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Complete Unit Testing In Sitecore

Unit testing is Sitecore can be tricky. There are a lots of moving parts. And to truly be able to test, you need to somehow bring all of those parts into a test. 1,344 more words


Mock HttpRequest

Possibly save 2 hours of your time:

We often want to unit test our controller layer with the input request URL. Here is an example of unit test that can mock the HttpRequest within the HttpContext constructor that you can set on your controller. 44 more words

Unit Test

Testing! Testing! Testing!

Everyone talks about testing, but who does it?  In a move-left environment this is put on the developer and in a move-right environment this may be performed by a testing team.  705 more words


xUnit.net vs NUnit, a quick pragmatic comparison

At the beginning of our last project, which was a greenfield project on .NET Core, I was responsible to choose a testing framework, isolation framework and all tools and frameworks, related to unit and integration testing. 596 more words


Pester Testing in Jenkins (Using NUNit)

As part of using Jenkins for my CI im also looking at adding pester testing to certain builds.

First lets run a Pester test in a Build. 748 more words


NUnit, NUnit test adapter, Visual Studio 2015–simple example of using

Let’s see how to add supporting of NUnit to the Visual Studio 2015 project. I will describe a simple example without unnecessary things. 486 more words


Register and test per-request services with Autofac

When we develop web application, like ASP.NET applications, we often need to implement a service with some informations related to the user request, such as session/account infos. 305 more words