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City Baby: Nursing in Public.

Breastfeeding is such a deeply personal and at the same time, deeply cultural thing. I didn’t really think my experiences breastfeeding P in Providence, RI and breastfeeding H in Boston would really be *too* different… but I was wrong. 945 more words

City Baby

Traveling Solo with Baby Boy

This time last week, Teo was on his first flight. I was terrified going into the experience and was prepared for the worst. Keyword: prepared. I know now that the key to doing anything, but especially traveling, with a baby is being prepared. 625 more words

First Time Mom

Motherhood, you're disgusting 

That’s what we’re told anyway.


Really? NO?

Okay. Thanks but no thanks.

For what? Your simple little opinion of motherhood. The naysayers. The others. The non-mothers. 444 more words

Attachment Parenting

What nursing wear should I buy?

During my second trimester, my boobs started to expand. In fact, none of my bras could fit. That was when, i decided to purchase some comfy bras and dresses. 705 more words


Toddler Teachings At The Happiest Place On Earth

Before a few weeks ago, the last time I went to Disneyworld was on Spring Break during my freshman year in college. I rode the rollercoasters, didn’t give a rat’s tail about sun protection in favor of a baked “glow,” and visited a movie theater where I’m sure I complained about someone’s baby crying “too loudly.” My most recent trip couldn’t have been any more different. 1,079 more words


America you are still getting it wrong about breastfeeding.

So the other day I stumbled upon an article that was scrolling on Yahoo (I believe). It mentioned something along the lines of breastfeeding at church. 342 more words


If you really support breastfeeding - keep your big 'but' to yourself

We’ve all heard it. Many of us have probably even said it ourselves.

‘I’m all for breastfeeding, but only if you’re discreet about it’.

‘I support breastfeeding, … 1,393 more words