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Considering Connecticut Tax Reform

Bo Zhao and Jennifer Weiner, of the Boston Fed’s New England Public Policy Center, were invited by groups in Connecticut to expand their understanding of “municipal gaps” from Massachusetts to the Nutmeg State. 294 more words

Weddings on Memory Lane

For those that have been wondering if I ever do anything besides attend/be in weddings, I am happy to inform you that I have officially signed my name on the last wedding gift of the year. 616 more words

A Hoosier in the Nutmeg State

I finally did it. I renamed the blog. Sure, I said I was going to do this back in February, but then I got sidetracked by finding a new job. 352 more words


The Philadelphia Story… A Connecticut Story?

2004.45.1 Women’s jacket owned by Katharine Hepburn, 1939-1957. Connecticut Historical Society. This jacket was designed by Valentina Nicholaevna Sanina, designer for plays including “The Philadelphia Story”. 330 more words


Christmas in Connecticut… Cliché, but True

Christmas has always been an enchanting time of year; the carols, elaborate decorations, and endless celebration all come to mind when thinking of this holiday. In the Nutmeg State, Christmas has influenced many serenades, poems and well wishes for the season. 180 more words


From Pinon to Nutmeg, and Back

Leaving Santa Fe to go back east to the Nutmeg State (motto: He who is transplanted, still sustains; in Latin, of course. Other nicknames: The Constitution State, the Provisions State, and the very telling Land of Steady Habits…) always feels like a mixed blessing. 696 more words


Love, CT

2012 has been a challenging year. There were definitely lots of amazing moments, but between my dad and my best friend both battling cancer and my sister’s declining health to the recent tragedies in the state I’ve called home for over a year, I’m looking forward to a brighter new year in 2013. 144 more words