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Lesson 87: Time management is a thing of the past

Dear S & B,

I wrote a little note for J every month. I told him all that he was up to at the time–his likes, dislikes, how he’d grown. 1,229 more words


What Shame Teaches: On Nursing in Public

Today, my baby girl is five months old.

Parenthood is full of paradoxes, no doubt, but on the occasion of this tiny birthday, I’m fixated on one in particular: how we choose to raise our young is such an intensely personal thing, and yet so many of those choices must be acted out in full view of others. 2,369 more words

Breastfeeding Uncovered

Today I am proud of myself. Today I breastfed in public entirely uncovered. No blanket, no baby carrier, no scarf, nothing. And you no what? No one flinched! 221 more words

Nursing And Milk-sharing

Top Tops

At this point in my life (nursing/working momma), I seriously cannot be bothered with tight, skin-skimming shirts, non-breathable fabrics, or even too much detail (too tempting for little baby hands to grab/pull/eat/slober all over). 562 more words


The Beauty in You

The Rumi quote, “The beauty you see in me is a reflection of you,” appeared in one of my social media feeds, and it gave me pause to remember the beauty of this quote and further contemplate its meaning. 1,026 more words


Breastfeeding Mother told to cover at Gulf Islands Water Park 

This happened to a personal friend of mine today, Candace Setosta at Gulf Islands Water Park. I have copied her exact words about the incident below. 770 more words


Photo Tutorial: Using and Nursing in the Ergo 360

I nurse in my Ergo 360 multiple times daily. People often ask how I do it. So, I’ve created a photo walk-through of how I put on and nurse in the carrier. 461 more words