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Current "Condition" Brings About Blog Changes...

I’ve suspected for awhile something is wrong with me. For the last couple of months, I’ve been researching and seeking professional opinions to get to the bottom of my issue. 603 more words


expectations to excitement

while watching a kalyn nicholson vlog, i was pleasantly surprised to hear the phrase she used that stuck with me. “expectations to excitement.” i remember being in high school just a few months ago and having a looming workload over me that i was NOT excited about. 430 more words

You Can't Save Everyone

This feels pessimistic in nature, which conflicts hard with my baseline vibe. But I’m just going to outright say it:

You can’t save everyone.

I have watched a newborns heart physically beating, their chest open and vessels craving abetment… and I could not save them. 500 more words


Randomised Coffee Trial

This week I completed my second Randomised Coffee Trial (RCT) this year and what a fantastic experience it has been. I love the name as its links closely to my job role as a Research Nurse. 345 more words

The Midway Strugglebus

I have reached the mid-point in my penultimate semester of Nursing School. I failed Exam 2, but only by 0.45 points. I still have time to recover from that bad grade. 866 more words

Germophobe at the state fair

Just a cash handy pack mule, waiting patiently for my owners to direct me to my next destination

This is probably the number one hardest day of the year for me. 333 more words

Pearls before swine

Not that what I have to say is by any means a pearl. Or that the people I speak to are swine.

But I need to learn to keep my mouth shut. 334 more words