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7 Habits: Stephen Covey

Really busy, increasing workload, stretched resources, being creative, motivated, balancing, feeling tired, need a holiday, trying to plan ahead. During the really busy times when workload seems to be casting a shadow over life it is good to revisit some of our good habits to re-focus, work smarter and retain our own locus of control. 188 more words

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How and Why To Create a YouTube Playlist

What is a YouTube Playlist

“Do you have a group of videos that you like? Maybe it’s a gym mix that really gets you moving or the funniest clips of your favorite comedians.  217 more words

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QR Codes In The Classroom

I recently came across a group of education developers using Quick Response (QR) codes in a higher education setting, creating an interactive environment. Having never used these in teaching before, I was motivated to look into this further and share my learning experience. 244 more words

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Open: How We’ll Work, Live & Learn In The Future by David Price

The ‘Open’ revolution is now upon us and will affect education at all levels. How we source learning opportunities, how we actually learn, how we engage will all be impacted on by this open revolution. 256 more words

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Intended Learning Outcomes (ILOs)

Intended learning outcomes (ILOs) are explicit statements of what a learner is expected to achieve, and to what standard or level of achievement (Biggs and Tang, 2011). 273 more words

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The Perfect Assessment: Competency


Whilst working as a postgraduate course coordinator I regularly had discussions with students, nurse educators and the higher education team of the ‘ideal’ 660 more words

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The Fifth Discipline

“Today’s problems come from yesterday’s solutions” (Senge, 1990).

Our Actions

A shift of mind. The expectation to see the “bigger picture”. But if we constantly break down complex tasks into chunks and something more manageable, then we may lose the intrinsic ability to see the larger whole (or bigger picture). 273 more words

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