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Since watching Paul Tasner’s TED talk, I’ve been mulling over the idea of intergenerational work. Actually, it seems like everything that has to with ageism resonates with me. 506 more words

Important Areas Of Elderly Care

The financial impact of the nationwide nursing shortage: Hospitals pay billions to recruit and retain nurses


A new Reuters analysis finds that collectively, hospitals have been paying billions to recruit and retain nurses—offering higher salaries, signing bonuses and even repaying student loans—to address the nationwide nurse shortage. 366 more words

Six Reasons to Become a Nurse

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Your toddler falls and gets an owie. They run to you, crying, hoping that you can make it all better. 557 more words

Analysis: Nurse force to grow 36% by 2030, thanks to millennials


Dive Brief:

Florida Found a Cure For Nursing Shortage. It Didn't Work.

August 6, 2017 1:53PM
Courtesy of Scott Travis Reporter at  Sun Sentinel

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Florida’s effort to train more nurses has faltered, raising concerns about whether there will be enough to care for the state’s increasing number of patients. 767 more words

Proposal: New Civil Service Branch

Rural hospitals are closing. Family medicine in rural communities is disappearing. And the lack of accessible healthcare in any impoverished community is deplorable. Recently, I mentioned the proposal to begin reforming the ACA (Obamacare) with a buy-in option for people at age 55. 566 more words

Nursing shortage causing children to stay in hospitals longer than needed

MOLINE, Illinois – A critical shortage of nurses in Illinois is causing children with lifetime needs to stay in the hospital longer than they need to. 471 more words