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Important Disease terms and it's Explanation

1. Anaemia – Deficiency of haemoglobin in the blood.

2. Analgesic – Medicine which alleviates pain.

3. Arthralgia – Pain in a joint.

4. Cephalalgia – Headache. 416 more words


Postpartum Depression

Leruo is almost a year old and I am still learning or yet to learn so many things about motherhood. The process really never ends. For example, when I was pregnant and reading up on pregnancy and motherhood I discovered that pregnant women with a history of depression were more susceptible to it during pregnancy. 377 more words


Picture this: you’re in the library, going on hour 5 of your most recent study session. Your breaks have consisted mainly of getting up to go to the bathroom because of all the coffee you’ve had, watching Instagram stories or scrolling through the timeline you’ve already exhausted, and Snapchatting the friend across from you. 301 more words


Get Organised!

Whether you are soon to start another year at school, college or university or whether you are starting one of these for the first time, my biggest top tip is to get yourself organised and prepared in advance to really hit the ground running. 394 more words

How I Paid For Nursing School & Money Tips

If you are reading this then you are probably curious how I paid for nursing school and came out with no school loans. Please understand that this is very circumstantial and will be different for everyone. 1,540 more words


Clinical Microbiology Exam 3 Prep (Nursing)

Immunoglobulins (Antibodies):


IgM  –  Significant  AB  &  AV

IgG  –  Crosses placenta  /  Significant  AB  &  AV

IgA  –  Significant  AB  &  AV


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