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30 Baby nursery room ideas.

Bringing baby home from the hospital (if you had a hospital birth) is a very exciting time. So to have a lovely decorated bedroom to bring them home too is essential.  131 more words


Picture Perfect- 10 Best Prints from Trouva

If you haven’t heard of Trouva we can only ask, where have you been? Here at The Thirty-Nine we simply can’t get enough of the online-only boutique which hand picks the best products from over 150 British independent designers and brands. 253 more words

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Wild Thing-White Faux Taxidermy

The Templeton, $80.00 /Flower Accessory, $12.50

The Sydney, $104.99

The Ralph, $107.00

The Bayer, $90.00

The Nordi, $90.00

We all know just how picky kids can be, but we’ve found the perfect home accessories that both children and grown ups will love. 129 more words

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10 Minimalist Nursery Ideas

Here at The Thirty-Nine we find ourselves constantly thumbing through Pinterest for interior design ideas (our Pinterest page is coming very soon). Whether it’s keeping bubble bath in stylish decanters or a feature wall to keep even the pickiest of guests happy, there is always something that inspires awe, wonder and invariably “why didn’t… 551 more words

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Week 12 Day 0 - Dreams and Decors

They say that during pregnancy, dreams get more vivid than ever and I gotta say – they do! Almost every night it’s like story after story that makes me go “whuuuttt…??” in the morning. 742 more words


15 Books You Must Have in Your Nursery

What’s better than snuggling up with your baby as you read aloud from a favorite nursery book? Studies have shown that babies respond to their parents reading to them and it is a great way to bond together.  815 more words

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Cute Quotes for Your Nursery

Adding a good quote to your nursery can inspire you and your baby while providing a special touch to your nursery’s decor. Here are a few lovable quotes you might want to add into your new  nursery:  340 more words

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