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Integrating .NET projects with Gradle

Recently I have created Gradle build scripts for several .NET projects, bot C# and VB.NET projects. Projects for the .NET platform are usually built with MSBuild, which is part of the .NET Framework distribution and itself a full-blown build automation tool: you can define build targets, their dependencies and execute tasks to reach the build targets. 449 more words

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A Multiple Browser Testing Framework


This discussion will revolve around the two main testing packages in use today – NUnit and Selenium. Both are fantastic tools but expect you to write tests in a single scenario, perhaps a ChromeDriver as an example. 631 more words


Automatic Rollback to Integration Tests in C#

This is something that has made my integration tests better. You define a test method to run in transaction and rollback at the end of each test. 581 more words


Learn Unit Testing with NUnit and C#


Learn deeply the concepts and tools that you will need to build maintainable and reliable software.

Teaching Approach

No fluff, no ranting, no beating the air. 748 more words

Integration testing with Entity Framework Core 2.0

Few months ago I wrote a post about how to use the new InMemoryDbContext of Entity Framework Core in our unit tests and substitute the real context with an in-memory implementation, avoiding to connect to the real database. 450 more words


Game Automation with Unity Tutorial #2


Once you install Unity from the Unity Store, it will also install the following:-

  • Visual Studio Community Edition:-  Visual Studio is our recommended IDE to write code as it is much more advanced than MonoDevelop.
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Performance improvements in Entity Framework 6.2

Once Entity Framework was released few months ago, the first question in my mind was: why Microsoft released a new version of EF6 when the main new branch is EF Core? 381 more words