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Comparing .Net Unit Test Frameworks

The first available unit testing framework was SUnit, written for Smalltalk. JUnit came next as a unit testing framework for Java. This led to unit testing frameworks for many other programming languages, based on the design of… 2,530 more words


Overview of Nunit Testing Framework

what is the Nunit ?

If you are new to Nunit, please go through this post How to configure Nunit in Visual Studio

It is the unit test case framework based on .Net Framework. 316 more words


Using ExtensionMethods with Moq to Make Your Unit Tests More Readable

As you may have noticed from last week’s post I’ve been doing a lot of Unit Testing work recently. The product I’m working on is huge and very complex and this makes Unit Testing (as well as general coding) a real challenge. 338 more words


How to configure Visual Studio with Nunit Testing Framework

As we know that Nunit is testing framework which is widely used in .net community. It is open source and free to use. So in this post we will see how to configure the Nunit with Visual studio. 110 more words


Making NUnit parameterized tests less verbose

If you are a heavy user of NUnit parameterized tests, especially ones driven by TestCaseSourceAttribute, you might sometimes wish for a less verbose test data definition. 201 more words


Complete Unit Testing In Sitecore

Unit testing is Sitecore can be tricky. There are a lots of moving parts. And to truly be able to test, you need to somehow bring all of those parts into a test. 1,344 more words


Mock HttpRequest

Possibly save 2 hours of your time:

We often want to unit test our controller layer with the input request URL. Here is an example of unit test that can mock the HttpRequest within the HttpContext constructor that you can set on your controller. 44 more words

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