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What is TDD

Amazingly I still come across people who seem not to know what TDD or test-driven development is. What I mean is that people seem to say  980 more words


NUnit tests comparing WebClient sync, async and lazy loading

In short:

  • synchronous loading loads items 1 by 1 – it is the slowest.
  • lazy loading starts loading when data is asked – it is faster and you get first result back quickly.
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NUnit attributes

This is one of those entries for something which should be easy to remember, but, alas, I constantly forget: which NUnit attributes should I decorate my unit test classes with. 59 more words



The purpose of “UNIT TEST” is understood by various people differently. I would suggest not to rely on any of the specific articles on internet and not follow those materials blindly. 681 more words


Sitecore Unit Testing is not a Success or is IT ?

On November 28, 2013 I came across this question on StackOverflow – Sitecore Unit Testing is not a success? Luckily I could answer it and provide information to the user… 452 more words


Automated Test Results in a Nice Format: NUnit Orange Delivers

NUnit Orange: What is it and why might we use it?  For me it was a simple dilemma I had, when our automated tests executed I didn’t want to manually be told about it, I wanted something which was delivered to me in a fashion was readable and easy to understand for everyone on the team.   255 more words