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System Barriers to RN Activation of Rapid Response Teams: New Evidence

By Sylvia Foley, AJN senior editor

Rapid response teams (RRTs) in acute care facilities are there to decrease mortality from preventable complications. But there is evidence that RRT systems “aren’t working as designed, particularly with regard to problems in the activation stage,” according to nurse researcher Jane Saucedo Braaten. 362 more words

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Are Nurses Ready for Retirement? Apparently Not

By Shawn Kennedy, AJN editor-in-chief

If you ask many nurses in their sixties if they’re ready to retire, they may heartily say, “Yes, can’t wait.” But if the question is whether they are financially ready to retire, the answer may be quite different. 212 more words

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Nurses Reconsider Accepted Wisdom About Transfusion Catheter Size

By Betsy Todd, MPH, RN, CIC, AJN clinical editor.

Most of us have had the unhappy experience of replacing a patient’s perfectly good IV with a 19- or 20-gauge catheter in preparation for transfusion. 275 more words

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‘Suppose a Client Went Out of His Room’: Study Explores RNs’ Use of Surveillance Technology in Residential Facilities

By Sylvia Foley, AJN senior editor

“If people are for instance walking around in the units, well, then they could do all sorts of things .

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Day One as a Research Scholar

Today was a great day to start in the Research Centre.

I have reached the point on holidays where I’m itching to sink my teeth into something. 221 more words


Goals and Philosophies of Maternal and Child Health Nursing

  • The primary goal of maternal and child health nursing care can be stated simply as the promotion and maintenance of optimal family health to ensure cycles of optimal childbearing and childrearing.
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Think globally, race outrage locally.

One of the volunteers at our tiny county’s only food bank/emergency assistance provider/shelter is always wearing a t-shirt that says IF YOU AREN’T OUTRAGED YOU AREN’T PAYING ATTENTION. 287 more words