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When your allergy kid can't eat Cheetos!

Cheetos are not the healthiest—but they are close to the best!!! And every time my non-allergy oldest buys a bag, I feel tremendous pity for my allergy middle. 150 more words


Eating Out With Allergies

Eating in restaurants when you have food allergies can be a source of anxiety (especially if you’re in an unfamiliar restaurant). As long as you keep your allergies in mind, you can find ways to eat out safely.  252 more words

Eating And Drinking With Allergies

Potty Training the Allergy Kid. Task: Impossible.

Okay, so potty training is actually not Task Impossible—but it sure is difficult.

If you have an allergy kid, you have quickly realized that when they eat or touch something that bothers him/her, his/her body reacts. 653 more words


Thankful Thursdays Guest Post: Gratitude in a Nutshell

I first connected with Kelsey through my infamous Relevant article last summer, but it wasn’t until I wrote this post about friendship and social anxiety that we really got to talking. 1,649 more words


A Hidden Asthma Trigger: Peanut Allergy

Many children with asthma have an undiagnosed peanut allergy or sensitivity. And that may lead to a worsening of asthma symptoms and more frequent asthma attacks. 212 more words


Raising a Nutty Kid

One of the reasons why Allergy to the Max was started is because I began to blog a whole heck of a lot about my little Maxie Moo on my… 388 more words


Pulling The Wool Over Our Eyes?

There are dangers everywhere, but you already knew that. The question is, do you really believe it?

I am thankful for those whose job it is to keep us safe: police, firefighters, physicians, and the list goes on. 486 more words