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Of love and anguish

By: Austin Chapin III, RN

An Exploration of Infatuation, love, Dopamine and Love Addiction

part one (PG-13)

Every day people around the world fall “in love” and feel the powerful feelings of love, what is love? 1,347 more words


Almeta Milow, RN, BSN, MSN

Title: Professor of Nursing (Retired)
Company:  Mott Community College
Location:  Flint, MI United States
Honored Member

106 more words

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About this blog...

Top O’ The Morn to Ye!!. I want to thank you all for visiting my blog. I have thought about this blog for several years and finally reached a point in my life that I can deliver the content that I want. 505 more words


Future of Medicine


A look at Future Medicine

By Austin F. Chapin III, RN

John lay in his hospital bed as the morning sun broke through the window. He noticed that he felt good and refreshed not tired and achy like he did several days before. 1,390 more words


DEMISTYFYING THE "CALLED SYNDROME" AMONG NURSES IN NIGERIA. Written by Sussan Igwe(RN) and posted by Dogo Nanzing(RN)

If you attended a nursing school in Nigeria especially one operated by the missions, one of the slogans you will hear and they will make you know is: “NURSING IS A CALLING” 360 more words

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Marque Isaac wrote:

“With our number, we can stand on our own as a strong Pressure Group if and only if we reconcile our differences. 57 more words

Nursing Education

Do Vegetarians Live Longer?

By William Faloon

Excess consumption of red meat increases the risk of heart disease, certain cancers, and other disorders. As a result, health-conscious people are eating more fruit, vegetables, and fish, and are staying away from beef. 91 more words

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