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As I write this, let me tell you that we had just experienced an earthquake around 2 hours back. The epicenter looks to be somewhere in Nepal/China region. 1,168 more words


Converting from MsTest to NUnit

Migrating a project to NUnit would require some of the following (and more)….

  1. Add reference to nunit.framework.dll
  2. Replace “using Microsoft.VisualStudio.TestTools.UnitTesting;” with “using NUnit.Framework;”
  3. Search-Replace the following: …
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TDD workshop

Few months ago in the office we started a discussion about testing.
The original topic was “how to implement a continuous integration/continuous delivery workflow”, so… 1,123 more words


Why would you never mix Explicit and Implicit waits in Selenium WebDriver?

If you have been dealing with Selenium for quite sometimes you already know what Implicit and Explicit waits are. My intention is not to discuss or explain what those mean and what those are but the consequences of mixing them together. 759 more words


Unit Testing with NUnit

Unit testing using testing frameworks is a very important activity for any developer. With the nature and types of testing ever under the rise, it becomes important to use automation where ever possible. 111 more words

Automated Testing

Изучаю NUnit. Часть 2

В прошлый раз разобрали самые простые варианты реализации тестов с использованием фреймворка NUnit.

Сегодня остановлюсь на несколько более сложных примерах с использованием стандартных атрибутов … 271 more words