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Poem with an explanation: teddy bear

The child,
put the teddy bear,
into the toy chest,
and ran off,
to play,
with his friends.

This poem is about a person putting their parent in a nursing home.  127 more words


Antenatal classes: Learn the Tools and Techniques of Hypnobirthing and Get ready to welcome your Little-one!

Hypnobirthing, as the name suggests consists of a method of self-hypnosis and relaxation techniques helping a woman to be prepared for childbirth on physical, mental and spiritual levels. 355 more words


kroger, starbucks, grannies

Kroger, Starbucks, and grannies? What a weird title you may be thinking. But, isn’t that why you clicked on my blog, to read what it is about? 400 more words


What to do When a Senior citizen is Told to Leave a Skilled Nursing Facility

Assisted living facility, or knowledgeable nursing facilities, in Vista as well as throughout San Diego Area were the topic of discussion in a current short article in The San Diego Union-Tribune. 514 more words

Family Member

Halifax author with multiple sclerosis at a crossroads without access to affordable medical care

Jennifer Powley hasn’t cost taxpayers a dime.

In fact, she’s a big contributor to her community. Powley has put her education — four university degrees — to good use, co-ordinating care for other disabled Nova Scotians, heading a group that sponsors LGBTQ refugees and volunteering to advise health-care students. 301 more words


Face up, untouched

Worked a night shift at the nursing home last night.  Memory Care.

Was with one old lady trying to get her to lay down (she stays up till 4 AM usually, wandering around which is cool but then they’re tryna get her up by 8 AM which is not so cool). 157 more words

72 Residents Evacuated After Massive Water Leak At Duxbury Nursing Home

DUXBURY (CBS) – A massive water leak at a Duxbury nursing home forced more than 70 patients to be evacuated.

It took 30 ambulances six hours to move all 72 patients from Bay Path nursing home to other facilities. 105 more words