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Why do women pay extra for products?

In the UK, as in the US, women routinely pay more for the same, or identical, products marketed at men. The difference, which is sometimes referred to as the pink tax, can range from a few percentage points, to twice as much. 695 more words

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Painkiller rip-off: Pills for Migraine, period pain, backache 'are identical'

If this research is accurate, well then I am pissed off.  For me this really isn’t new news, I’ve heard this before with painkillers, but for all of us who struggle with chronic pain on a daily basis, just searching for a moment of relief we encounter yet another rip-off with a pricey medication. 447 more words

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What do I do?

I honestly give up

Monkey lasted four days at playschool and came down with what seemed like an innocent cold – the usual snotty nose and slight post nasal drip cough. 247 more words

Nurofen Afternoons

With a series of clear sunny days since Christmas -it is time for our ‘big push’. For a long time it felt like we were waiting on things to happen, now they are happening so fast we are struggling to keep up. 376 more words

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Our Cynical Bullshittery Was Purely Unintentional...

Apparently Reckitt Benckiser, the British pharmaceutical leviathan who manufacture the Nurofen brand of ibuprofen painkillers, have been telling lies. According to the Australian Federal Court, they engaged in “ 732 more words

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TheBRAND Radio BLOG is about nothing except absolute truth and road ready Brands and Advertising information and beneficial enlightenment to the general public, promoting Global best practise. 439 more words


Who has the cleanest house?

Three of today’s national newspapers expose the marketing tricks employed by the pharmaceutical company Reckitt Benckiser, the manufacturer of the painkiller Nurofen. Reckitt Benckiser market their product in four distinctive packages, each purporting to target a specific form of pain: migraine, back pain, period pain and tension headache but guess what—each pain-specific pill contains exactly the same active ingredients, a mix of codeine phosphate and ibuprofen. 569 more words

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