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Lenovo looks to boost enterprise segment growth, in India

livemint — New Delhi: Chinese computer technology company Lenovo Group Ltd is betting on India’s e-commerce sector to accelerate growth for its enterprise segment which sells servers and storage, catering to the networking needs of web companies. 40 more words


Nutanix Default Cluster Credentials

Nutanix Default Cluster Credentials

Reference post – Default Cluster Credentials

Interface Target Username Password Nutanix web console Nutanix Controller VM admin admin vSphere client ESXi host root nutanix/4u SSH client or console ESXi host root nutanix/4u SSH client or console KVM host root nutanix/4u SSH client Nutanix Controller VM nutanix nutanix/4u IPMI web interface or ipmitool Nutanix node ADMIN ADMIN IPMI web interface or ipmitool Nutanix node (NX-3000 only) admin admin


Reset The Prism Admin Password on Nutanix CE

The following method could be used to reset the Prism “admin” user password.

Connect to the CVM_IP_Address with SSH client using account “nutanix” and password “ 75 more words


Hypervisor convergence: Nutanix paradigm

This morning I had the pleasure to attend a general demo from Alberto Filisetti about what Nutanix offers in the hyperconvergence market.

Nutanix based its datacenter on “building blocks”, each of them includes simply some servers and some storage, both standard, all managed by a “magic” software. 940 more words


Running Nutanix Community Edition in the Cloud

Nutanix is providing Community Edition as a cloud-based, on-demand service Using Amazon Web Services (AWS) or Google Cloud Platform through Ravello Systems. Typical rates are about $1 USD per hour. 472 more words


Deploy Windows Server 2012 R2 Using #Nutanix CE Image Configuration Service.

The latest release of the Nutanix Software (Acropolis 4.5 & CE 2015.11.05) includes the Image configuration Service That enables you to upload ISO or disk images (in ESXi or Hyper-V format) to a Nutanix Acropolis hypervisor (AHV) cluster by specifying a remote repository URL or by uploading a file from a local machine. 357 more words


Backup & Restore VMs using NutanixCE Protection Domain

The Latest Release of NutanixCE (ce-2015.11.05-stable) is now supporting the Protection Domain.

You can Access the Data Protection Page by using the following URL… 291 more words