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Everything to live for...

This post has nothing really to do with religion, but I just love that quote :)

Since I (thought) I’d figured out who I was, I met an amazing man. 215 more words


Nurofen Plus addict, right here

It even tells me to share my story :)

I’ve been taking N+ for 5 years now.  It started innocently enough – I had cracked a vertebrae and wanted a “milder” pain relief option to Panadeine Forte.   368 more words


Nurofen fined $1.7 million for misleading packaging

Nurofen maker Reckitt Benckiser has today been ordered to pay a $1.7 million penalty for the use of misleading packaging on some of their pain relief products. 288 more words


Τα χάπια Nurofen που προκαλουν …σηψαιμία!!!

Στην Αγγλία η χορήγηση με συνταγή Γιατρού χαπιών NUROFEN σ’ ένα παιδάκι με ανεμοβλογιά …προκάλεσε σηψαιμία.

Μετά την απάτη σχετικά με τα δήθεν εξειδικευμένα και για διαφορετική χρήση χάπια NUROFEN, που τελικά ήταν ολόιδια και που διαπιστώθηκε ΜΟΝΟ στην Αυστραλία, καθώς εδώ κοιμόμαστε ή κάποιοι κάνουν τους …χαζούς  με το αζημίωτο, τα συγκεκριμένα χάπια ξανά στην δημοσιότητα.


Why do women pay extra for products?

In the UK, as in the US, women routinely pay more for the same, or identical, products marketed at men. The difference, which is sometimes referred to as the pink tax, can range from a few percentage points, to twice as much. 695 more words

Marketing In Everyday Life

Painkiller rip-off: Pills for Migraine, period pain, backache 'are identical'

If this research is accurate, well then I am pissed off.  For me this really isn’t new news, I’ve heard this before with painkillers, but for all of us who struggle with chronic pain on a daily basis, just searching for a moment of relief we encounter yet another rip-off with a pricey medication. 447 more words

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