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World Breastfeeding Week Day 2: Positive Public Breastfeeding

Thanks for hopping over from Fit For Parenting and welcome to my post for the Keep Britain Breastfeeding Scavenger Hunt Day 2 – Positive Public Feeding… 1,774 more words


Little Discoveries Part Three - Nursing In Public

There could have been no better day posting about this than today. Its the day two of BIG LATCH ON, a worldwide breastfeeding/nursing in pubic support program. 1,395 more words


How To Nurse In Public


You’ve just sat down in a restaurant. You smile at your husband and begin to open your menu. As you start discussing the list of drinks, you hear a whimper and a stir. 820 more words


Mrs. C ~ Nursing In Public ~ Jacksonville Zoo

Some moms think of breastfeeding as just feeding baby from your breast. The truth is there are SO many different aspects of breastfeeding. There’s feeding from the breast, pumping, donor milk, supplemental nursing system, donating milk, and I’m sure more I’m not thinking of at this moment. 1,423 more words


Mom and Thad's first non-doctor adventure!

(Don’t mind the crazy hair — it’s been raining for ages lately and this humidity isn’t doing me any favours!)

So the title’s a smidge misleading — we  117 more words


"I support breastfeeding. But..." - A list of common rhetoric.

Yesterday I saw a meme about a conversation a mother had with her 4 year old over breastfeeding her younger daughter. The comments on the post were…..well, very discouraging.  776 more words


Dear Janie Porter, Is It Really That Hard to Look Away?

In response to “Dear Breastfeeding Moms, Is It Really That Hard to Cover Up?

Dear Janie Porter & Offended Public,

As a fellow breastfeeding mother, let me clear up a little confusion for you. 911 more words