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What Is the Current State of Nursing Home Costs in California?

Every person who is serious about the implementation of a plan for aging should take nursing home costs quite seriously. People often overlook the matter for two different reasons. 143 more words

Another day, another dollar

I worked with Dr Dreamy today. Pwoar, get a girl a change of knickers.
We have our ritual every second Sunday; a family size box of chips from Red Rooster and when I stop getting flustered over how attractive he is, I appreciate a great friendship. 253 more words

My Fresh Start

After my second interview on Tuesday, I drove up to the Shenandoah that afternoon. I had two interviews with a hospital there on Wednesday. As I approached the region, my heart began to flutter at the beauty of it all. 455 more words


8 hour vs 12 hour shifts

Okay so maybe you’ve been thinking about it for quite some time now, which one is better, 8 hour or 12 hour shifts? The answer is neither is better than the other but one may be better for you depending on who you are i.e, personality, lifestyle etc. 462 more words


Viết cho buổi học cuối khoá

Thoắt đó đã hết một mùa học. San Jose không có phượng hồng cũng chẳng nghe ve kêu, nhưng các em sinh viên Việt Nam cũng chia tay trường với đủ tâm trạng lưu luyến, lo toan, lẫn hân hoan hồi hộp. 775 more words


Nurse Wisdom in Two Words. Two!

“Shit Happens.”

If you think these words are just metaphorical…

You’re not a nurse!



The morning started off very sweetly. My daughter, now 29, dropped her son off at school and swung by the house. I was still in bed. 337 more words

Unexpected Gifts