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Piaget: Constructivism & Cognitivist Perspective

Constructivism & Cognitivist Perspective

Considered one of the most prominent and prolific constructivists, Jean Piaget developed the theory of cognitive development around the premise that thoughts, memory, past experience, problem solving and processing information all influence the learner (Doolittle and Hicks, 2012).   439 more words

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Radical Constructivism & Ernst von Glasersfeld

Radical Constructivism is?

Information is not simply transferred from one person to another, and passed from teacher to student. The learning experience is down to the individual building knowledge and their subjective interpretation of this experience. 211 more words

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Fish & Chunks: Chunking Theory

Is it 3, 4, 5, 7 or 9? That is the number of spaces (or slots) we have for our working short term memory. Or is it different for everyone depending on prior knowledge, intellect, workload, stress or the topic being studied? 1,542 more words

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Focus the mind: To wee or not to wee?

To wee or not to wee, that is the question.

Need to make an important decision or focus more clearly on a task? The question we are trying to answer in this post is whether you should take a planned wee before or hold on till after a task, and which is better to focus the mind. 347 more words

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Folk Schools: Adult Education

Background & History

Folk schools offer a variety of subjects and their common theme is the delivery of educational programs where the learner focuses on their own interests, abilities and personal growth. 430 more words

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The Networked Student

The networked learner model provides students with a way to create a personal learning environment where meaningful learning occurs with knowledge construction. “Knowledge based on experiences and social interactions”(Drexler, 2010). 314 more words

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Gamification In Nurse Education

Educational Need for Gamification?

“a motivated learner can’t be stopped” (Prensky, 2003, pg. 1).

“Unfortunately, in this day and age much of the content that needs to be learned by students is not directly motivating to them and the word ‘boring’, or one of its politically correct synonyms such as ‘dry’ and ‘technical’ often crosses their lips – whether the learners be in school, college, corporations, professions, or even the military” (Prensky, 2003, pg. 336 more words

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