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What the Foot?!

Honestly, if it’s not one thing, it’s something else!

Back when my disc slipped, over 5 years ago now, it had slipped on to my sciatic nerve. 397 more words


As I breathe out I beg my lungs not to take another breath. This fog that I have succumb to is strangling me with its invisible noose. 127 more words


Pain in the Neck: More than a Metaphor

The cervical spine is a slender stack of fragile bones that balances the 15-17 lb. skull atop the body. Each bone has a round thick body and an arch of thinner bone projecting from its backside. 1,029 more words

Nervous System

Will I Wake Tomorrow from this Nightmare?

Wanting so much as a glance is all I ask for.

I’m not asking for a parade of attention,

I’m simply asking for a small glance, 125 more words



On Darby they’re closing the caf├ęs at two,

we’re at the Courthouse with nothing to do;

my tummy might burst by the time we leave Blue… 176 more words


Laughing Stock

I can’t write anymore…I can’t think or articulate my thoughts anymore…
I feel numb. I can’t write fiction masking the reality and giving life to my imagination anymore, nor can I write anything about what actually happened. 337 more words



The new millennial lifestyle
Repetition, and numbness
White screens
Reflecting ourselves to ourselves

The age of information
And misinformation
The technology
Emotions raw and exposed… 41 more words