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Positive Breastfeeding Experiences

Okay, Lil G is almost 9 weeks old, and I’ve got to say, I’ve been eating my words. While I don’t LOVE breastfeeding, I am growing, again, to appreciate the little noises he makes as he suckles happily. 182 more words


Public Service

It has been 3 months already. 3 MONTHS!!! Time flies with the speed of lightning when you’re not working. And my little rainbow baby has grown chunky! 484 more words


Fuck Sensitivity.

Recently, I fed my baby in full public view in a Starbucks outlet, and Mister clicked a picture of us. I loved how we looked in the photo, so I posted it on my real-life (for want of a better word) Facebook account. 337 more words


Top 10 Posts of the Year

Moving into winter now, the general atmosphere of life is all about reminiscing and catching up.

I’m so thankful for this little blog, the outlet it’s provided to write about what’s relevant to me at this time, and especially happy to have connected with many of those who follow this page and take time out of their days to read my posts. 170 more words

Nursing Support



Menyusu di tempat awam. Ini antara perkara yang sering merisaukan ibu menyusukan. Tak kira di mana, US, UK, Malaysia, Australia, mana-manalah, sentiasa ada isu tentang ‘Nursing In Public’ (NIP) ini. 508 more words


Objections to Nursing in Public & Why They're Invalid

Let’s just cut to the chase. I’m really tired of browsing the comment section on breastfeeding articles and reading some of the ridiculous suggestions telling mothers where and how they should feed their babies. 2,185 more words


Mrs. L - Nursing in Public - Jaxsons Night Market - Jacksonville Florida

When I asked Mrs. L to come down to Downtown Jacksonville and do a nursing in public session she seemed really excited! I knew from the moment I started thinking about doing the Nursing in Public Campaign I needed to do a session at the Jaxsons Night Market. 646 more words