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This graphic showing what's actually inside Nutella may make you rethink nutrition labels

Ever seen a Nutella commercial?

Generally, Nutella, a delicious hazelnut and cocoa spread, is marketed as “healthy,” despite basically being a liquid chocolate spread. 82 more words


100 Calorie Mug Brownie

Hey again, it’s T, and today I wanted to share with you a quick 5 minute recipe for when you have a craving, but also a diet plan you’re suppose to stick to. 154 more words

Recipe: One Bowl Nutella Brownies

Sometimes you just need a really good brownie recipe. Well, I have one for you today! I think some of the best recipes I’ve made have been ones that I stumbled across as I hurried to make something good that I had ingredients for, and then I worried that it wouldn’t be good but everyone ended up loving it. 411 more words


Nutella Love never ends!!

The craze over nutella never ends. It is something which over rides our thirst for other snacks.  50 more words

Kitchen Guide

Super Bowl Menu cont. Nutella-Hazelnut Bars

If you like Nutella, you will love these bars. The only bad part about these is that you need to have Nutella in the house.  That is not a good thing for me as I cannot resist that little jar of gooey, wonderful, happiness traveling down to my belly (that is in memory of my father in law).  257 more words