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The Best Way To Improve Your Thinking Is To Write Out Your Thoughts

If you bring a physical notebook with you, and write useful and creative ideas in there whenever you have them, you will be sending your subconscious a very positive message.

Loving the person. Hate people. 

What is this?

Is this a mental disorder? Completely disassociated but has total empathy.


It has to be something. Do many feel this way? Where is the search for like minded individuals? 161 more words

Dave King Pantomime Time..

Dave King Pantomime Time..

Is their a more deluded brain muncher in the sevco pantomime, it seems the disease is in fact contagious to epic proportions, this guy is even more cracked up than we thought , his comments about Celtics 6 in a row and how sevco will get 10 before the hoops , and only 2 off the Invincibles titles really count cause the parasite club weren’t in the same league are comments of a man who’s marbles have clearly dropped in the shitter and been washed into the forth….. 129 more words