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Virtual doctors to treat patients around the clock in country WA

Perth-based doctors will soon provide video guidance around the clock to nurses dealing with emergencies in more than 75 regional hospitals.

The Emergency Telehealth Service creates virtual emergency rooms at regional hospitals and nursing posts using specialised cameras and monitors that can be controlled by doctors in Perth hospitals. 375 more words


Using Functions FOR PREP

         Learning and using functions, I find to be very essential for preparing to be a nurse, especially RN. I find it helpful, because it helps sharpen logic and critical thinking skills. 313 more words


Thursday Hijinx 

Well, it was that time again today:

Today was rheumatology. For some reason, it is neurology that diagnosis and manages a lot of my care, but rheumatology administers and tracks the effects of the chemo. 535 more words


First Midterm ✓

I officially have survived my first grad school midterm! Woo hoo!

It wasn’t my first grad school test, but it was my first stats test in grad school. 219 more words


6 Witty Ways in Choosing the Right Healthcare Staffing Agency

A recruitment agency for healthcare staffing in Philadelphia like ATC Healthcare Services is here to help, offering advice and skill development as well as helping you in your search for work.Your chances are higher and you have a wide-range of companies to choose from as well. 478 more words

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Being Friendly

Many people who know me, perhaps more than they want to, know I can get moody. My mother always tells me to, “never suffer fools.” There are always things that will annoy me, but on a whole, I strive to be friendly and accommodating to the people around me. 259 more words


Med-Surg HESI Results....

So if you read my last blog post, then you know I had my Med-Surg HESI yesterday afternoon and I was FREAKING OUT.

So what happened? 122 more words

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