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Flipped Classroom

A reversal of the traditional lecture then do homework approach. ‘Flipping’ allows a change in the teaching approach and levels of engagement.  In the flipped classroom the reading is completed before attending an interactive session (instead of a potentially passive lecture). 345 more words

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Learning: Paper or E-books?

What are the differences for reading and learning from e-books versus paper and traditional books?

Online or E-Book


  • Uses the technology available.
  • Back lit better for older eyes.
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One Minute Preceptor

Known as the One Minute Preceptor or Five Step Micro-skills approach to educational situations. This approach provides a structure to educating on the go to ensure effective preceptorship and feedback is provided, especially in a busy clinical environment. 126 more words

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Virtual Reality For Learning

Levels of fidelity for simulation are part of the development phase for delivering training and education. And virtual reality (VR) has the potential to enable learning in a recreated version of our own environments, deliver high levels of fidelity (realism) and engagement. 259 more words

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Blended Learning

Blended learning combines face to face learning and online learning. The traditional classroom mixed with a technology based approach to learning.

The online environment can be synchronous or asynchronous (which can be perfect for the adult learner and in particular the nurse working shifts).  335 more words

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Communities of Practice (CoP) by Etienne Wenger

Socio-cultural Perspective

Learning is a social process according to Wenger’s (1999) conceptual framework of understanding learning systems. Wenger explains that part of being human is the willingness or desire to form communities, and through these is the essential component of learning opportunity and process. 135 more words

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Learning To Learn:Understanding Understanding

The nurse educator is to deliver, create and evaluate education programs as part of their role. The question is: How do we as nurse educators create and evaluate our education and training programs? 223 more words

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