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HCI Software performance increases

With many of the hyper-converged platforms on the market, one of the key propositions is that the value of the solution is around the software, with the hardware being off the shelf basic components available from just about anyone.   718 more words



As I have mentioned in an earlier post, I am a huge fan of Nutanix. One of the biggest reasons is that so much of a virtual desktop deployment depends on the underlying hardware. 811 more words


#Cisco acquiring #Nutanix?

Well this is an interesting rumor… I’ve just waited until someone “big” would come and eat Nutanix which has set the scene around web-scale solutions! 510 more words


Removing a node from a Nutanix Cluster

With Nutanix, you have a cluster of nodes that typically represents a pool of storage.  As nodes age out, it’s possible you might want to pull one of the nodes out of the current cluster, usually to attach them to a different cluster.   930 more words


Alexander Thoma – @VCDX026 (“The Iron Panelist”) Joins Nutanix

This article was originally published on http://www.bythebell.com.

Alexander Thoma is the 12th VCDX to join Nutanix. Alexander was known as the “iron panelist” during his nine years at VMware because he sat through so many VCDX design panels. 611 more words

Heading to Microsoft Ignite...stay tuned....

Well, its been crazy days lately.  I am leaving for Microsoft Ignite in a few days.  My last few weeks been filled getting demo’s ready around Exchange, SQL, Azure Pack, and SCOM. 250 more words


Tech101 - Nutanix Virtual Computing Platform

This post provides a Tech101 breakdown of the Nutanix Virtual Computing Platform.  If you have heard the buzz-words “Nutanix”, “Web-Scale” and “Hyper-Convergence” and want to learn more about it, this post is for you. 750 more words