! It seemed to take forever to tuck the ends and snip them. If found a few places where there were squares not fully connected, so I had to remedy that and one somehow began to unravel, so that was fixed as well. 62 more words

At Home Mom

When You Are Completely Numb, You Will Do Anything To Feel Again

When you go through a rough breakup or mourn the death of a loved one or lose your lifelong career, you might wish you were numb. 518 more words