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Sit up straight, stand up tall:   Good posture boosts internal perception of leadership skills and ability.

  • Sit up straight at meetings and feel more confident and engaged (Arnette & Pettijohn, 2012).
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Rose M. Ayres, RN, CCRN

Title: Registered Nurse,
Critical Care Registered Nurse

Company:  Washington Adventist Hospital
Location:  Upper Marlboro, MD United States

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Can I Qualify for Medicaid Benefits for Nursing Home Care?

It is no doubt true that most people don’t spend their lives wondering how they’ll pay for long-term care should the need ever arise. Frankly, it’s doubtful that too many people ever bother to wonder whether they’ll ever need such care in the first place. 33 more words

Avoid Financial Mistreatment Of Your Loved One By Getting In Contact With An Attorney

Even though physical abuse as well as neglect are often what an individual can keep an eye out for when a loved one is in a nursing home, monetary mistreatment is unfortunately prevalent as well. 308 more words


Steer Clear Of Financial Abuse Of Your Member Of The Family By Contacting A Lawyer

Even though physical misuse and also neglect are often just what a person can look out for when a relative is in a nursing home, monetary misuse is regrettably common as well. 302 more words


A Nursing Intervention for Improving Patient Safety in Critical Care

Pfrimmer, D.M. et al. (2017) Dimensions of Critical Care Nursing36(1) pp. 45–52

Background: Nursing surveillance has been identified as a key intervention in early recognition and prevention of errors/adverse events.

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Patient Safety