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Nursing Educator Self Study Terminology for Nursing Educator Class Final Part 1 -Question/Answer Review

Which strategy would be best for a class with 60% of learners reporting the preferred learning style as visual?  — Divide the class into groups and have each create a concept map linking concepts from the reading – Linking the concepts together would allow the learner to visualize the connections. 1,111 more words

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My Favorite Healthcare Podcasts

Anyone who knows me, knows I am a podcast hoarder. I am constantly listening to them, subscribing to new ones and unsubscribing from the ones that just didn’t grab me. 1,093 more words


Why Indian Nurses Are Looking Forward to Studying Nursing in Canada

For Indian registered nurses, opting for an overseas specialized education program is a radical shift from the classic conventions they are used to. Students who pursue these intricately designed programs abroad recall the experience of studying abroad to be life changing. 204 more words

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Why Pre-Briefing???

I have been reflecting on my research interest. I had to do a discussion board posting in one of my classes that addresses my research phenomenon and concept. 797 more words


Nursing informatics: Internet Tools and NI abroad

Internet tools for advance nursing practice

Nursing Informatics in Abroad

Nursing informatics: Internet Tools and NI abroad from jhonee balmeo

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Nursing Info: background and application

Healthcare Information System (HIM)

Electronic Medical Record System (EMR)

Electronic Health Record System (EHR)

Historical Background (Nicholas E. Davis Awards of Excellence Program)

Practice Application (CCIS, ACIS, CHIS) 19 more words

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Health Education: Motivation and Learning

  • Motivation
    -Factors of Learning
  • Learning Process
    Stages, Basic Principles, processes, types.
  • Laws of Learning
  • Learning Theories

Health Education: Motivation and Learning from jhonee balmeo

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