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How To Setup A Nutanix Storage Container

Nutanix storage uses Storage Pool and Storage Container.  The Storage Pool is the aggregated disks of all or some of the nodes..  You can create multiple Storage Pools depending on the business needs, but Nutanix recommends 1 Storage Pool.  328 more words


Intro to Nutanix Lifecycle Manager (LCM) v1.2

“Single Pane of Glass” gets thrown around a lot by vendors …. as does “upgrades are easy”. If you lucky enough to be a Nutanix customer, you already live this dream.  985 more words


Shutting Down an AHV Cluster for Maintenance or Relocation

Source : Nutanix KB

Versions affected

 NOS version 4.6.x 5.x 4.7 4.5.x Description

You might need to shut down an AHV cluster to perform maintenance or tasks such as relocating hardware. 644 more words


[Nutanix] 이행툴 Xtract for VM의 소개 (2)

지난 회에는 Xtract for VMs의 설명과 설치 방법에 대해서 소개를 했습니다.

이번에는 실제로 가상머신의 이행하는 방법에 대해서 간단히 소개를 해보겠습니다.

① Xtract for VMs로 접속을 하여, 소스 환경을 추가합니다. 55 more words


[Nutanix] 이행툴 Xtract for VM의 소개 (1)

어제 Nutanix의 이행툴인 Xtract for VM가 릴리스되었습니다. (Xtract for DBs도 있습니다만 기회가 되면 소개를 하도록 하겠습니다)

이 Xtract for VM은 올해 워싱턴에서 열린 .NEXT Conf 2017에서 발표된 이행툴입니다. 84 more words


Nutanix released Xtract which Introduces VM Migration Simplicity

Yesterday Nutanix released the Xtract for VM’s product. With this tool Nutanix makes it possible to be able to directly move your existing vSphere infrastructure to the Nutanix Cloud platform on AHV without any 3rd party tooling or workarounds. 181 more words