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Chewy Nutella Cookies

My mom gave Sam and I the BEST valentine’s gifts ever! (We got it this past weekend while we were home celebrating my dad’s birthday): Reese’s, Kit-Kat’s, Hershey’s, and… 226 more words


Scouts Honour - Redfern, Sydney

I was never a scout growing up or participated in anything like that – but even if you are like me and don’t really get what it’s all about, you can participate now (by eating) at  262 more words


World Nutella Day 2015

Happy World Nutella Day!!! 

As an avid baker, today is an extra special day because I get an excuse to bake and eat exorbitant amounts of Nutella… and then hit the gym before I become diabetic.   396 more words


Let There Be Nutella

A friend told me it’s World Nutella Day today! I can’t believe I didn’t know that. Considering how obsessed I am with this miracle spread, this unawareness is near blasphemy. 301 more words

The Desserted Girl

Nutella Cookies

a small taste of heaven

Quick, easy, delicious, perfect for anything, are just a couple of words that describe these delicious cookies! When I made these I lived in Germany so the ingredients may look a little different than something you will find in the United States or in other countries, but thankfully the ingredients are pretty international. 185 more words


Reese Spreads - Cookies

When I started blogging I learned about Influenster. A little about Influenster  from their website:

Influenster is a community of trendsetters, social media hotshots, and educated consumers who live to give opinions of products and experiences.  451 more words

Nutella Crinkle Cookies

I got a little obsessed this Christmas with cookies. I’m usually more of a candy and pie person, but for some reason, I kept finding these different recipes that just yelled out for me to make them. 181 more words