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Topology is about the organisation and flow of the structure through the model the way the verts are arranged in the model can change a lot about the models appearance especially if they are organic shapes or curved structures. 230 more words

Unit 12 - Computers In Art And Design

3D Topology

What is topology?

– A 3D model is a collection of vertices, edges, and faces that define a shape. The layout of these is called a wireframe, the layout of the wireframe is the topology of a model… 393 more words

Unit 52 - 3D Animation

NURBS : Important and basic points

Hey Guys! Nurbs calculator (http://nurbscalculator.in/ ) is back in its original form :) 

Enjoy! And please mention it on social platforms.

Curve parameters

A NURBS curve can be created by just 3 parameters – degree, control point and knot vector. 1,031 more words