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Continuous integration with Atlassian Bamboo

The continuous integration is a frequent theme in the application development, expecially in the projects with many developers involved that work on differents components of the application. 680 more words


Your unit tests are #rubbish #coding

This post might contain the answers to writing better unit tests… or it might not…

Having searched for examples, trying and hoping to find someone doing something vaguely similar to me, all I find are what I would call “bad examples”. 1,243 more words

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Mocking Entity Framework DbContext with Moq

When we have to test methods that involves Entity Framework, a typical choice that we have to face is use integration tests, with an effective database, or unit tests. 930 more words


.NET Core Test Explorer for Visual Studio Code

Several years ago, could you image that you could develop .NET on your favourite OS (macOS, Linux or Windows) with great developer experience? Now, the dream comes true. 107 more words

Comparing .Net Unit Test Frameworks

The first available unit testing framework was SUnit, written for Smalltalk. JUnit came next as a unit testing framework for Java. This led to unit testing frameworks for many other programming languages, based on the design of… 2,530 more words


Overview of Nunit Testing Framework

what is the Nunit ?

If you are new to Nunit, please go through this post How to configure Nunit in Visual Studio

It is the unit test case framework based on .Net Framework. 316 more words


Using ExtensionMethods with Moq to Make Your Unit Tests More Readable

As you may have noticed from last week’s post I’ve been doing a lot of Unit Testing work recently. The product I’m working on is huge and very complex and this makes Unit Testing (as well as general coding) a real challenge. 338 more words