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From perseverance to relieving pain and fever

Ibuprofen, is an anti-inflammatory drug that is used for relieving pain, helping with fever and reducing inflammation. It is one of the most widely used medicines around the world. 595 more words


My achilles is my achilles heel

I have been pretty arrogant about the fact that I haven’t been injured for months and months. Actually, been pretty much injury free since I started going to the gym almost two (??) years ago. 393 more words


Ah September.....

Almost two weeks in now, children are all back in school. The dreaded lunchboxes feel like they never took a break, my purse is feeling considerably lighter as the daily requests for cold hard cash come in, we’ve settled into the homework routine – I am doing it Mam!!- I’m expecting the obligatory headlice text any day now and that of course will be swiftly followed by a stream of snotty noses and a chorus of ‘Mum I don’t feel well’ 452 more words

Chit Chat


Its funny what does a mother in. For some its a runny poo, projectile vomit or even some stringy snot – which I do find rather disgusting but it doesn’t unhinge me. 239 more words

Nurofen Heat Patches Review*

Sitting at my desk all day everyday has taken its toll on my lower back and I regularly ache from when I must start to slouch, so when I received a box of Nurofen Heat Patches the timing could not have been better. 257 more words



…is there really anything nice to say about this???

Your sweet, cuddly little munchkin becomes this unrecognisable snotty swamp monster intent on gnawing on everything it finds in its path. 145 more words

OTCs in Action Episode 35: More play time instead of pain time in Nigeria

This week, OTCs are in Action in Nigeria where RB has just launched the leading global ibuprofen brand, Nurofen, for both children and adults. “Nigerians are known to be hard working, constantly seeking ways to lead a better life; they therefore do not want anything that would weigh them down or slow their pace,” Mr. 183 more words