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Book Club: Daniel Goleman: Emotional Intelligence

Book Club: Goleman, D. (2006). Emotional Intelligence. Bantam. [Goodreads blurb]

Phew, this was a tough read for me, maybe a sign of my own emotional intelligence! 172 more words

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Globalisation: Trade & Economics

This post is to aid further discussion and additional resources around the topic of globalisation which impacts us all wherever we are in the world. As we now live in an inter-connected world, it is important to understand how life, work, education and economics interact. 135 more words

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From Bedside to Classroom: The Nurse Educator Transition Model

Joural Club Article

Schoening, A. (2013). From Bedside to Classroom: The Nurse Educator Transition Model. Nursing Education Perspectives, 34(3), 167-72.


Qualitative study with the aim to generate a theoretical model describing the social process during the transition of nurse to nurse educator. 290 more words

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Big Data & Machine Learning

Journal Club Article: Obermeyer, Z., & Emanuel, E. J. (2016). Predicting the future—big data, machine learning, and clinical medicine. The New England Journal of Medicine, 375(13), 1216. 425 more words

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Deimplementation of Practice

Journal Club Articles: 

Niven, D. J., Mrklas, K. J., Holodinsky, J. K., Straus, S. E., Hemmelgarn, B. R., Jeffs, L. P., & Stelfox, H. T. (2015). 467 more words

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Book Club: The Great Brain Race: How Global Universities are Reshaping the World.

Book: Wildavsky, B. (2012). The great brain race: How global universities are reshaping the world. Princeton University Press. [Chapter 1]

The internationalision of student mobility and how “every year, nearly three million international students study outside of their home countries, a 40 percent increase since 1999”. 226 more words

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John Heron’s Six‐Category Intervention Analysis

Resource: Heron, J. (2001). Helping the client: A creative practical guide. Sage.


Heron’s Six‐Category Intervention Analysis is a conceptual framework for understanding interpersonal relationships. 267 more words

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