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What to Say if Someone Criticizes your Breastfeeding in Public.

There are a number of criticisms that you may hear or have heard (even if just through the grape vine) in regards to breastfeeding in public! 272 more words

Baby Room at Atria Shopping Gallery

Now that T is a bit older, I have more confidence in bringing her out. And nursing her in public, with a scarf to cover up (because I’m such a cheapskate, why buy a nursing cover when I can DIY one myself with an old scarf and cute safety pins 😂). 218 more words


Review: Bebe au Lait Nursing Cover

Thank you Bebe au Lait, this is my favorite nursing cover! I have tried a few different covers, but this one surpasses the others. By far. 394 more words


Birth of a Lactivist 

I recently watched (and reposted) a viral video that got my blood boiling. A nursing mother was harassed and told not to breastfeed her child in the sanctuary at her church. 904 more words

First Public Appearance

On Friday, we attempted (and failed at) our first night out with Liam in tow. To be fair, Liam had just dealt with a long appointment with our lactation consultant where we drug out his feeding session over almost 2 hours (he got 34 ml while nursing – so just over an ounce in 20ish minutes). 432 more words



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