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The Farewell

I wrote this and sent it to JP as my sendoff. He wrote back some bullshit response and said he only got half of it. I decided he wasn’t worth receiving the actual full letter. 558 more words

3rd August 2015

Day 13 of the holidays. Today we didn’t do much, sat around doing nothing, watched a movie. In the morning we didn’t really do anything as we woke up late. 95 more words

Make up your mind Lubos

Not too long ago, climatic blogger Lubos Motl declared:

if done right, temperature adjustments are great

Lubos said people asking questions had an ‘adjustment-phobia’ that ‘unmask their anti-scientific credentials’.

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Mistaken for Mr. Peanut

I think we all agree that a scary percentage of the 320 million people in the United States are what may charitably be called “one quack short of a duck.” Uncharitable bastards, however, still insist on labeling them “one duck short of a quack.” 564 more words


Really Weird Man

really weird man:

“so do you know there are four kinds of things, to think about? first of all, there’s the gross kind, where you really think it’s gonna be okay, but it’s not, really not okay. 61 more words