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My Baby "Must Haves".

Recently, we got some huge news from our friends. 3 (!!), 3 couples of our AMAZING friends are expecting little ones next spring. While I will spare you the gushing and over the top excitement I feel for all of them, very quickly for First-Time-Moms the conversation turns to “what do we need”. 1,961 more words


Trying Something New Outdoors

Today the children had a wonderful time experimenting with wood, bricks, sand, writing materials, crates etc as they had to use their imagination to invent play situations. 32 more words


Pediatrics: South Nassau Communities Hospital


The five weeks are broken down into 1 week each of the following: 2 Pediatric floor, Newborn nursery, Peds ER, Night float. I tried to do outpatient, but they told me there was not enough room/ time for me to go. 193 more words

Pediatrics: Coney Island Hospital


Overall I had a really really great experience here and I would recommend it to others. If you want to do Pediatrics there is a residency at Coney Island so thats a good way to get your name out there and make a good impression but if you do not want to do Pediatrics I think its still a great rotation and you learn a lot but it’s not very hour intensive! 738 more words

Pediatrics: Wyckoff Heights Medical Center


The clerkship director for peds was great and she gave us a ton of lectures so I felt really prepared for the COMAT. We had a nice mix of inpatient and outpatient peds so that was good as well. 410 more words

Pediatrics: Maimonides Medical Center


So I really liked peds at maimo. For me the hardest part was the commute since I was coming from Long Island. The rotation is broken up into 2 weeks of inpatient, 1 week of peds ER, 1 week of newborn nursery, and 1 week of outpatient. 514 more words

3rd Trimester

Here I am 38.5 weeks pregnant and counting down the days. The second trimester truly was a breeze compared to the horror that is the third trimester. 303 more words