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Public Health Course

What is “Public Health Nursing”?

Often the “accomplishments” of public health are not readily identifiable by the general public. The essence of public health is that it focuses on disease and injury prevention and health promotion in the community. 135 more words


Nursing Tip of the Day! - Medical Surgical Nursing

Category: Medical Surgical Nursing
To protect the enzymes from stomach acid and pepsin, the pancreas secretes bicarbonate. The bicarbonate neutralizes acid in the duodenum, and the resulting elevation in pH inactivates pepsin. 14 more words


Friday Bliss

Just like that, who would’ve thought it’s already Friday!!!

This week has been so tiring, not because of my academics (wow! It’s a miracle), but because of my extracurricular activities. 270 more words


Norovirus Season

As norovirus season is now with us.  As a student nurse you need to be aware that there has been an increase in the levels of norovirus reported to Health Protection Scotland by NHS boards and that NHS boards are now implementin their active norovirus plans. 35 more words

Scholarship Stories: Kerry Anne Wykes (Behind the Wall Project)

I started writing this post on the way home from Belfast, where I presented at the European Conference for Domestic Violence – something that would have been unthinkable to me a year ago. 1,295 more words

Burdett Trust For Nursing

Nights nightmare!


I am currently writing this on my break, eating cookies whilst sat in the dark. Fun!
Is there a rule about fancying patients families? I swear the love of my life went down to CCU! 103 more words