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Resharper with NUnit does not find local files

This is one of the problems we encounter ever so often but do not take the time to document it.

Say you have some test files in your project and have set their properties to… 176 more words


Data drive tests with NUnit and Team City

So, you have Team City as a CI platform and you’ve chosen NUnit to drive your tests. Awesome. There are millions of other articles showing how to do that. 382 more words


Identical random values in parallel NUnit test assemblies

We have some NUnit cross-system test assemblies that run in parallel. They upload files and watch to see how they are processed. We were inserting a randomly generated value into the filenames in an attempt to avoid identically named files overwriting each other. 315 more words


Unit Testing in C#

Hello there! As a developer I have had situations where I modified and refactored the unit tests which was written by fellow developers in the past. 2,385 more words

Resharper nunit unit test - Could not find a part of the path

Possibly save 1 hour of your time: There are times when your unit test depends on input file. To access the file when using nunit 3.8.1, you can use  32 more words

Unit Test

Continuous integration with Atlassian Bamboo

The continuous integration is a frequent theme in the application development, expecially in the projects with many developers involved that work on differents components of the application. 680 more words


Your unit tests are #rubbish #coding

This post might contain the answers to writing better unit tests… or it might not…

Having searched for examples, trying and hoping to find someone doing something vaguely similar to me, all I find are what I would call “bad examples”. 1,243 more words

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