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5 Ways To Find The Best Pre-School In Bhopal For Your Child

Are you looking for a pre-school in Bhopal that could impact your child’s future in a more positive way? Explore Sprouts, an initiative by the Aakriti International School-Pre School Division, it is not just any other kindergarten, but it is an institute with vision and mission. 559 more words

Nursery School In Bhopal

5 Great Tips for Selecting The Best of Preschools in Los Angeles

Before you pick up the best among Los Angeles Preschools, take into account their learning approach, curriculum, play activities, enrichment skill and more to make sure that your baby gets the best of his or her preschool experience. 746 more words


Things I prepared for Nursery School (Hoikuen)

Things I prepared for my son`s Nursery School (Hoikuen)

         Having mixed emotions at the moment since my son got accepted in a Public Nursery School (Hoikuen) that was also our first choice. 344 more words


Best school of Bhopal Focused on Perfect Education System

Today serving the education system is at the boom. The term education system is generally referred as a learning technique for the students through various education programs. 314 more words


Code words and passwords for kids

My dad was obsessed with my safety! To be honest he ran with a very dangerous group (a notorious biker club that I won’t name) as well as other people that all had their hands in one crime or another. 283 more words


Welcome to 2017!

2017 is looking very promising!  The Art room is about to have a wonderful new addition to the program in the next couple months and I’d like to keep it a little secret until it’s officially here.   269 more words

Αφου βρήκαμε που πηγαίνει το νερό, κάναμε την δική μας γεωτρηση

από την Χαριτινη Σταυρουλάκη

Μια από τις αναφορές κατά την επίσκεψη των προνηπίων στο δάσος ήταν η κατεύθυνση του νερού. «Πηγαίνει προς τα πάνω για να γεμίσει η δεξαμενή με τα χρυσόψαρα, αλλά εμείς είδαμε το ρυάκι να κυλάει από πάνω προς τα κάτω…

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