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Conquer Sugar Cravings! 10 Ways to Satisfy (or Outwit) a Raging Sweet Tooth

I mentioned in my last post that I’m working on kicking my sweet addiction. If you’re reading this right now, chances are good you have an interest in healthy eating and have already heard that sugar is one nasty little shush-your-mouth and contributes to all kinds of problems. 1,972 more words


Chunky Banana Nut Butter (vegan)

I found a recipe online for a banana nut butter and it inspired me to try my own version! Unfortunately I did not read the directions for the recipe that I found prior to making this, but it ended up working out in my favor! 106 more words



Kia ora, breakfast food fiend here. This granola was my absolute staple food over summer at my full time job at an accounting firm- there’s nothing quite like crunching down a huge bowl of breakfast at 1pm to the sweet conversational melody of auditing in-jokes from your colleagues. 250 more words


Rich Smooth Almond Butter

I’ve been wanting to make my own almond butter for a while and saw a quick and easy recipe here. The KitchenTreaty quotes:

“Making your own homemade almond butter is easy!

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Nut Butters

To second something that Joanna has already talked about in a previous post. I really like the idea of nut butter or some kind of different way to spice up breakfast spreads while putting a healthier spin on it this good appeal to people with allergies or diet choices; this is on trend at the moment as we have seen with the increase in gluten free products. 235 more words

Farmer's Market

Pear Smoothie

This smoothie might be a little odd but I really liked it! It seemed to me to be a smoothie/milkshake hybrid more than just a regular smoothie. 140 more words


Nut Butter Apple-wich

Here is another super quick and easy breakfast or snack idea to add to your routine.  So quick, easy and kid friendly!  Grab an apple, your favourite choice of nut butter and munch away! 25 more words

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