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"Memories are like a garden. Regularly tend the pleasant blossoms and remove the invasive weeds."

I woke up to the sun and a blue sky, but I knew it was just the sun with light, no warmth. The temperature is 33˚. 411 more words


Princess Charlotte's First Day of Nursery School

We don’t know why we’re so enthralled with the royals, but who can resist a cute little English girl in her proper wool coat on her first day of nursery school? 22 more words


Plan For An Exciting Learning Trip For Your Kid As Soon As He/She steps Out Of The Cradle!

Once your child steps out of the cradle it is your responsibility grows higher! It’s time for your child to start learning new things. Home, of course, is the first school but you need to find a second home for your child! 501 more words


Got 5-mins? Chat to a pre-schooler.

An interesting study in Developmental Psychology suggests that a 5 minute chat with young children about their past or future selves seems to help them to make better decisions about their future needs. 7 more words

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#Antibullyingweek - what did you do?

Anti-bulling week took place last week (13-19 November ’17). Mindfield Psychology took a quick look at the available research in the field of bullying and found a great resource containing… 43 more words

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End of School Year Exams in Uganda

And it’s end of school year exam time in Uganda where the school year runs from January to November 😊

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Raising a child Assistance Passed on Downward Throughout The Years

Our parents were actually far away from best. Now that you really are a parent it is likely you realize that you are far from perfect. 574 more words