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Unit Testing with NUnit

Unit testing using testing frameworks is a very important activity for any developer. With the nature and types of testing ever under the rise, it becomes important to use automation where ever possible. 111 more words

Automated Testing

Изучаю NUnit. Часть 2

В прошлый раз разобрали самые простые варианты реализации тестов с использованием фреймворка NUnit.

Сегодня остановлюсь на несколько более сложных примерах с использованием стандартных атрибутов … 271 more words


Watch out for exceptions in NUnit TestFixture constructors

Don’t do anything that might throw an exception in a TestFixture constructor: your tests will be ignored, rather than failing.

My colleague Chris and I have been playing around with polymorphous testing, taking advantage of the fact that you can pass parameters to an NUnit… 266 more words


Tests fail to run and the test setup throws a BadImageFormatException.

The most likely cause of this is that your project references are 64-bit libraries.

In Visual Studio go to Test –> Test Settings–> Default Processor Architecture –> X64

Изучаю NUnit. Часть 1

NUnit – фреймворк для модульного тестирования и разработки по TDD. Для упорядочивания здесь знаний будет цикл статей о нём.

Что тестировать?

Напишем простой класс Fibonacci, который вычисляет число Фибоначчи, с единственным методом Calculate: 104 more words


Test Driven Development II

Test-First way of thinking

A valuable software engineering practice, regardless of what methodology you are following.

Some companies can be apprehensive of developer testing, as they feel their testers should be the only ones carrying out tests. 183 more words