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This is Nursing

This is why I fell in love with my coworkers and with our nursing profession.  268 more words


Under Appreciated Week

The first week in May is what I have come to call under-appreciated week. Why do I call it this? Well, because it is typically the week that we are to appreciated 3 types of under appreciated people…..Teachers, Nurses, and Moms. 145 more words


Love me Some Nursing

Aaron and I just finished week 2 at our new assignment in the Seattle area and it’s feeling SO GOOD!  Before I start chronically our non-work adventures while here, it’s long overdue that I publicly praise this career I’ve chosen and love…and it was just nurses week (mark your calendars so you’ll remember it next year and love your nurse!) so I’m fashionably late for that as well.   749 more words

Travel Nursing

A Nurses Week Tribute to My Sister Kathleen (Kay) Elizabeth Korthuis, PhD, RN,1934-2012

I remember:

You blaming me for your hips being uneven, ha ha, because you had to carry me around when we lived in New Jersey when Dad was a Chaplain in the Army from 1943-1946. 625 more words


Happy Nurses Week?

WRONG! Every week is Nurses week! My alumni is so cute for remembering to celebrate nurses. Well to all my fellow nurses, murses and every nurse out there in the world, HAPPY NURSES WEEK! 25 more words

Happy Nurses Week!

So, I’m a little late with this picture. Nurses Week was actually last week but I was VERY busy being a bridesmaid. Who knew NOT being the bride could be as draining? 31 more words

Nurses Week

Happy nurses week to all the student nurses out there doing all the gross shit… for free!