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RECIPE: Vanilla Bean and Nutella cookies

Global BC Noon News director Josh Hodding makes what some describe as the “best cookies in the world” and on Monday, he shows us the secrets behind his popular Vanilla Bean & Nutella Cookies. 221 more words


Nutella Pancakes Recipe

Who doesn’t crave delicious hot pancakes? Especially the ones topped with nutella?Well I don’t know any such person who wouldn’t like to relish this lip-smacking combo! 282 more words

Ice creams at Get Desserted, Chandigarh

“When obscurity hovers upon the mood, you serve as a saviour and evince my soul” – to you, my beloved ice cream, from me.

An angel in disguise, an innovation to take the concept of desserts to a whole new level, Get Desserted – An Ice cream parlour in Chandigarh was launched to make the people with sweet tooth to crave for more delightful desserts! 222 more words


Vanilla, chocolate & strawberry cake

Today I was on a run, the first jog in a while just for the beginning of spring. I really try to exercise as much as I can and I live near one of the most beautiful parks in Zagreb, so the best way to do so is to go on a jog. 511 more words


Sunday Baking: Cinnamon Nutella Munchkins

Is there anything better than cinnamon and Nutella? (The answer here is no, there is not.)

One day, in a total state of boredom, I attempted to make pull-apart monkey bread, following no recipe just remembering bits and pieces of the millions I have seen on Pinterest. 654 more words


Nutella, but not quite

If you’re like me (and arguable everyone else I’ve met), you love Nutella. You love Nutella with a fiery passion beyond most anything else. However, you also have a conscience and a fiery passion for the environment and the wonderful creatures that reside in a multitude of different ecosystems.  347 more words