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Experiential Learning from Five Perspectives

Journal Club: Fenwick, T. J. (2001). Experiential Learning: A Theoretical Critique from Five Perspectives. Information Series No. 385.

Experiential Learning

The importance for the educator in understanding the adult learner and their experience in a world of lifelong learning, workplace learning, informal learning and self-directed learning.  591 more words

Adult Learning

Beyond The Gender Binary in Nursing

I noticed a tweet by Wiley Nursing on a special issue of Nursing Inquiry called Beyond the Gender Binary which really grabbed my interest. All the articles are open access in this edition so anyone can view which is a great bonus as well as the challenging topics in this edition. 372 more words

Adult Learning

Intrinsic and Extrinsic Motivations by Ryan & Deci

Reading through education theory a theme that emerges through the literature is that of motivation. Motivation of the learner and also to a lesser extent the teacher. 429 more words

Adult Learning

Workplace Training: Informal Learning?

Workplaces as Centres of Inquiry

Workplace learning and experiences are often seen as informal and subsequently ‘informal learning’ occurs. Billet (2002) states that an educational workplace pedagogy exists, and that learning does not just occur in schools and higher education. 514 more words

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End of Life Care Support from the Nurse Educator

End of life care can heavily influence nurses due to the burden, stress and emotion of the event. The nurse educator can help support junior nurses and help shape this into a positive experience.   110 more words

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John Dewey: Educational Philosopher

Experiential learning & Critical Thinking

“Education is not preparation for life; education is life itself.” ― John Dewey

Education and schooling are instrumental in creating social change and reform. 317 more words

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