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Day 85: That Hitched Life

While at work tonight, there was this new CNA who kept asking me about my life in detail. In other words, she was drilling me for my interest, my plans for the future, my favorite foods, and everything else that only my parents could possibly ever know. 133 more words

No Regrets - A Life at Stake

To read “No Regrets” from the beginning, please click HERE.

Quick Recap: A drunken, disgusting young man — Willie Morse — was caught stealing at the mercantile. 420 more words

Christina Cole

Friday, March 27

Last night, Jack died. Paul says it happened around nine. The shift was almost over. He entered the room to drain Jack’s catheter bag, saw him in bed unresponsive. 315 more words


Trying to rock the purées...

Starting the strained foods really takes it out of me. I can do hardcore legit critical care of neonates, but something about spoon feeding defeats me. 39 more words


Florence Nightingale

March is Women’s History Month and all month long, Natural Zero is looking at great women in history, women who have shaped history in one way or another. 613 more words

A student nurse having a voice- even if no one else is listening

One very large aspect of my life is being a student nurse- and all the rigour it entails. Another is a fairly new interest: writing. To combine the two I have started penning articles for a health and social care newsletter planned to be circulated by email to Leeds Uni students. 190 more words


ANONYMOUS GUEST BLOG: A Day in the Life of a Student Mental Health Nurse

Where to start? Well, all days are different in nursing (let alone my field!) so it would not be possible to give you a generic list of what I do in a day. 1,070 more words