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Deliberate Practice: Practice Like You Play

Deliberate Practice

“Many characteristics once believed to reflect innate talent are actually the result of intense practice extended for a minimum of 10 years” (Ericsson et al., 1993). 476 more words

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Seven Behaviors to Advance Teamwork

Journal Club: Weberg, D., & Weberg, K. (2014). Seven behaviors to advance teamwork: findings from a study of innovation leadership in a simulation center. Nursing administration quarterly, 38(3), 230-237. 1,023 more words

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Comparison of postgraduate student and educator appraisals: A retrospective analysis

The research provides an insight into variations between student and nurse educator expectations and interpretations within critical care nurse training where the domains of general codes of professional conduct meet specialty nursing. 415 more words

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The Conversation Prism: Social Networks

If we consider the expectations of an educator, as to having the knowledge and understanding of technological trends, including social media. The overall aim is to ensure we are connecting to social networks, experience new ideas and remaining current. 224 more words

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Bloom's Taxonomy & Constructivism

The use of Blooms Taxonomy to provide focus for the delivery of education and meeting educational objectives is a commonly used structure. The taxonomy can aid developing curriculum learning objectives, assessments and activities to align and scaffold education delivery. 251 more words

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Globalisation: Understanding The Global Citizen


Weber (2014) describes a negative aspect of globalisation as being the focus on market values and not human values. Adults engage in learning to meet a specific work or personal goal, for social interaction and seek knowledge. 133 more words

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