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Said The Wrong Thing To a Breastfeeding Mother? No Worries, Make Amends Just Like This.

Want some milk with your cuppa joe? Recently at Stouthaus Coffee in Austin, TX, it wasn’t very clear whether mama’s milk was welcome on the premises. 1,208 more words


The Blob

I don’t care how natural it is: I will never get used to breastfeeding in public. I even get the willies when I see other  512 more words


"Mother Nature's Masterpiece" Uses Art to Help Educate About Breastfeeding

Texas Breastfeeding Coalition hosted an art exhibit to expand awareness among state legislators and the general public about special issues that breastfeeding mothers and babies face, as well as the importance of breastfeeding in keeping our youngest generations healthy. 81 more words


Stop Dropping Your Shirts Here, says a "nurturing" play place for families

Breastfeeding harassment is not always “in your face.” Often, it takes place behind the anonymity of a computer screen shield in online forums and posts. Sometimes it comes in the form of a “well-meaning” but still uncomfortable comment from a relative or friend. 779 more words


Breastfeeding in public

Many breastfeeding mom’s today are showing off their right to breastfeed in public. I love how that right stays protected, however I was not so brave with my daughter. 169 more words


I Had a Public Breastfeeding Confrontation and It Was .... Not Cool

When it comes to breastfeeding in public, we often hear horror stories of harassment and ridicule. Personally, I’ve only had ONE sour experience out of like, the… 1,495 more words


Why Do Some Breastfeeders Wear a Cover in Public?

Why do some mothers nurse under the curtain if the law says we don’t have to? Well, it’s not really anyone’s business why a woman may want to wear a cover, so if you feel a curiosity overtaking you, please know it’s best not to ask. 745 more words