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Precious Moments With Nate


It was another lovely day spent with my daughter’s family. They came over to visit us after almost a month of not seeing each other. 379 more words


"No Mummy NOT Incy Wincy Spider: Big FAT Spider!"

My two-year-old cracks me up.  Every day.  

If you have read my first couple of blog posts, you will probably have already realised that he can be quite vocally demanding.   627 more words

Song for the Weekend - Horsey Horsey

How much fun is this one!  Use it as a knee bouncer or a circle song with optional props such as hoops, a parachute or the giant scrunchie. 319 more words

Children's Music

The End Of Romance


If you
Only say one thing to me
For the rest of my life
Would you say


She said… 105 more words


Goose-goose Berry Jam

Mother’s Goose

was well & cooked.

Force-fed, filleted, and foie-gras’ed

when eloquence escaped her, and her hickory-dickory-docked–

the retrieval of which was a chase already commemorating the futility of the situation. 152 more words


Hot cross buns, One a penny, two a penny, Hot cross buns!

A hot cross bun is a spiced dried fruit cake that in the past was made around Easter time, nowadays they are available all year round. 681 more words


Bach to Baby

Classical music seems to be the thing that people are told to play to their bumps supposedly to make their offspring have the ears of Beethoven or the musical talent of Bach.  341 more words