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Bulk creating VMs using Nutanix Acropolis ACLI

I have been playing around with the fantastic Nutanix Community Edition (CE) now for a week or more.

Despite the availability of all KVM VM actions in the HTML5 Prism GUI, I wanted to quickly create any number of VMs for testing. 202 more words

Step by step how to install Nutanix CE nested on VMware ESXi

I know that it is not ideal to run Nutanix CE in nested configuration as performance will be affected, but if you don’t have separate compatible hardware available you are still able to install it and play with it. 373 more words


Erasure Coding in NOS 4.1.3

Being new to Erasure Coding, this topic is taking me a bit of getting used to. So I decided to reach out to Nutanix Engineering and try and get some of my basic questions answered, mainly because if I am recommending to turn on a feature I need to get my head around it first. 1,791 more words


Nutanix Community Edition Deployment Options

Last update : June 30 2015 (added Video) : I’ll update this post as more Nutanix Community Edition blogs/links appear. Contact me if you’d like an invite to register on… 62 more words