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Continuous Integration in VSTS using .Net Core (with Code Coverage), NUnit, SonarQube: Part 1: .Net Core Project Setup – Code Coverage

There are 2 ways to discover and execute unit tests using Microsoft developed test harnesses:

  • Vstest.console.exe = This is the command-line used to execute tests within/embedded in Visual Studio IDE…
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SQL Server Spatial Types and nUnit

I was recently working on a .NET 4.6 based project that was using EF 6 and nUnit for unit testing. While setting up some integration tests against a local SQL database I was receiving this error: 412 more words


Unit Test - Using MSTest and NUnit


We are going to explore Unit Test can be performed with Visual Studio. Our primary focus to execute testing with MSTest (Integrated testing tool with Visual Studio). 1,025 more words


SpecFlow and NUnit

Creating SpecFlow project with NUnit test manager.

SpecFlow and NUnit sounds a good combination for BDD testing. Since most of the posts suggest us to add multiple NUnit related frameworks in order to create a basic SpecFlow Test. 219 more words


NUnit - test performance time on your method

Possibly save 1 hour of your time: There will be times you want to write some integration unit tests that hit the database to test performance. 75 more words

Unit Test

SpecFlow + Reporting + Command line

You can generate the Step Definitions Report using SpecFlow as follows:

Run the following command for detailed explanation.
specflow help stepdefinitionreport

Generates a report about usage and binding of steps
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SpecFlow + NUnit + Reporting

You can generate a report for SpecFlow tests run using NUnit as follows:

Run the following command for detailed explanation.
specflow help nunitexecutionreport

Formats an NUnit execution report to SpecFlow style
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