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Getting started with Appium

Automated software (App ) testing is an essential component of successful development projects.

This post is for Appium beginners ,who want to set up and continue automation testing for  their app. 446 more words


Making Nunit tests execute in order

Have you ever wanted to run a given suite of Nunit tests in order? Normally your tests should be created in such a way that execution order is no concern. 262 more words


Unit Testing in Sitecore using Nunit with Sitecore Context information

Few months back, we were doing R&D to implement Unit Testing for our Sitecore project. We tried different kind of solutions like Miscosoft’s Unit Testing Template which we can create from Visual Studio directly and Nunit for which you can install Nuget Package from Visual Studio. 1,082 more words


An OO Application Technical Test Strategy

As the Test Pyramid tells us, unit and integration tests should make up the bulk of our test strategy. But where we draw the line between the two, how they complement each other and their relationship with our acceptance tests can be a source of confusion. 1,074 more words


DeploymentItemAttribute for NUnit

In a previous post I talked about the proper use of the DeploymentItemAttribute when running MSTests. If you do move to NUnit and have gotten used to depending on this attribute then worry not, I have you covered. 412 more words


UI Testing for Indie Xamarin Devs

In the Xamarin 4 announcement, there were hundreds of improvements, but some of the most exciting points for indie devs included free access to UITest and Xamarin Insights. 496 more words