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Fractured Air 47: Bill Wells ‘Nursery Rhymes Participants’

The internationally renowned Scottish composer Bill Wells compiles a mixtape to coincide with the release of Bill Wells & Friends’ ‘Nursery Rhymes’ – available via Karaoke Kalk. 298 more words



They say the mark of a truly established group is that they can function without their leader (short-term, at least). A couple of weeks ago, I was sick and couldn’t make it to Bradford. 101 more words


After the Cow Jumped Over The Moon

Hey diddle diddle the cat and the fiddle
The dish ran away with the spoon
For a shotgun wedding that was most upsetting
And destined to leave them in ruin… 75 more words


Jack's Judgement

I was doltish, I was dumb,
I burned the dermis off my thumb.


It really isn’t a wise idea to jump over candle sticks, now is it?

Creative Writing

The New Scrooge

The WordPress prompt asks which fiction character we’d like to visit with. Well, I’d like to sit down and visit with Ebenezer Scrooge — after he’d seen the light about his parsimonious past and sad future. 1,012 more words