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3D Printing in Healthcare

Innovations and Making a Difference

Printing technologies for building prosthetics, drugs, cells and organs can be an alternative, quicker and cheaper way to develop healthcare into the future.  92 more words

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Diffusion of Innovations by Everett Rogers (Book Club)

Book Club: Rogers, E. M. (1995) Diffusion of innovations. (5th ed.) Simon and Schuster, New York, USA. [summary article]

What is Diffusion?

“Diffusion is the process in which an innovation is communicated through certain channels over time among the members of an social system” (pg. 552 more words

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An Integrative Literature Review of Evidence-Based Teaching Strategies for Nurse Educators

Journal Club Article: Breytenbach, C., ten Ham-Baloyi, W., & Jordan, P. J. (2017). An Integrative Literature Review of Evidence-Based Teaching Strategies for Nurse Educators. Nursing Education Perspectives, 38(4), 193-197. 278 more words

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Peyton's 4 Step Approach for Skills Teaching

We have all either delivered or been on the end of a “see one, do one” or “do one, teach one” approach to learning, often delivered in simulation with the aim for skill development. 297 more words

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Authentic, Engaging & For The Learning

Authenticity is key, don’t worry too much on making everything beautiful and perfect is the message when creating online resources. Visualisation is important to grab attention, and imagery can portray powerful messages but follow the substance over style to start with. 470 more words

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Do Marks Matter Anymore?

Now we can approach this one from a purely academic integrity approach and say yes, marks/grades matter and are vital for employment purposes. But I think its fair to say that as a postgraduate student balancing work, study and life, the picture is a little more complicated than academia portrays.  275 more words

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