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The Normalization of Deviance in Healthcare Delivery

Journal Club Review Article: 

Banja, J. (2010). The normalization of deviance in healthcare delivery. Business Horizons, 53(2), 139.           


“The failure of health professionals to comply with standards, rules, or regulations is a fundamental cause of such breaches.” 567 more words

Nurse Education

Shop Class as Soulcraft by Matthew Crawford

This soul-searching book on life, work, study is so poignant in such technological times. Crawford is part mechanic, part academic and provides insights into the lost art of working with our hands and craftsmanship. 179 more words


SMART goals reconsidered

I often look towards the school system for education innovation, ideas and inspiration. As schooling moves away from a system set up for an industrial age to one for developing global citizens in which new learning spaces exist. 354 more words


Social Media: Where are the nurse leaders?

“Unfortunately, many nurse leaders, with years of experience in this multifaceted profession, have yet to join the conversation on social media. Therefore, the conversation is often led by novices in the field, simply because leaders are absent” (Carroll & Bruno, 2016). 299 more words


Practice Development in Nursing

What is Practice Development (PD)?

  • PD is a continuous process of developing person-centred cultures.
  • The learning that occurs, brings about transformations of both at the individual and team level and not just at the wider organisational level.
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Flipped Classroom

A reversal of the traditional lecture then do homework approach. ‘Flipping’ allows a change in the teaching approach and levels of engagement.  In the flipped classroom the reading is completed before attending an interactive session (instead of a potentially passive lecture). 345 more words


Learning: Paper or E-books?

What are the differences for reading and learning from e-books versus paper and traditional books?

Online or E-Book


  • Uses the technology available.
  • Back lit better for older eyes.
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